Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye!)  Jersey Boys Final Performance in Toronto, Canada

Jersey Boys Recording

By Natasha Slinko
After an extremely successful, two year run, Jersey Boys will be playing their final farewell show on Sunday, August 22 at 7:30 pm. Over the past two years, Jersey Boys has received standing ovation time after time, be it a media filled audience or theatre goers that loved this era and the songs of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Friends, couples and families have flooded the theatre over one million strong and were charmed and won over, and in true theatre style to show their appreciation, they stood up and cheered.
Jersey Boys takes us back to a time in space, when things were a little simpler and showed the true turn of events on the Jersey shores.  The incredible songs, the songwriting and composing and of course, the Boys in the hood, whose vocals and harmonies just made you want to cheer and at times, cry. They were just that good. No wonder Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons took audiences by storm.  They didn’t just slowly walk up to their audience, they roared right up on top of them and the audience just went crazy for their incredible and unique sound.  And this fabulous show Jersey Boys, has shown us, that they still do.
The cast is exceptional and the audience feels as though they have once again just gone back in time, and are privileged to see and hear Frank Valli and the Four Season, LIVE.  Funny, witty and charming with incredible vocals and music, Jersey Boys has it all. - starring Michael Lomenda as Nick Massi, Jeff Madden as Frankie Valli, Daniel Robert Sullivan as Tommy DeVito and Quinn VanAntwerp as Bob Gaudio.

Directed by two-time Tony Award® winner Des McAnuff, JERSEY BOYS is written by Academy Award winner Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, with music by Bob Gaudio, lyrics by Bob Crewe and choreography by Sergio Trujillo. The Canadian production of JERSEY BOYS is produced by Dancap Productions Inc., Dodger Theatricals, Joseph J. Grano, Tamara and Kevin Kinsella, Pelican Group in association with Latitude Link and Rick Steiner.
Jersey Boys is brilliantly written and just pulls you in and just takes your breath away.  The show has gone on to win three Dora Mava Moore Awards. Thank you to Aubrey Dan of Dancap Productions and the incredible team behind this production, as well as to the creators, cast, musicians and crew. 
The musicians are exceptional under the leadership of conductor Elizabeth Baird. Peter Bleakney, Sasha Boychouk, Steve Broadhurst, Mike Herriott, Levon Ichkhanian, Logan Medland, Mark Promane, Pat Wright and Jeannie Wys.  Truly, extremely talented musicians that make you feel the music through and through, from the very first note, to the very last.  When the starring cast left the stage, the band played on and we stayed to listen to their great sound.
Throughout the show, “The Boys” made us laugh, reminisce and remember another time, a time when your word was gold and deals were made with a handshake that lasted a life-time.  They always looked out after each other and the group as a whole and always honoured debts, even if they weren’t their own.
This is a story of 4 boys from the Jersey shore looking for success.  They had two choices, become a hoodlum or pursue their dream relentlessly of becoming a successful singing group.  They worked hard, they toured non-stop and audiences showed their appreciation, and now for the past two years the audiences in Toronto were able to experience this historic phenomenon through Jersey Boys – once again, we have had the joy of experiencing and enjoying the rewards of all their hard work .

And the songs. It was “all about the music” back then and it showed, with the incredible sound of songs that just grab your heart strings such as “Rag Doll” and “Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)”, or songs that just sent shivers down the spine and takes your breath away such as “Dawn” or pick me up and stand tall songs like “Walk Like a Man”.
It was in 1962, that the group released their first album, featuring the single "Sherry", which was not only their first charted hit but became their first number-one song. "Big Girls Don't Cry" became their second #1 hit, and then "Walk Like a Man" their third # 1 hit. And there was "Candy Girl", "Ain't That a Shame", and so many others.

Frankie Valli eventually continued on in his solo career but always backed by his closest friends, in particular Bob Gaudio, who wrote and then fronted the money so that Frankie Valli could record “My Eyes Adored You”, that put him back on the charts and reminded the public what a true talent he is, still to this day

It reminds us of what true friendship was and how important it is to have in our lives, and the many gifts it brings, and yes the fights and the arguments too.  But in the end there was always love and honor and standing by each other.  Truly another era of time, and for them it was because “all there was, was the music”.

JB-Toronto 09.jpg – (l-r) Quinn VanAntwerp as Bob Gaudio, Daniel Robert Sullivan as Tommy DeVito, Jeff Madden as Frankie Valli, Michael Lomenda as Nick Massi, Photos by Joan MarcusJB-Toronto 09.jpg – (l-r) Quinn VanAntwerp as Bob Gaudio, Daniel Robert Sullivan as Tommy DeVito, Jeff Madden as Frankie Valli, Michael Lomenda as Nick Massi, Photos by Joan Marcus Frankie Valli released his first solo hit, “(You’re Gonna) Hurt Yourself,” in 1966, and the following year originated the Gaudio/Crewe classic “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” one of the most successfully-covered songs in history, creating smash hits being covered by artists such as Pet Shop Boys and Lauryn Hill.  In 1978 in Valli’s single “Grease” hit #1, when the movie Grease, became the highest-grossing musical.

 It took a life-time, but Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons finally received the recognition they deserved by being brought together, as the original Four Seasons, to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.  When asked how they felt they replied “It’s better that an Oscar and Emmy or a Tony –because it’s the people’s choice”.  When they received that honour, the audience stood and cheered. 
In 1999 they joined the Vocal Group Hall of fame and are one of the best-selling musical groups of all time having sold 175 million records worldwide.
Jersey Boys also touches on the human side of the life of an entertainer, in how hard it is to maintain a lasting family life with wife and children when you are always on the road, working to make your keep and striving to get ahead.  People on the road understand what that they sacrifice and there is a truly heartbreaking moment for Frankie Valli, which left a lump in the throat and tears in our eyes.  That is the humanness of his life and the losses that he suffered for his career. 
The final performance schedule is Tuesday - Thursday at 7:30pm; Friday & Saturday at 8pm, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday at 2pm with the final performance on SUNDAY, AUGUST 22 @ 7:30pm (no show Tuesday, August 17)   Tickets On Sale Now For All Performances!  Tickets range from $25, and can be purchased in person at the box office of the Toronto Centre for the Arts, by calling 416.644.3665 or online at
If you have not seen Jersey Boys – then I highly recommend you bolt for the theatre to get the final tickets for you and your family and friends, as they are selling out fast.  This is a show that you will carry with you with a smile on your face and in your heart, long after “The Boys” have said their final Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye) (s) - and we are truly, oh so very sad to see them go.