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“This is an evolution not a revolution, this is the sign of a new generation internet TV.” Alexander Blaze commenting on “DMTV”

Direct Music TV America saw the need to give a fair account of what is going on in the world of today's entertainment, this is where Direct Music TV originated from, “direct music to the people, at the request by the people”. If you wanted to see Dance, R&B, Soca or Reggae music videos any time 24 hours a day, all you have to do is log on to our website and bang you are there. You can sit down in front of your Mac or PC and look at any type of musical entertainment you would like; we have over 500 events from fashion shows, movie trailers to hot new videos, with viewers from all corners of the world logging onto our site daily, proving to us that there is a big need for this kind of “entertainment portal”. We have filmed our TV show in over 35 countries and each venue in the major cities we film our hit show “Party Central” in draws sell out crowds to participate in this electrifying “Live Dance Show”.

“TV stations in a whole do not always show what the consumer wants to see; in most households they have access to over 200 channels and sometimes after channel surfing for hours, people end up on nature channels or reruns as they cannot find anything of interest to watch, that is why they end up on the internet . They can Google any type of music artist or video and it pops up instantly, they can watch what they want to see & when they want to see it, by the click of the mouse...this is what “Direct Music TV America” is, direct music TV” said Alexander Blaze (Vee-jay to the Stars) at Party Central.

Blaze invites everyone to join him as your host who takes you on a guided tour of the hottest and sexiest dance clubs, concert venues, gossip and news. Joined by hot local and international acts – “Party Central” brings the viewer a high - energy mix of live and recorded music videos. Blaze also points out, “”We have an online interactive chat link, giving viewers at home the chance to get into the groove with our “Party Central” dancers, musicians and guests.” It a totally live, totally interactive experience, so get online and join the party!

Direct Music TV America covers the latest in Entertainment, Music videos & lifestyle events 24 hours of the day and refreshes the site daily.
** Direct Music TV services cable & direct to local TV outlets across The UK, Caribbean, America and coming soon Canada

Back in the 80’s when the common phase was “Disco is dead” the media may have thought so and so did the “Hairspray Scene” of rock ‘n’ roll but not the club scene. Larger cities started to see mega clubs opening up across the country following the 70’s New York theme of the “Studio 54 days”, where dance ruled all night long.

In 1982 Spectrum Night Club opened in the east end district of Toronto. Critics wrote “The bejeweled bodies sweated under the spinning neon lights at the opening of the Spectrum Night Club, but they will not make it to next year, as disco is dead.”

Well the reporters were wrong as the venue lasted over 15 years before being expropriated by the city to become a group home, part of the reason of this long illustrious run was the use of innovated promoters, bringing the latest music and themes weekly to the mega club’s hard wood dance floor.

One of those young promoters, now a popular on line Vee-jay, known as Alexander Blaze, came up with the idea of “The Friday Night Dance Party”, which he promoted on the last Friday night of every month. Blaze also was one of the first to use the ‘Live on Air” concept of using radio personalities to broadcast live from the Dee jay’s booth. Canada did not have a R&B or dance stations at the time so Blaze, brought in radio jocks from WBLK, then known as “Power 94” from Buffalo, to host the event and even started a music scene magazine called “Scope” as well as releasing CD compilations as “Simply Majestic”.
Eventually he out grew his surroundings and headed south to L.A. and got connected with a new project “Party Central” an online show brought to you from the venues that make you want to dance.

Now, some 10 years later he has returned to his hometown to promote ‘the wave of the new generation’“Direct Music TV” an online multi-media television station bringing viewers the best of dance music, videos and even hip commercials and movie trailers.
Cashbox will be connecting our viewers to this great entertainment concept and had a chance to talk to Direct Music TV about the site and plans for Canada.

CB: It has been some 10 years since you went to the sunny Los Angeles area you now call home. So what is it like to be back in Canada and what do you think of our club and music scene as compared to the USA?

