The Jeff Jones Birthday Bash

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Submitted by Michael Williams
Photo:Tom Cochrane

Back in the day, I was the road manager for the best power pop punk band in the country, The Pointed Sticks from Vancouver. It gave me an automatic backstage pass in the west coast music scene.  That was my introduction to Jeff Jones. In 1980 the other black guys in rock ‘n’ Roll were Jeff Jones with Red Rider and A-Trane Boynton with The Payolas.

Years later we became fast friends and are planning to record a duet, Genesis “More Fool Me”.

He told me of his father and his life he coming to Canada from Chicago; after a visit he determined that Canada was for him and his family so he packed up and moved. As a foreign jazz musician, today with the current immigration musician head tax of $425.00 per musician he would have never been able to afford to come to Canada, that would have robbed us of one of Canada’s greatest musicians. He was in Ocean and recorded their international hit “Put your Hand in the Hand” by Gene MacLellan in 1970.

Giving Thanks For the Music

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Submitted by Don Graham

Thanksgiving Music:

Music is probably something we all take for granted just because like water, the sky and the ground we walk on it’s always been there. And it’s everywhere. It’s on our T.V. shows, the nightly news,our favourite sitcoms. Look at a picture of the I Love Lucy show and you’ll hear the theme in your head. Mission Impossible, Mash, CSI. And on and on.

They say that smell is the greatest memory trigger but I have to think music is a close second.  Hearing a song or melody can take you right back to the moment in time when you first heard it.

And evoke the same emotions you felt at the time. Powerful stuff. Remember the dances you went to as a kid and the  slow dance songs that allowed the timid boy to ask the girl of his dreams, or any girl for that matter, to allow him this dance?  I’ll bet if you think about it you can hear the tune and sing the words. Amazing Grace will nearly always bring sad memories of a passing and the subsequent grief and tears.

As Hugh Prestwood said in the  song he wrote for Trisha Yearwood “The Song Remembers When”.

Brent Williams inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame

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Submitted by Cashbox Canada

September 14, 2013 history was made when country artist Brent Williams was inducted into the "Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame" in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. A plaque in his honour now rests at the the Hank Snow Museum for friends and fans to view his accomplishments.

With a career tha has spanned over 55 years, Williams, the youngest of eight children was actually born in Nova Scotia on a small farm in Hassets. His family influence came from his mother’s love of music and his brother, who encouraged him to learn to play the guitar.

The Christians Music for the New March

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Submitted by Michael Williams
Photo: Garry Christian

This year is the 50th anniversary of the “Civil Rights March on Washington”. “The greatest demonstration for human rights in the history of the world at that time, 1963.” The day known mostly for Martin Luther King Jr. classic “I Have Dream Speech”. He was going ahead of us to the promise land, he had seen the mountain top and he saw us there! We had to hurry up get busy!

The teaching of Martin Luther King Jr.  has yet to get the true Hollywood treatment of the “The Butler” which does an excellent job of reflecting the times. Young people know more about Nelson Mandela, than Martin Luther King Jr.  Barack Obama’s job was done when he was elected twice by Americans music fans through music and social media. Colin Powell was my guy, but like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King I am willing to work for change with all good persons of conscious, to effect positive change.
The 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington fueled a generations of Americans till this day.  Through MLK and the sacrifice of the martyrs, we were no longer paralyzed by fear but strong with hope.

I was 7 years old racism was real and the Dream was a blueprint to a better future. Like the Butler you kill them with kindness, while gaining ground you educate yourself for the next move. It was exactly what my mother  taught me, work harder, be twice as to good to get noticed, three times as good and you still may not the job well because … but it ain’t you baby and our time will come.

Dave Woods In The Country

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Submitted by Don Graham

Dave Woods LOVES country music and although he’s not alone in that regard he is one of few who takes his love of country music and turns it into a platform for artists. Artists that may not otherwise have the opportunity to be heard and established artists as well, Canadian and Americans, established and emerging.

Dave Woods, folks, is a friend to country music and country musicians and if I were to give advice to any country artists in Canada it would be listen to ‘In The Country with Dave Woods’. See how he gets to the root of the story all the while getting the artists and songwriters to reveal the secret behind the songs and the recordings.  I would say get in touch with Dave and see what he can do to help you promote your music and career.

As an artist, I have been interviewed by folks from all over the world and I can truthfully say that Dave Woods is one of the best interviewers an artist could ever hope for. His questions are well thought out, relevant and are not just taken from your website. At the end of a Dave Woods interview you feel more like you’ve just had an hour long conversation with a good friend and musical peer.

Emilia-Showing her Flag with ‘Flying Colours’


Story: Lenny Stoute

The year between the summers of 2012-2013 brought a major paradigm shift to its peak, that being the period in which female performers dominated the popular music scene like never before. In Canada, this wave of quantity and quality femme voice broke hardest in Toronto, as one stunning female vocalist after another graced local stages large and small.

Emilia wasn’t one of those, opting out of the club circuit to stone cold focus on her final year in York University’s prestigious Honours Music Program, specializing in jazz/voice performances.
“Once I decided I was going to make a career in music, I wanted to learn all the professional ins and outs, everything from scratch. I thought that if I had a solid grounding in jazz, then I could feel confident doing other styles”, said the sultry sounding and looking 21 year old.

