Day 2 Déjà Vu: Lady Liberty

Day2 Déjà Vu


There’s a Nirvana-ish sense of mission around this trio, the sense they’re feeling their way through Soundgarden on the way to Nirvana? The signifying starts with the album art for debut disc Lady Liberty. As designed by Jonathan Ball, it depicts the Statue of Liberty grasping an oil rig for a torch with lotsa dollars plastered to her oil-sodden body. It harkens back to the days of vinyl and finely detailed album art. In the same vein, all song lyrics are included, much nerdy production detail and just to let y’all know this is heavy stuff, the Parental Advisory sticker

The good news is that once the disc starts spinning, within a couple of tracks it’s evident there’s enough quality content to forgive or maybe justify the fronting.

Day2 Déjà Vu are Jeff Fulford (lead vcls, gtrs), Sean MacLean (lead vcls, bass) and Justin Fulford (drums, percussion, backing vcls) and a big part of their punch comes from having dual lead singers. This ensues that both the sweet and the rough get the appropriate delivery and indicates a band with a reach beyond the indie rock clichés they occasional play into. Which is pretty much par for the course on a young band’s debut album and helps highlight just how hot the good stuff is.

F’r instance, the one-two punch of Sad Face and She Wants America will forgive the strangely unresolved Inhale, which seems to stop just short of going all the way to full songhood and the girls will forgive them a roll cal of sins for the infectious indie dance rock of Lay You Down.

Which is probably as good a genre tag as to what this Toronto area band is up to. Judging by the crowds which regularly show at T.Dot venues like Tattoo Rock Parlour and Cherry Cola Rockarolla to wig out to guitar rock, the boys have a large potential audience out there. It’s only a matter of time till they find each other.

Then it’ll be all about Salvation and Burning In The Rain, which close out the album, leaving behind the sense of having been into something good.

That’s supported by reports from the band’s album release party at Toronto’s Mod Club that yes indeed, did fair damsels dance and the men that love them did bang heads in appreciation of the barrage of guitar riffing roaring off the stage.

Overall an impressive debut that could vault Day2 Déjà Vu over the bar circuit and onto the level of Alexisonfire and Billy Talent.

Lenny Stoute
Photo Credit: Taffi Rosen