Billy J White Saturday Night


Submitted by Don Graham

Burlington, Ontario’s Billy J White is riding high in the saddle these days, primed to make his big breakthrough in the highly competitive country music market. White has learned the valuable lesson that will give him a great chance at success. Billy has learned the importance and value of having a team around and behind him. “I have great and talented people behind me, from consulting, to radio tracking to experienced advisors in the business. Talent is of course the most important element but then you need the folks around you to maximize your efforts.”

Billy’s current single “Saturday Night”  and the accompanying video are set to take the world by storm and this could be the single that breaks big time for the young singer/songwriter. I co-wrote this with a couple of buddies and it really does capture they way all feel. We’re young and full of fire and our lives like one big Saturday night!”  The song is a hard driving modern country tune with the screaming guitar lies and pure country vocals and clever well thought out lyrics.  Should be a hit. Billy has just embarked on a radio tour out west and can’t wait to hit the road with his band in support of this record.

White’s musical influences include Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Craig Morgan, and Tracy Byrd and his songwriting skills are up there with the best. Asked, what comes first the melody or the lyrics, the scales tip toward the lyrics as “songs are always in my head.”

All But 6ix


Submitted by Sandy Graham

When All But 6ix arrived on our review desk, it was one of those refreshing moments when I remembered why I am in this business to start with – the music. Then the next surprise reading the press release from long time radio/press guru, Yvonne Valnea at Last Tango Productions, were the two names of Dwight Druick and Kirk Lorange.

I had the pleasure of playing Druick and Lorange in high rotation on CJFM in the mid-1970’s and their songs were brilliant. Compared at the time to America (Horse With No Name was getting heavy airplay ) the vocals and harmonies were way ahead of their time and the rich guitar playing was right in line with the country rock era that was just starting to explode.

So now here are these two guys names again – this time with a new offering under the direction of the now Kingston-based Montreal Dwight Druick heading up All But 6ix. This is a great CD to offer old fans and new ones yet to discover them.

‘Saving Grace’ leads off the first track on the CD, and you get a feeling that this will be a jazz offering, but the guitars are still pulling you in with finger squeaks et al, and a love song to boot. ‘Honey Dew’ almost has the Taj Mahal/Dr. John feel to it, ‘It’s Only Love’ brings it back home to the acoustic sound that made these guys get attention back then with great vocals, ‘In Another Time’ sounds like one of those bluesy, intimate songs that adds some great percussion to bring it all together, ‘If I Wonder’ has great rhyming patterns with the lyrics and true Dwight Druick style.

The Cashbox Magazine Halloween Jukebox


Submitted by Cashbox Canada

With Halloween around the corner, Tropical Glen has done it again, offering you a great way to play music while you answer the door to the kids doing their trick or treating. Enjoy it by logging on at

Cashbox Magazine Top 5 Rated Halloween Videos
1: Thriller Michael Jackson

2: Werewolves of London Warren Zevon

3: Season of the Witch Donovan (Live)

4: Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr.

5: Monster Mash Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett (Leon Russell on piano!)

Happy Halloween !

Cadillac Lounge Hosts Inaugural Songwriters in the Round


Submitted by Sandy Graham

Cadillac Lounge in Toronto is known for its innovative music bookings as well as its support for indie artists. Now they are going one step forward by supporting the songwriters who make it all happen.

Wednesday, October 23 2013 was the launch of the first Wednesday Night Music Club at this downtown Toronto club, kicking off the event with special guest Don Graham and featuring Steve Rivers, Billy J White, Brian Donkers and Carli and Julie Kennedy, all singer/songwriters as well as amazing performers.

Don Graham, long time singer/songwriter, kicked off the night with a cut from his first album ‘Got What it Takes’ and through the night gave a taste of his versatile writing style from ‘Como Te Amo’ to his country spoof of ‘One of Us Was Gone’ taking us all back to the sentimental side of life with ‘Mama’s Smile’. ‘I Dug A Hole’ captures a scenario we have all experienced at one time or another.

Steve Rivers was engaging, telling tales through his songs like ‘Smokin’ (dedicated to his grandmother
who was in the audience) and ‘Truck Beer Girl’,  and ‘One Road Town’. With tunes like ‘Running Out of Love’ and ‘Bigger Than That’ It is no wonder this artist He was recently nominated for the 'Rising Star" award by the CMAO. (Country Music Association of Ontario.)  An engaging singer and a talented performer, Rivers has a way of connecting with his audience through his songs and smile.

Buddy Holly and Red Robinson The Canadian Connection

Canadian Red Robinson and Buddy Holly.jpg

Submitted by

October 23rd, 1957 - Biggest Show Of Stars For 1957 performed two shows at the Georgia Auditorium in Vancouver BC, Canada. Legendary Canadian DJ, Red Robinson conducted an interview with Buddy backstage before the show that lasted 3:00 minutes and has appeared on several bootleg CDs.

