Drake Jensen Releases Christmas Songs


Submitted by Sandy Graham

It’s that time of year again, a time of good cheer, decorations, lights and Christmas music. Canadian country singer Drake Jensen has released a Christmas single, just like the old days, a two sided single!  Jensen best known for his You Tube hit, (250,000 views) ‘Scars’, an anti –bullying tribute, has released a rollicking  version of ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ b/w a heartfelt ballad ‘Live Every Day (Like it Was Christmas Day)’ an original never before recorded song.

‘Live Every Day’ was written by two Canadian songwriters who also wrote ‘Scars’ for Drake. “Don Graham and Zita DaSilva write songs that I feel are so tailored for me it was  easy to get the emotion in it. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs I've ever sung".

Producer Jonathan Edwards of Corvidae Productions in Ottawa is Jensen’s producer and is thrilled with the outcome. “When Drake and I first played through the song I could hear the possibilities with it. We were talking about it the other day and we were both struck by how "Cape Breton" it sounds, not just his vocals, which is unavoidable, but the song itself and Ellen Daly's fiddle playing on there, it has a distinctly Celtic vibe to it.”

For this holiday season we think Drake Jensen has an idea we can all ‘live every day like it was Christmas Day’. Peace on earth good will to all men, enjoy your family, friends and good fortune!

Be kind to each other and Merry Christmas!”


Blacks Blues and Beatles

Billy Preston and George Harrison.png

Submitted by Michael Williams
Photo at right: Billy Preston and George Harrison

It’s that time of year, that Yoko Ono and Beatles fan fear, another anniversary of the death of John Lennon. The official death of the Beatles and all Beatles reunion dreams. In my neck of the woods or shall I say my hood,we had a funny love for the Beatles. I remember walking to the Pick n Pay store on Eddy Road in Cleveland, Ohio,singing the music of the Beatles, Beach Boys and Stones. Wondering how I knew the songs word for word, not skipping a beat between the three. Back then I was about eight and could not wait to begin my life beyond the hood. Expanding out into the void that was white America. I was cool with it but was it cool with me? They (The Man, Mr. Charlie) had already killed our President and later our living dream, Martin Luther King Jr. We expected the worst and they always never let us down;  they never missed an opportunity to put us down on both sides of town. My passport or so I thought  was music… the sound was unique and oh so deep in my soul and the fiber of everyone’s being, in my neighborhood. The music kept us alive, while we strived in the futile quiet desperation of the overwhelming situation ahead of us.

Sultans of String-Symphony in the House

Sultans of String.jpg

Story: Lenny Stoute

It’s a simple concept Chris McKhool had, the bringing together of a tapestry of world music from Sultans of String, with the exalted discipline of Western symphonic music. Simple idea, wicked complex in the execution, the kind of challenge that makes McKhool a happy guy. While the Sultans have pulled off collabo recordings and concerts with Symphony orchestras before, current album Symphony, recorded and to be performed by a handpicked orchestra from Toronto’s finest classical ensembles, is reckoned to be their gold standard.

Arguably Canada’s best-known practitioners of world music fusion, Toronto-based Sultans of String recently added to their laurels with a Folk Award as Best World Music Group in the land.
As to the ‘Best Band’ thing, McKhool humbly demures , noting the presence of hundreds of gifted musicians from all over the world who call Canada home, many of whose voices are yet to be heard. As befitting a pro in the biz, he heaps praise on the business team behind the band, without which it’s acknowledged it would be way harder to get as far as they have.

George Jones The Final No Show

Big and Rich.jpg

Submitted by Don Graham
Photo at right: Big and Rich

George Jones was booked for his farewell tour in 2013 with the final show of his illustrious career scheduled for Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Broadway.  Jones passed away seven months before the November 22nd date, at the sage of 81, but the show went on without him. George Jones was famous, or infamous, during his addiction days to being a “no show” at many concerts so it was fitting to make this show his final “no show”. I think George would have got a kick out of it.

