Arthur Kall Notes in Neon

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by Sandy Graham

Although born in Edmonton, Alberta, Arthur Kall moved to Montreal, Quebec as a young lad, and considers himself a Quebecer, both in spirit and birthplace. “ I love Montreal, it is a wonderful place and full of energy. In these current times you can live anywhere and promote your music, so staying here is good for me right now.”

With the release of his new indie CD, ‘Notes In Neon’, Kall is focused on the next few months, gearing up to pick the single and promote his live tours. “ In general, the industry has changed. You can still achieve your goals, it is not impossible, it just is a little different than the years before, it is a bit easier for the indie labels to promote themselves. I feel it is important for me to tour, and back up my CD sales by connecting with my audience. After several years of writing, recording and touring as a guitarist in bands; I eventually found my place as a solo artist. There had always been a part of me that loved singing and writing songs about things in the world, or my life that I felt strongly about – I am singer/songwriter. It is my passion.”

For the past two years, Kall fine tuned his songs and worked on what he would do for his first solo CD release. “All my songs are different and all my songs come from a real place; I see beauty and coolness in all genres, tempos and textures of music,” Kall explains. “ ‘Sunshine Girl’ is my acoustic sound, the one I feel gives my type of music its identity. ‘Young & Alive’ is co-written with Josh (Bigwig). Josh is a really talented guitarist, performer and writer. He is also from the U.S. so it gives it what I feel is that American flavor.”

The CD captures the strong vocal talents of this singer/songwriter, who also went out on a limb with one song ‘Giving Up’, which has a military style drum intro, vocal tricks and electro-pop production. ‘Sometimes you go out on a limb for a song’ Kall reflects, “Some fans tell me they love it, some don’t like it all. I just wanted to try something unusual and I think we captured that.”

‘Jealousy’ is an absolutely brilliant recording, that captures the raw essence of human emotion, and pushes this singer to his top of his game in vocals. “ We aren’t sure if that will be the single release. I am in negotiations right now with a distributor, and will know more in the new year if that is the direction we are going. I feel that song is the most transparent on my CD, as it bares my own emotions” Kall says quietly.

For the past two years, Arthur Kall has had the opportunity of being on Canadian Idol, opening for signed acts, touring recording an album and what he says “meeting awesome people along the way”. In closing this unique artist says, “If you enjoy, relate to, or feel something from my music; I'd like to thank you for being part of this, you make it that much bigger... “

The musical future of this Montreal native should be watched closely. Canada won’t be able to keep him a secret for very long. Cashbox Canada is going to follow him while he climbs the charts.

Ce natif de Montréal, Quebec Arthur Kall avec le noveau CD Notes In Neon – surveillez les articles à l'avenir dans Cashbox Canada dans la novelle année.

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