Paul Langlois Set to Release Sophomore Solo Album Not Guilty

Paul Langlois Not Guilty Cover Artwork.jpg

Submitted to Cashbox Canada

Guitarist of The Tragically Hip, Paul Langlois, returns with the release of his sophomore solo album Not Guilty on November 5, 2013. Released through Langlois' own independent record label, Ching Music and distributed by Fontana North, the album was recorded in one week at The Bathouse Recording Studio in Bath, Ontario with music engineers Aaron Holmberg and Nyles Spencer. The album features the lead single "Not Guilty" which will be released to Canadian radio this week. Beginning November 14 in Fredericton, Langlois will headline his Not Guilty Tour across Canada with Ching Music's Greg Ball and million-selling Australian singer-songwriter Pete Murray.

"Recording this album with a band turned out to be a lot more fun and interesting for me than doing my first album," said Langlois. "I didn't have to worry about the drums and bass and building a song from scratch this time - I just had to plug in, and play and sing the tunes, and the band was right there with me. I'm happy with this record and the songs on it. In the end, I look at it as a document of the ten best songs I had at the time that we recorded and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to make it."

The Jeff Jones Birthday Bash

Tom Cochrane.jpg

Submitted by Michael Williams
Photo:Tom Cochrane

Back in the day, I was the road manager for the best power pop punk band in the country, The Pointed Sticks from Vancouver. It gave me an automatic backstage pass in the west coast music scene.  That was my introduction to Jeff Jones. In 1980 the other black guys in rock ‘n’ Roll were Jeff Jones with Red Rider and A-Trane Boynton with The Payolas.

Years later we became fast friends and are planning to record a duet, Genesis “More Fool Me”.

He told me of his father and his life he coming to Canada from Chicago; after a visit he determined that Canada was for him and his family so he packed up and moved. As a foreign jazz musician, today with the current immigration musician head tax of $425.00 per musician he would have never been able to afford to come to Canada, that would have robbed us of one of Canada’s greatest musicians. He was in Ocean and recorded their international hit “Put your Hand in the Hand” by Gene MacLellan in 1970.

Giving Thanks For the Music

Giving Thanks For the Music.jpg

Submitted by Don Graham

Thanksgiving Music:

Music is probably something we all take for granted just because like water, the sky and the ground we walk on it’s always been there. And it’s everywhere. It’s on our T.V. shows, the nightly news,our favourite sitcoms. Look at a picture of the I Love Lucy show and you’ll hear the theme in your head. Mission Impossible, Mash, CSI. And on and on.

They say that smell is the greatest memory trigger but I have to think music is a close second.  Hearing a song or melody can take you right back to the moment in time when you first heard it.

And evoke the same emotions you felt at the time. Powerful stuff. Remember the dances you went to as a kid and the  slow dance songs that allowed the timid boy to ask the girl of his dreams, or any girl for that matter, to allow him this dance?  I’ll bet if you think about it you can hear the tune and sing the words. Amazing Grace will nearly always bring sad memories of a passing and the subsequent grief and tears.

As Hugh Prestwood said in the  song he wrote for Trisha Yearwood “The Song Remembers When”.

Brent Williams inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame

Brent Williams Induction 2013.jpg

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

September 14, 2013 history was made when country artist Brent Williams was inducted into the "Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame" in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. A plaque in his honour now rests at the the Hank Snow Museum for friends and fans to view his accomplishments.

With a career tha has spanned over 55 years, Williams, the youngest of eight children was actually born in Nova Scotia on a small farm in Hassets. His family influence came from his mother’s love of music and his brother, who encouraged him to learn to play the guitar.

The Christians Music for the New March

Garry Christian.jpg

Submitted by Michael Williams
Photo: Garry Christian

This year is the 50th anniversary of the “Civil Rights March on Washington”. “The greatest demonstration for human rights in the history of the world at that time, 1963.” The day known mostly for Martin Luther King Jr. classic “I Have Dream Speech”. He was going ahead of us to the promise land, he had seen the mountain top and he saw us there! We had to hurry up get busy!

The teaching of Martin Luther King Jr.  has yet to get the true Hollywood treatment of the “The Butler” which does an excellent job of reflecting the times. Young people know more about Nelson Mandela, than Martin Luther King Jr.  Barack Obama’s job was done when he was elected twice by Americans music fans through music and social media. Colin Powell was my guy, but like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King I am willing to work for change with all good persons of conscious, to effect positive change.
The 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington fueled a generations of Americans till this day.  Through MLK and the sacrifice of the martyrs, we were no longer paralyzed by fear but strong with hope.

I was 7 years old racism was real and the Dream was a blueprint to a better future. Like the Butler you kill them with kindness, while gaining ground you educate yourself for the next move. It was exactly what my mother  taught me, work harder, be twice as to good to get noticed, three times as good and you still may not the job well because … but it ain’t you baby and our time will come.

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