Martina McBride and George StraitMartina McBride and George Strait"During the funeral, we mourned George; tonight we celebrate," former Grand Ole Opry announcer Keith Bilbrey told the crowd at Bridgestone Arena. The night was billed as ‘Playin' Possum: The Final No Show’and the sold-out concert featured acts ranging from Garth Brooks to Kid Rock, from Megadeth to George Strait. Big & Rich opened the show, taking the stage in on a pair of John Deere Green riding mowers and singing “Love Bug”, a 1965 hit. Then John Rich introduced Kid Rock, who sang “White Lightning”.Early in the show, co-host Charlie Chase announced that 112 artists would appear on the show, which ran longer than four hours.

Franchement Frank D’Angelo

Frank D'Angelo.preview-small.jpg

présenté par Cashbox Canada

Frank D’Angelo est un chanteur, auteur-compositeur,  animateur télévision, acteur, producteur, directeur, propriétaire D’Angelo Brands (une marque de produits alimentaires) homme d’affaires prospè, je suis convaincu, en oublier quelques uns. Il est un homme énergique, talentueux et respecté.

Assis devant lui à une table de son propre restaurant le MAMMA D’S, je suis frappé par l’intensité de son regard et de son attention pour le détail. Notre hôte méticuleux, même si c’est lui qui est interviewé, a su créer un parfait environnement pour une conversation assez intime sur sa vie et ses projets actuels. La nourriture était incroyable et la musique de fond, la sienne, se faisait discrète jusqu’au moment elle devenait le sujet de conversation...elle était alors poussée à fond. Que c’était bon! Frank D’Angelo est un excellent chanteur qui a su intégrer des influences Motown et une petite touche de Bill Whithers dans sa musique en plus d’être un excellent compositeur.

Quand on lui demande où et quand il s’est intéressé à la musique, Frank répond: J’ai toujours été intéressé  par la musique, je l’ai toujours aimé. Je crois que vers mes 16 ans, j’ai du choisir entre le hockey et la puis j’ai monté un groupe qui a fait des tournées, puis des enregistrements.

Nous avions un très bon groupe qui jouait devant des salles pleines, mais je m’en suis lassé, puis je me suis lancé en business.

PEAR Joins Johnny Reid’s ‘A Christmas Gift For You’ Tour

Denis and Lynae Dufresne are PEAR.jpg

Submitted By Cashbox Canada

Calgary’s PEAR are joining Canadian superstar Johnny Reid for a series of Christmas concerts this year. They will be a part of Reid’s “A Christmas Gift For You” tour beginning November 20th in Victoria, B.C.

PEAR are destined for stardom in their own right so opening for an act like Johnny Reid will allow them to reach an audience that may not have heard of them before. Their sound is unique and coupled with their superb original material and great stage presence they are sure to be tour favourites. This opportunity means a lot to Denis and Lynae “It feels like Christmas came early for Lynae and I this year!!” said Denis. “ It was a pretty amazing surprise to receive the call to come play some shows with Johnny. It's been very inspiring watching his career soar. We are so thankful to be asked to be part of his journey and to share his audience. This tour means a lot to us.”

PEAR manager Stephanie Hutchison concurred, saying  “PEAR is so excited to have been asked to join Johnny Reid on this tour. We are huge fans of Johnny’s and look forward to a wonderful adventure.”

PEAR will take to the following stages beginning at 7:30 pm each evening and perform a one-half hour set of original material, Christmas favourites and instrumental sessions.

The Canadiana Celtic Celebration of Come Into the Kitchen

Come Into the Kitchen FINAL POSTER.jpg

Submitted by Sandy Graham

When the diaspora decided to come across the pond’ to Canada in search of a better life for themselves and their future descendants, they were leaving the land of their birth in search of new beginnings.

They left behind familiar landscapes, lifelong memories and usually leaving their extended families behind. They couldn’t take the land with them but they could take their traditions, food and music. Many recipes of food and drink have survived generations and have come to be called ‘Scottish or Irish’ foods. The same goes for ales and whiskeys. These traditions also applied to their dance and music. They brought the melodies and songs of the Old Country with them and singing and playing them brought them back to those places and times. With tight budgets but strong hearts, parties were a common way of socializing and music and song were always part of that. The hundreds of old songs, fiddle tunes and dances have been kept alive and the next generations have learned them, given new renditions of them and written new songs of their own, all with the Celtic spirit.

