Creating Constant Fan Connection - Michael Angelo Releases EP

"In The Light Of The Moon"

Michael-Angelo, Montreal’s eclectic pop-rocker, gets set to release his second album, “The Life: a Song Project,” in an innovative way. January 27th will see the release of a four track EP, called "In The Light of The Moon" the first part of the new album, which will be followed by a second EP and finally, the release of the entire album later this year. The innovative idea stems from the artist’s goal of sharing his music with his fans as soon as it is produced.

"Releasing In the Light of the Moon allows my fans to hear my future album as I'm producing it, creating a constant connection and allowing me to keep playing shows and do a little bit of everything instead of the long cycle of compose, record, promote, sell, tour, etc..." says Michael Angelo. "I'm basically taking advantage of technology and sharing my songs right away instead of waiting a whole year for the album to be complete and be heard."

Michael-Angelo is a true jack-of-all-trades, beginning to write songs at the age of eight, Michael-Angelo went on to study music in college, focusing on jazz guitar, which further widened his musical spectrum and inspired him to fuse as many styles as possible in his own work. From pop to jazz to acoustic-rock; Michael-Angelo embraces them all.

In 2007 he released his debut album, “Trip the Light Fantastic,” and began performing extensively and gaining fans with his rich tones of acoustic guitar and synth. To date, he has played over one hundred gigs across Quebec and Ontario and has collaborated with local, well-established artists such as Étienne Drapeau, Jervais (Marc-André Blais) and Patrick Ménard (Yelo Molo).

Michael–Angelo has been recognized, as both a finalist and winner, by several provincial and national music awards including; The International Songwriting Competition, Première d'Eric Lapointe, Corrida and, most recently, he was named Grand-Finalist (3rd position) in the province-wide CKOI contest “Pro-Scene.”

Upcoming Show Dates

March 19, 2010 - Keystorm Pub - Brockville, ON