April 2019

How To Pick The Right Music For Your Online Game

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Music is one of the greatest achievements of humanity when it comes to creativity, with it having an impact on emotions and feelings potentially more than anything else around. While we all listen to our favourite tracks as we go about our normal daily routines, music has managed to have a huge influence in all aspects of our lives. Similarly, the gaming industry has become a global phenonema, with most of us having heard about and played games on platforms like Playstation, Nintendo and mobile apps. So, it is probably no surprise that both go hand in hand and having the right music for any game is now a vital factor in its success.

A game without any sort of sound would be deemed as boring and cast aside by most, with some of the most popular and best loved games of all time being supported by brilliant soundtracks and the use of memorable sound effects. However, with each game differing in type and genre, it’s important to select the right music for that one individual game, otherwise it may be hindered as a result.

BTW-Lisa Fischer, Toronto Art Orchestra, Kalle Mattson, David Newland, The Hugs, WARGIRL, Audra Santa/Alissa Vox Raw

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Submitted by Lenny Stoute

With Massey Hall closed and The Great Hall in jeopardy, promoters are looking further afield for midsized venues with good attributes like decent sound and transit, lotsa parking. Enter The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, currently themost hard charging contender for putting T.Dot music fan butts in 905 seats. Come April 24, the sound system will be getting a full workout when the venue hosts the remarkable Lisa Fischer. The Grammy-winning vocalist with The Rolling Stones, and a feature in the Oscar-winning flick 20 Feet From Stardom, Lisa Fischer in concert is a mind-altering experience. From rock to soul, blues and gospel, Lisa sings with passion and authority like no other. On this tour, she’s doing up blues rock all the way from Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, to Amy Grant, Little Willie John and many others, some huge, some obscure.

Fischer has been on every Rolling Stones tour since 1989 as she has a large part in the show, playing off Jagger on songs like ‘Monkey Man’ and ‘Gimmie Shelter;. Expect lots from and request if necessary, lots from Fischer’s classic albumSo Intense and especially its Grammy winning single, How Can I ease The Pain.

Get yer ya ya’s out, y’all.

The Oakville Center for the Performing Arts 130 Navy St, Oakville, ON Wednesday Apr. 24, music at 8.00 pm.

Dean Brody Releases Anticipated EP, Black Sheep, and new single in Advance of Fall Tour

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

Dean Brody will be joined by celebrated artist, Dallas Smith, for a collaborative co-headlined Tour Across the Country beginning in September.

Celebrated songwriter, performer and award-winning artist Dean Brody is releasing a new EP titled Black Sheep on April 26, ahead of summer festival season and his forthcoming fall tour alongside acclaimed act and friend, Dallas Smith.

With a plethora of accolades to his name, Brody is a 2-time Juno Award winning artist, 17-time CCMA Award winner, and celebrated songwriter, with three previous CCMA Award wins for songwriter of the year, and 23 Top 10 hits at country radio, the most recent of which was “Dose of Country”, the second single from Black Sheep.

The playful, upbeat track “Whiskey in a Teacup” is the newest single from the EP, which was recently released across all platforms. In clever lyrically juxtaposing phrases, the harsh taste of whiskey disguised in a teacup serves as a metaphor for an unassuming woman who may surprise people, in one way or another.

Valdy Back at Hugh’s Room featuring Doris Mason


Submitted to Cashbox Canada

Born Valdemar Horsdal in Ottawa, the legendary Valdy has been part of the fabric of Canadian pop and folk music for over 34 years. A man with a thousand friends, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island to Texas to New Zealand, he’s a singer, guitarist and songwriter who catches the small but telling moments that make up life.

Remembered for Play Me a Rock and Roll Song, his bitter-sweet memory of finding himself, a relaxed and amiable story-teller, facing a rambunctious audience at the Aldergrove Rock Festival circa 1968, Valdy has sold more than half a million copies of his eighteen albums, has two Juno Awards (Folk Singer of the Year and Folk Entertainer of the Year), a total of seven Juno nominations and four Gold albums to his credit.

In 2011, Valdy was appointed the Order of Canada, one of the highest civilian honours available in Canada. Long as his career has been, Valdy continues to tour across North America, performing at various folk festivals and stages to continuing acclaim.

It is with great joy that Hugh’s Room Live welcomes Valdy back to the stage this spring. This will be a particularly special performance as he will be playing alongside fellow musician, Doris Mason, whose long list of accolades speak for themselves.

Every Artist Needs Some GJG!

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Submitted by Peter Åstedt

Today I was on a course learning that making errors is a way to make things right. It’s better to do something than do nothing at all. Do things and then when you make small errors that you correct along the way is a good thing. The opposite is to just plan and, in the end, never get anything done.

I had an artist like that once. We sat in endless meetings painting up what they should do to reach their goals. When the next meeting came, they still had questions around what we covered in the first meeting. It went on for almost six months. In the end I realized that they just wanted to talk about the dream not make it happen. Sometimes I just want to say GJG to them.

I had a friend that always said this, GJG! Which stands for Go Just Go! Whatever it was about,  his answer was GJG. Maybe not the smartest thing to do but it worked. He got things done. Not always right but he got things done and corrected the errors as he learned along the way. You can't do everything, but if there is a possibility you must take it. Right now, I feel too many are too scared to take the risk or some are just damn lazy. The best things are never in a straight line.