Do You Get The Point?


Have you ever heard, "Oh don't worry about that, it is just a typo error?" Let's take a look at a . ( dot, or for the old folks a period) in the wrong place. You just got your BMI, ASCAP or SOCAN royalty check. Which one of these typos would you prefer?
$ .10   $1.00   $100.00   $1000.00   $10,000.00
Do you get the point (no pun intended)? A typo as simple as a misplaced dot can cause havoc in cyber space. The music business is tough enough. Not paying attention to intricate detail will make it tougher.  This detail must be followed through with websites, e-mail addresses, and any and all printed media.  Be sure and memorize the correct name of your website and e-mail account and where your product is for sale.  All too often I have interviewed someone and asked for that information and the person would say I am not sure about all that.  Someone else takes care of that for me. 
The music business – YA GOTTA LUV IT!
*Keith Bradford is an on-air personality in Nashville, Tennessee on
Mr. Bradford is also owner and operator of Keith Bradford Promotions and KMA Records, which specializes in tracking, promotion and marketing of country music.