The Coast: Queen Cities

The Coast Queen Cities


On this sophomore album, The Coast don’t coast at all, in fact, such is the intensity and desire to jam as much info as possible onto the tracks they occasionally cross over into bluster.
Carrying the flag for big guitar rock, this quartet is Ben Spurr (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Ian Fosbery (guitar, keyboards, vocals), brothers Luke (bass, vocals) and Jordan Melchiorre (drums) and their 2008 debut Expatriate made waves on the indie rock scene.

They’re out of Toronto, on the Lake Ontario coast. where they holed up in their rehearsal space writing and working on new material for much of ’09. . In November they returned to the scene of the debut album, the Lincoln County Social Club, and laid down 14 new tracks. In colaboration with long-time pal and and producer Chris Stringer (We're Marching On, Ohbijou, Rush) they cooked it down to the 9 tunes that make up Queen Cities.

This is thinking man’s guitar rock the way Rush used to be thinkiing man’s prog rock.Loaded with shimmering guitars, clever chord changes and the odd keyboard tossed in for extra texture, these songs have links to the work of such proven floor fillers as The Stills and The Trews.

There are plenty of hooks, grabby melody bits and shout-out choruses to be found amongst the fuzzy guitars and heavy drum mix. Standout songs like "Fire Out" and the solidly impressive ”Mother Tongue" will carry this band far.

The guitars are correctly to the fore when they’re not being all fuzzed out, the bassist is in there holding up his end and the drums are properly micked for dramatic effect. But when you put them all together what comes across is a strangely offputting lack of power and that hurts more songs than it helps.

James Lizzzard