Alyssa Rubino

By Bill Delingat

The date of 9.9.9 marked the launch of D.K.O the new project of renowned reggae artist, Darrin Kenneth O’Brien a.k.a. SNOW.

The event had a spectrum of talent from all genres of music, with the evening ending with a surprise performance by SNOW himself. The start of the event was just as surprising as a young female and an acoustic guitar took the stage while the bustle of bar life filled the room. Suddenly the buzz quieted down when Alyssa Rubino started to sing. The song was “Beautiful to Know” written by Alyssa Rubino ,Danny Rubino and Trust. The crowd showed their respect as the 11 year old singer and her accompaniment Trust left the stage. That’s right, 11 years old.

So where did it all begin?

Alyssa Rubino is a Talented 11 year Old... Singer/Actress She was molded by her musical Dad, Danny Rubino, who has been in the music Industry for over 20 years.

Danny Rubino was also a young starter, at a mere 10 years old he began appearing in commercials, T.V & film; a few years later he formed his first band at the age of 14 years. After several years of pushing his original projects, Rubino attached himself to a project promoting a Drug Free Community. “People with a Purpose” orchestrated with some of Canada’s biggest artists such as the late Kenny MacLean from Platinum Blonde, Arrows, Maestro Fresh Wes to name a few. His experiences in the music field saw him traveling across the U.S.A and eventually his hard work paid off when one of his projects became a # 1 Billboard hit on the Latin Charts with the artist “Baby Boy” and the song “Let Me Love You.”

Today Rubino continues to work with G1E Productionz & has launched his new company - First Entertainment Group. First Entertainment Group consists of Danny Rubino, Trust, Lidio Cipallone, Avery Pascoe and is dedicated to launching Rubino`s young talented daughter Alyssa Rubino. He has nicknamed her “Girl Wonder”.

With her family roots in the music industry it was not a surprise to have the young 5 year old sing around the house. It didn’t take long before those catchy little phrases she sang turned into a song, her first attempt became her first single “Shine Your Light”, co-written with her father (songwriter) Danny Rubino, and her soon to be producer and accompanist, Trust. Trust, with some history of working with artists like R&B singer Deborah Cox, and also the talented Brian McKnight, saw the strong and weak points of this very young, enthusiastic girl and began to turn those random bits of songs into a fresh pop sound. Trust, with the confidence of First Entertainment Group behind the project, wanted to get the best for Alyssa’s dream to create a magical album. Trust approached Andrew Dawson known for working with acts like Kanye West, T.I., John Legend, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Destiny’s Child, landing him over 25 Grammy Nominations and dozens of# 1 platinum albums, was now ready to mix for the young protégé Alyssa. The momentum didn’t end here as Shams Thrani from SPG Music also was mesmerized by her vocal capabilities and catchy songs, and agreed to get on board and help launch this impressive 11 year old artist.

Alyssa’s talents include singing, writing, acting, and is currently learning to play the guitar. She has recently completed a commercial for Shoeless Joe’s which gained national exposure. On November 6th of this year she was slated to open for the hot, Canadian teen Justin Beiber at his Toronto debut at the Koolhouse, but due to a heavy flu she had to cancel.

For an energetic 11 year old, Alyssa spends her time juggling school, working, preparing for her live shows, & recording her debut album. Alyssa is also aware of pre-teen and teen problems and is set to tour schools across Ontario, with radio host Garth Riley to promote an anti-bullying campaign. Her upcoming plans include releasing a Christmas Song, which she will donate to charities “Helping Kids Create Dreams”.

We are on the precipice of a huge career of this young talent from Woodbridge Ontario. Watch for more to come from ‘Alyssa Rubino” a Canadian teen Pop star in the making.