December 2018

Happy New Year from the Cashbox Team!

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Editor's Note: Cashbox Canada is on holiday! We will return on January 11, 2019, with more stories, more reviews and more personal interviews for you to enjoy. Happy New Year to all of you!

I was recently asked at an industry by an industry colleague how I keep Cashbox Canada going. Considering we have reached a ten-year mark in publishing, it is actually remarkable.

We do work hard to have advertising carry the financial burden to run a magazine while striving to be supportive of the music and the artists. Sometimes a label, artist or publicity person doesn’t understand that we have to pick our stories carefully and although it is not contingent on ad buys, obviously personal interviews do require paying a journalist for their time and efforts.

The same goes for our cover stories-there are only 51 covers a year so we choose carefully and like to make sure we give the established artists their due and perhaps be lucky enough to choose the future stars just before they break as hit artists. 

But that is just the money side and weekly logistics.

Cashbox Canada exists because of the Cashbox family.  And I call it family because this amazing team treats our weekly offerings like their own personal quest. 

Christmas It's About the Presence Not The Presents

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Submitted by Don Graham

Memories are the mind’s way of reliving magical moments of the past. You can almost feel like you’re right back in that moment, the people, the sights, the smell, and the feel can be very real. And no memory is more vivid to me than my memories of Christmas’ past. I guess it’s because Christmas had so many layers for me, and still does.

As a kid, of course, it was that anticipation of gifts, the kind you were told “wait ‘til Christmas” for. But the layers included food, family and an overpowering feeling of love and belonging to something very special;  my family. But I think the greatest gift of all is that until she passed away, I got to spend 55 Christmases with my Mum. No matter the situation or where I was I always found my compass pointing to Montreal and home. There were times the timing was difficult and involved icy roads, airports, and crowded trains but always I found myself at Mum’s table for Christmas dinner. And I guess the most poignant was her last Christmas on this planet. We were so fortunate that we were all together that Christmas of 2000, myself, Sandy and her two amazing sons, Graham and Ian. We weren’t positive that would be her last but we had an inclination. What a blessing to have the joy of that day as an indelible memory.

Sambea Cochrane Young At Heart

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Submitted by Don Graham

Sambea, an interesting name for an artist, one that sets her apart from the others swimming in the same talent pool. Sambea is a combination of Samantha and Beatrice and it’s pronounced SAMbea. May as well get it right now because you’re to be hearing a lot of this talented artist in the very near future. And thankfully it’s not just her name that sets her apart.

Sambea grew up in the Beaches area of East Toronto where a lot of talents was raised and lives and works in. Legendary pianist Glenn Gould was born and raised in the Beaches and it’s home to Canadian icons Dan Hill and Larry Gowan and Shirley Eikhard wrote her classic Something To Talk About in a tiny apartment over Stoneworks on Queen Street East. Sambea attended many of the Beach’s music schools and has had vocal training in the area as well. She has accomplished a lot in a very short period of time, performing in many of Toronto’s finer venues and has toured Russia and the Baltics.

Richard Carpenter Redefines Carpenters Classic Hits

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada
Richard Carpenter in Studio with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Legendary Music Icon Kelton ‘Kelso’ Herston Passes On

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Courtesy of Times Daily

Kelton Dean Herston, "Kelso", 87 of Nashville Tennessee passed away peacefully on December 4, 2018.

Mr. Herston was born on April 23, 1931, in Rogersville, Alabama. He grew up in Florence, Alabama, where he developed an early love for music and the guitar. Kelso graduated from Coffee High School in Florence and attended the University of Alabama before joining the United States Air Force. While in the service, he was stationed in West Germany. During his tour of duty, he formed a band in Frankfurt, which ended up performing for the troops in the 7th Army Special Services.

Upon his return home from the service in 1956, he formed Tune Records and Publishing in Florence, with his friend James Joiner. Three years later, Sam Phillips of Sun Records in Memphis hired Kelso to open an office in Nashville, Tennessee, to run his publishing companies, Hi-Low and Knox Music. Kelso also began playing guitar on recording sessions in Nashville and soon became one of Nashville's top session players, playing on hundreds of songs.