British launch for Quebec Recording Artists Mosquito-B

Mosquito B

by Kathy Hahn

October 4, 2010 - Toronto: Quebec recording artists Mosquito-B launched their new EP, “Killing Mars” in England on Friday October 1. The 10” vinyl edition pressed in London introduces six tracks from the band which will be included in the complete album to be released in early 2011. The full album will feature more than 15 songs.  

 This is the second British tour for Mosquito-B in the past six months, following tour dates anchored by shows in Nashville, Burlington, Cleveland in the USA, and Niagara and Toronto in 2009.

Mosquito-B kicked off their British tour with their record launch and showcase at The Hobbit - Southhampton (Oct 1) and will perform at Woodmead Halls in  Lyme Regis (Oct. 2), London (Oct. 6, 9)  and Mr. Kyps in Poole (Oct. 10).

The highlight for the tour is the special invitation to participate in the festivities celebrating John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Mosquito-B have been asked to join a stellar lineup of artists from England and Russia, amongst others.

Mosquito-B will participate in a full slate of John Lennon birthday festivities including a ‘Bed In’ in Bournemouth and a ‘Love In’ on Abbey Road. Mosquito-B’s Dan Louis notes, “Last May, following our trip to Lyme Regis, we received an extraordinary offer by a London promoter who adored our show when we opened for Bristol’s own Stackridge (formerly known as the Korgis). The audience had demanded an encore, which we are told is very rare for an opening band.”

The New Album – “KILLING MARS”

Mosquito-B looks toward a brighter futureMosquito-B looks toward a brighter futureMixed by none other than Paul Northfield (Rush, Dream Theater, Gentle Giant, Porcupine Tree) “KILLING MARS” introduces the band’s musical genius for creating great pop rock, packaged in a tangible format reflecting the high artistic values of progressive albums from the ‘70s.“
“It was a logical decision to press vinyl for this opus, as progressive music is a significant component of my musical influences over the years,” concludes Dan Louis.

“KILLING MARS” is the fourth album by Mosquito-B and marks the second English album following the release of “RAID” which established the band on the English Canadian music scene.

The project is spearheaded by Marc Durand, who established the Montreal band ‘Men Without Hats’ which resulted in a multi-format Number One hit around the world.