Chromeo: Business Casual


Last Gang

So now that electro funksters Chromeo’s signed to major US label Atlantic, let the dissing begin. It’s going to be hard for fans to find much fault with this first major album release, as Business Casual is dressed in much the same threads which have packed out Montreal’s underground clubs since da dudes started playing the circuit.

Chromeo’s Dave-1(David Macklovitch) and P-Thugg(Patrick Gemayel) broke out three years ago with Fancy Footwork, album that did a fine job of setting the tone for the band’s ‘brand’. Since then, the duo’s blown up globally, more so in Europe, leaving a large American market to get friendly with Chromeo’s sound.

Since that’s the job of Business Casual, it makes all kinds of strategic sense that this is a classic straight up Chromeo album, beats just so and a canny hand with the disco guitar references.

And you can’t blame them since taken as a calling card, the album does just fine in the role. It sounds like the big money production it was, fat grooves and bouncy backbeats well to the fore, tracks jammed with sonic information. The thing’s full of show stopping moments, among them the Queen-like grandeur of “Don’t Walk Away” and those in search of a new club anthem need look no further than “Hot Mess’. Then, having rocked the joint, the pair turn to a trio of tunes, “Night by Night", "Don't Turn the Lights On" and “You Make It Rough” which evoke a mood of space opera sex among the stars.

If there’s anything to whine about, it may be that the boys have focused a tad harder on their pop amalgams. Understandable, as it’s common practice to dumb down material for foreign markets and if that’s what’s up here, no worries, it’s just Business Casual doing music business as usual. The best Chromeo business is yet to come.

James Lizzard