Blaze: As far as the club scene goes it is the same everywhere. A club is a club, but unless you mix it up and promote and market, you won’t survive. I hear it time and time again where promoters put on an event and 20 people show up and they come to me and ask what happened? I ask them, well, where did you promote? If you don’t let the people know what and when and where you are doing something you can’t just expect them to show up because you are in a nice venue. When we do our events like Party Central we make sure the people know we are doing it and they want to be part of it as it is seen as the place to be. CB: What about our music scene in general, have we changed at all since you left? Blaze: Unfortunately I am disappointed to say “nothing has changed”, Canada still is behind the times and since I left, artists are still going south to be recognized, look at the latest one “Drake” no one even knew he was Canadian, and he is so hot.People think he is American and of course, he has moved there. Also you still don’t have an Urban Music Channel ,what I mean by that is a station that plays Urban Music 24 hours a day for kids whether they are black, white, Asian, American or Canadian these are the ones that are not getting the videos and tunes they want to see and hear on television. You have all kinds of channels but nothing like that here unless you are a premium subscriber and you get “BET”, where I feel it should be there for everyone. CB: What is the idea behind your network and what can viewers expect to see when they go online? Blaze: Our idea is exactly that, these frustrated TV viewers go online to see what they can’t see on TV and that is what we try to provide for them, direct music videos for the people as requested by the people, in a way they are the producers of our shows. We check stats, monitor and ask who is watching ,what they are watching when they are watching and what they would like to watch so we can be on top of their needs with the latest music, news and even movie trailers and interviews and even fashion shows.

It is like I said in the intro story. CB: We noticed that you do not have a lot of commentary or editorial on your site is there a reason for that? Blaze: Direct, that is the reason, we know at the click of the mouse the surfer is gone, the people that come to Direct Music TV or our shows like Party Central are there for fast action and music if they don’t get it they move on, unlike editorial or music news sites we keep them captivated with links, music, videos and we listen to what they say and refresh our 500 plus videos daily so we have the latest and best for them to stay on line with us and enjoy what they can not get other places. We also have a line of magazines like “Lifestyles” so if you want to read pick up one of our mags. CB: Will you be looking at producing any compilations of the music on your site or other merchandise for sale as it was a big part of the Dance Craze in the 90’s? Blaze: Definitely. One of my goals here is to launch a dance compilation ,I had great success here with Quality Records and even had 2 Juno nominations in 1992 with Best R&B and Soul recording for ‘Destiny’ and best Rap recording for ‘Play the Music DJ ‘as “Simply Majestic” with my producer and partner Len Grant of Midland Music. We licensed tracks all over the world including the dance label “Strictly Rhythm”. CB: How can someone, like a new dance artist get online with your network? Blaze: All they have to do is go on our site and it is all there, we do have a process to make sure it is the type of thing we want to put on ine and we are particular in our demographics being “dance orientated” so for example you won’t see us posting any country videos. CB: Any thoughts of a Dance Music TV venue or club in the works and what is the next step for you and the company’s vision for the future? Blaze: No we are not interested in our own venue as we travel the world to the best clubs and bring that live to our viewers; it wouldn’t be the same if we were always at our own place. Our next step is to expand our reach and our viewers and that is why I am back here to set Canada up on our network and find some of that great talent like ‘Drake” and help give them exposure to the world.

Our vision is to have our own “Urban Television Network” which is like I said, missing from your converter at the present time, but I am determined to change that and I know there are people out there with the same idea and we will make it happen. CB: Is there any one that stands out in your past that you would like to acknowledge for helping you get started? Blaze: Most definitely, I tip my hat to Daniel Caudeiron from Cheer Dee Jay Pool for all his support, Katherine and John Dukelow and Bill Evanov at Energy 108, Len Grant of course and a guy named Bill Delingat (you may know him) for giving me my start as a young promoter.

When I look back it all started in the clubs, promoter to magazine publisher to Dee Jay at CIUT radio to record producer to artist to TV. That is it my friend.

CB: Looks great and would you have any adviCe for those young entrepreneurs like you once were?
Blaze: Yes. “Beware of the gatekeepers, don’t ever let them in”
Interesting piece on urban radio started in Toronto: