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46th Annual CMA Awards Country’s Night To Shine


Submitted by Don Graham

While the bright lights of Broadway in New York were dark after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on Manhattan, the lights were shining bright on America’s other Broadway, in Nashville, Tennessee. This year the event was held at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena a stones throw from the mother church of country music, The Ryman Auditorium and was hosted for the fifth straight year by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.  The Bridgestone Arena is home to Nashville’s NHL hockey team the Predators and one of their star players  Peterborough, Ontario’s Mike Fisher is married to Carrie Underwood. Fisher may be locked out from the Predators dressing room due to the current NHL lockout but he was there in the arena on Thursday night.

On ABC's "Good Morning America," the morning of the show early winners were announced ahead of the awards show. Kenny Chesney was named the winner of the CMA Award for Musical Event for “Feel Like a Rockstar,” with Tim McGraw. Toby Keith won Music Video of the Year for his hit single “Red Solo Cup.”

BULLYING: Scars That You Can’t See

CoverOct 26, 2012

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

This week’s issue will not draw attention to the usual musical references of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Bobby (Boris) Pickett’s classic “Monster Mash”. With all the recent attention on the horrible effects of bullying, we want to say  “no trick – no treat –  bullying is scarier than Hallowe’en."

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in the last decade and this year or so it has escalated even more, and sadly, escalates every minute that goes by.  Bullying used to be thought of as a schoolyard phenomenon but has morphed into something a lot bigger and a whole lot uglier. There is still school yard bullying but now there’s cyber bullying, work place bullying, spousal bullying, all types of bullying.

I’m Your Man The Life of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen Cashbox Cover.jpg

Submitted by Don Graham

Leonard Cohen has been in the public eye for five decades as a poet, songwriter and a singer. Cohen’s life and career have been fluid and full of change throughout all those decades. ‘I’m Your Man, The Life of Leonard Cohen’ by San Francisco writer Sylvie Simmons is a comprehensive account of Cohen's story from growing up in Montreal, Canada to traveling to England, Greece, New York City and beyond.

Cohen fans have been waiting a long time for this book, containing interviews by the better known women in his songs like Suzanne and Marianne as well as interviews by the notoriously shy and private Cohen himself. More importantly even those who are not necessarily Cohen fans will be interested in the names and places in this book.

Mike Showing Some Love To The Beach Boys


Submitted by Don Graham

There are two sides (at least) to every story. Cashbox would like to attempt to shed some light on the recent developments in the Mike Love vs. The Beach Boys saga. The Beach Boys have always had a tumultuous and rocky personal relationship. The band has been to court more often than can be healthy, but the decision to reform for a 50th Anniversary Tour seemed to indicate that maybe a truce had been reached. Sadly, that’s not what it looks like now.

Recently Mike Love issued a statement explaining that the rest of the band would have no further involvement with the tour, causing great confusion in the land of Beach Boy fandom. Brian Wilson hit back, stating in no uncertain terms that the current line up was "The real Beach Boys".

Mike Love has now given the LA Times a statement (via Pitchfork), arguing that he has not sacked anybody. "I did not fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I cannot fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I am not his employer. I do not have such authority. And even if I did, I would never fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I love Brian Wilson. We are partners. He’s my cousin by birth and my brother in music. Our songs are in the DNA of America. Our imagery of the coast, surfing, cars and teenage freedom helped make our country the envy of the world."

Love goes on to say that, although Wilson and Jardine wanted to extend the tour, the Love/Johnson version of the Beach Boys was already contractually obliged to play “small market dates”.

Five of a Kind for Canada Indie Music Week


Story: Lenny Stoute/James Lizzard

Like all the other muzik fests of its kind, Canada Indie Week prides itself on offering way too much of a good thing. It’s not on them, it's who we are as a culture and I’m right in there with y’all. As a result, folks tend to drop their bucks on acts they’ve at least heard of before. Which, when you think of it, is the exact opposite of exploring the indie aesthetic.

With one or both of those in mind, more or less, here are five acts you may not have heard about but you'll hate yourself later if you have to hear about their shows from your friends.

The Rabid Whole This quintet out of Regina, SASK. claim to do it all. From dual female/male vocals, alternating lead vocals, polished (but not overly polished) rock guitar, energetic rhythmic bass, and drums, all tied neatly together with catchy electronic beats.

These diverse abilities derives from the members’ varied musical backgrounds. From metal and hard rock to Latin jazz, as well as being submerged in the music scene in the form of other bands and projects for almost a decade, The Rabid Whole came together in 2007 to create the edgy, cold, angry and powerful musical stylings which define them.

Sam the Record Man is Taking the Stairway to Heaven

Sam the Record Man Sept. 28.jpg

Submitted by Don Graham

The Canadian music world lost a good friend and a valuable family member this week. Sam “The Record Man” Sniderman passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 92.  A major promoter of Canadian music, Sniderman was a Member of the Order of Canada, an inductee of the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. He also received a Governor General Award and Honorary doctorates from Ryerson University and the University of Prince Edward Island.

Sam had a couple of close friends growing up, Johnny Lombardi and ‘Honest’ Ed Mirvish.  Lombardi went into radio, starting CHIN radio, and Ed of course got into the theatre game with Mirvish Productions as well as the store Honest Ed’s. Sniderman and his brother, Sid opened a small store on College Street in Toronto in 1937 and stayed in business until 2007, seventy years of serving the record buying public. The Yonge Street flagship store, was opened it’s doors in  1959 and became the focal point of musicians and music lovers alike. SAM’s changed with the times, filling his racks with vinyl and later CDs,  but eventually came MP3s which couldn’t be racked. The downtown Toronto landmark closed down in 2007, Sam Sniderman heart closed down five years later. One store, in Belleville Ontario remains open.

Eliades Ochoa-A Legend in his Lifetime

Cover Sept 21, 2012

Story: Lenny Stoute

God bless the child that finds it’s calling early in life, for it may grow up to be Eliades Ochoa. In the esteemed Cuban guitarist’s case, he was all of six when he plucked at the instrument for the first time in his rural home close by the old city of Santiago de Cuba. In that instant, the boy who would grow up to be called Cuba’s Johnny Cash, heard the siren call of music, calling him to his future.

Around the age of eight the family moved to Santiago de Cuba, in financially tight circumstances. With money scarce and all hands on the wheel, in addition to odd jobs such as selling lottery tickets and shoe-shining, young Eliades started playing his guitar in the streets, graduating to the cafes and brothels of Santiago’s inner city.

"I worked as a shoeshine boy by day, and in the night I would play in the ghetto, in the barrio, for tips. I know that in America, the barrio is thought of as a dangerous place, but I was always very happy in the barrio. In Cuba, barrios are just different parts of the city, and every one has its own feel, its own neighbourhood identity."

"When I pass those places today it all comes back to me vividly. That keeps me going, I get emotional about it still."

Danny Marks : A Friend in the Blues

Cover, Setp 14, 2012

Submitted by Don Graham

 Danny Marks, as his new CD says, has “a friend in the blues “ or more accurately perhaps, “the blues” has a friend in  Danny Marks.

Blues music is probably one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted types of modern music. At least from where I listen. There’s the Delta blues, acoustic, bottle neck type, the rockin’ Chicago style electric blues type, the slick, orchestrated blues to name a few. Sometimes blues is thought of a twelve bar, 1,4, 5 progressions and repetitive guitar riffs of tales of love and misfortune with the opposite gender and financial worries.
Fortunately Danny Marks transcends all these stereotypes, giving the blues a fresh and colourful sound and texture.

A fixture on the Toronto blues scene, Danny’s musical career goes back to the hip Toronto sixties, where he was as a founding member of Capitol Record's group, Edward Bear.  “It really wasn’t my kind of music though. It was a lot more pop than I wanted to be. I was always drawn to the honesty of the blues. My dad always played music in the house growing up, Cab Calloway and such, but my older brother got me into the great Jimmy Reed.”

Mod Revival Sweeps Toronto – Modraphelia and The Passion For Fashion

Cover Sept 7, 2012

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Modraphelia, Toronto’s official Mod shop in the heart of downtown, is holding a charity fashion show and music event on Sept.19, 2012, to introduce their new women’s line of clothing. Store owner, Sati Banger, has been supplying Torontonians with 60’s-era clothing and accessories since 2005, when the doors opened to her Queen West store. Celebrities, musicians and industry insiders have turned to Modraphelia time and again for the best of Mod attire. The exciting new line is inspired by the exotic era of Rajput India fused with 60’s style and silhouettes. This collection pays homage to the rich colours and embellishment, while maintaining the youthfulness of the 60’s.

Later this year, Banger will shut the doors at her Queen West store, and take Modraphelia online-only, to better accommodate her global clientele. "I’m really excited about this fashion show as we’re taking Modraphelia to a new dimension with the new fall line by Sarah Fayaz. We have predominantly supplied menswear in the past and we felt it was time for us to expand our womens-wear line. Our event will provide a sneak peak of Sarah’s designs before they hit our online store and all the proceeds will go to Because I Am a Girl Canada (BIAG), which supports the fundamental rights of women and girls around the world." Modraphelia opened its doors in 2005 and is currently the only Mod shop in Toronto which captures the sharp, custom, personalized style of Mod fashion with a number of British brands as well as Modraphelia's very own label.

From Summer Breeze to Autumn Leaves - See You in the September !

Cover Aug 31, 2012

Submitted by Cashbox Canada Staff

We could ask the rhetorical question  ‘Is it just us or does it seem like summer flew by at record speed this year?’ but we know the answer. Of course it did; always does. June, July and August travel at twice the speed of January, February and March. Before you start writing or emailing we know, we know , we know!!! Not true! But we’re making a point.

We here at Cashbox Canada hope your summer was filled with fun, food, family and frivolity and that you are all as set to embrace the fall season as we are. We realize that a lot folks don’t have as much time to read and keep up in the summer months, what with cottages, lakes, cookouts and weekends away. So we want to thank our loyal readership, who kept our numbers up, higher than normal, for showing their appreciation for what we do. Thank you!!!

Music is our business but more correctly, music is truly the soundtrack of our lives. And how could you not be in a good mood and feel energized listening to “Hot Fun in the Summertime” by Sly & the Family Stone or “ In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry and feel the wind in your hair when you listen to “Summer Breeze”. It does “make you feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in your mind.”

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