And so was born Canadiana Celtic music, deeply steeped in tradition and the love of heritage and home. All Things Celtic and the Bold Step Dance Studio teamed up to create ‘Come Into The Kitchen' and sample the old country/new country experience and feel the magic of a down home kitchen ceilidh, complete with songs, bagpipes, guitars, fiddles all put together with highland and step dancing.

The Producers of Come Into the Kitchen !

Krysta Scoggins I Miss You

Krysta Scoggins.jpg

Krysta Scoggins, the dynamic and energetic Alberta songstress has  recorded a beautiful tribute to the pain of loss and the power and strength of the human spirit to endure and overcome adversity. A beautiful and touching song and video “I Miss You” is reaching out and touching hearts around the world. Just in time for Remembrance Day in Canada, “I Miss You” has pulled in 9,000 You Tube views in 6 days has received significant  radio support and will be aired on CMT.

The video was shot and directed in Las Vegas, Nevada by David Pichette of Meadows Mixed Media, “I Miss You” brings to life the story of a woman, widowed by war and left behind to raise her family. Through her resolve, we see the strength and hope for the future she has drawn from her journey.

The video also features two of the most important people in Krysta’s life – Shelby Belle and Cash – Krysta’s beautiful children, who portray their roles impeccably.

In her own words Krysta had this to say “ I wanted the video to be warm, gentle and powerful and to pay respect to the fallen, their families, friends and all who appreciate the sacrifices that these wonderful and selfless individuals make for our freedom.”

“I Miss You” is in part dedicated to fallen military and their families. A great tribute would be for everyone to share the song and video on their social media pages and with friends, family and loved ones as a tribute on November 11th.

Calgary Radio Icon "Sugarfoot Anderson" Presented with Canada's Recording Legacy Award


Submitted by Mel Shaw to Cashbox Canada

From 1950 through 1955 Sugarfoot Anderson could be heard six nights a week on CKXL Radio in Calgary. He programmed his own show, playing early R&B, Blues, and Jazz. The program was an influence on the Calgary music scene for five years and inspired musicians and singers with the new music he was playing. Back In the early fifties, radio was the most influential media as television did not start broadcasting in Calgary until 1954. The local newspaper, in a feature story, stated that "Sugarfoot" was the most popular radio host in Calgary.

Ezzert "Sugarfoot" Anderson arrived in Calgary, Alberta  in Canada in 1949 to play with the Calgary Stampeders football club and was a very popular player for six years. Along with his football career, Sugarfoot Anderson formed a blues band called "The Bluenotes". They played locally and were one of the first early R&B bands in the city. Twice they were the lead group at the start of the Stampede Parade raising funds for "The Mile of Dimes."  Sugarfoot's vibrant personality and the blues style of music he performed with his group was not heard on any other radio stations in the city and it gave the Bluenotes a loyal and enthusiastic audience.  Over the years, many musicians and singers in Calgary attributed their style and repertoire to music they heard in person and on the Sugarfoot Anderson radio Show.

Win Tickets to ‘Selling England by the Pound’ in Toronto!

Selling England By the Pound.jpg

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

‘Selling England By the Pound’ was the fifth studio album from prog rock pioneers Genesis. It was released on 12 October 1973 to an England in the grip of a recession with widespread unemployment and street gangs nightly brawling in violent turf wars. (‘The Battle Of Epping Forest’).

Forty years later, as England struggles with a sagging economy and ongoing social unrest, this Genesis classic remains as relevant as ever.

Now hailed as a masterpiece of prog rock, it followed the Foxtrot album and reached a new commercial high for the band, peaking at #3 in the UK, where it remained on the charts for 21 weeks. It also marked a major breakthrough in critical acceptance on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2012, the album ranked seventh in Rolling Stone's "Readers' Poll: Your Favorite Prog Rock Albums of All Time". It was also included in IGN’s list of "10 Classic Prog Rock Albums" in 2008. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" was Genesis' first single to receive any sort of chart action, hitting No.21 in the UK in April 1974.

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