Blue Peter's TIFF Debut

By Bill Delingat

When the amount of hairspray you had in your guaff and when the bigger the amps ruled the music scene, there was a movement in the UK where anyone could play and be part of the scene called “Punk”. A branch off of a more sophisticated sound emerged from this movement called “New Wave” with bands like Roxy Music, Japan and in the United States, Blondie and the Cars, and in Canada Blue Peter led the pack.

In the mid 70’s Chris Wardman and Paul Humphrey started to write and perform with what would become the nucleus of ‘Blue Peter”. In 1979 they were signed to Ready records and in 1980 their first full length LP “Radio Silence” was released.

Now some 30 years later “Blue Peter” is back with a debut performance at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Blue Peter will be performing as part of “TIFF Live from Dundas Square” on Friday Sept. 11 at 8:15 pm.

This will be a showcase for the Rock and Roll vampire movie “SUCK” which features Blue Peter’s song “Same Old Place”.


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Solo Projects

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