That last bit’s very important to an artist just finding her voice. Emilia recently dropped her debut, the Flying Colours EP, ostensibly a 4 song pop confection. Given the lady’s stated intent to check out other styles, this is pop flecked and filigreed with essences of soul, jazz, radio pop and Seventies rock, the finished product Emilia refers to as ‘organic pop’.

“ I listen to all kinds of music but I’m more drawn to the organic styles like jazz and Gospel, and Seventies rock. I’m the one who insisted on having that Hammond organ on the album, because it’s got that warm, real sound.”

Money That’s What I Want- The Truth Behind Motown

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Submitted by Don Graham

There’s a historical plaque in Detroit, Michigan, honouring Motown Records and describing its rise from humble beginnings to international fame. Engraved right on the plaque are the words “ Originally called Tamla Records the company’s first national release was “Money ( That’s What I Want) in 1959.  So that is the song that got everything rolling for Berry Gordy Jr and the boys from Motown. The song was recorded by the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless other artists and is currently featured in a new Broadway production “Motown: The Musical”.  The song has generated millions of dollars in publishing and writing royalties. But Barrett Strong, the original writer of  the song, has never received a penny of that windfall. According to the United States Copyright Office in Washington, pianist and singer Barrett Strong was originally listed as a writer on the song. Unbeknownst to Strong his name was removed from the copyright registration three years after the song was written, restored in 1987 and removed a year later. All these requests came from Motown executives who claim that Strong’s name on the song was a result of clerical error and that Strong has passed up numerous chances to stake his claim in the work.

Ice Breaker Rocks Sudbury SummerFest


Submitted by Paul Kazulak
Photo Credits: Paul Kazulak Photography

Saturday August 27, 2013 was a beautiful summer day in Sudbury, Ontario, during Greater Sudbury’s annual SummerFest Music Festival, a four day event full of music and fun in Bell Park on the shores of Ramsey Lake.

Ice Breaker took the stage and spectacularly covered a demanding mix of Rock and Classic Rock tunes such as Heart’s ‘Barracuda’, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go your Own Way’, hard rockers like Def Leppard’s `Animal’, Motley Crue’s ‘Kickstart My Heart’ and Van Halen’s ‘Hot for Teacher’ where Carter Morin takes an Eddie Van Halen-ish inspired journey up and down the fret board, running scales and bending notes, totally wowing the audience. This up and coming group of talented musicians broke the ice at SummerFest.

The previous weekend Ice Breaker electrified the crowd at Rock and Roar Spanish as they opened for Coney Hatch, Lee Aaron, and Loverboy. They won that spot in the “Battle of the Bands” in April.

A mix of four adults, Allan Zoldy (keyboard/Lead and Background Vocals) Scott Zoldy (Drums), Denis Chaperon (Lead and Rythm Guitar)  and three students, Cole Szantol  (Bass) and Taylor Bovin-Brawley (Keyboards/Lead/Background Vocals) and prodigy, young Carter Morin (lead guitar).

Celtic Meets Country in Canada – Bold Steps Dancers

Bold Step

Submitted by Sandy Graham

As we are fast approaching The Beach Celtic Festival on September 7 & 8 in Kew Gardens, Toronto,  I wanted to pay homage to a Scottish Canadian choreographer and her dancers, who have managed to take highland dancing, Ottawa step dancing and weave it into a country music song, all while maintaining  the roots of songs and steps.

Most of us have had the experience of bagpipes and highland dancers at some point at either a parade, wedding or festival. What drew my attention to The Bold Step Dancers was the unique choreography the do, especially to the showstopper of ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’, the Charlie Daniels Band hit. The song talks of a competition between the fiddler and the devil dueling it out musically; Bold Steps takes it one step further by dueling it out with their performance.

Meghan Bold credits her teacher, Rae MacCulloch as the inspiration who taught her to love the art of dance. “I travelled internationally with the troupe, places like Spain, Mexico, Disneyland, all over the US, Ontario and Quebec. I began teaching at 15 years old and I have loved it ever since.”

Green Shoe Studios Collaborates with 96 year old to Record ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine’

Fred Stobauch listening to Sweet Lorraine.jpg

Submitted by Sandy Graham

With people waiting to get married later in life, and second time around marriages, and even more divorces than ever in this world, the fact that Fred and Lorraine Stobaugh were married for 75 years is astounding.  The day after she died, her husband sat alone in his Peoria, Illinois home for the first time without his ‘Sweet Lorraine’ and decided to write a song for her.

After writing the lyrics for ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine,’ he saw an ad in the local paper for a singer-songwriter contest.  Though he was neither of those things, he decided to send in the ballad. ‘I’ll just send a letter,’ he thought. The contest rules asked for a video of the songwriter entrants actually performing their song. ‘Sent it all in. Never thinking I’d get an answer or nothing.’

Green Shoe Studio received just one giant manila envelope in a sea of emailed entries and were a bit taken aback by the size of the large package in their very small mailbox. When they opened it they were taken aback with the heart wrenching package and even though it did not fit the criteria of the contest,
the emotion behind the lyrics was enough convince the studio they wanted the song so one of the owners, Jacob Colgan, took it upon himself to get music created, recorded and produced for Fred. ‘I am a songwriter at heart. This one got to me and I wanted to do it for Fred and Lorraine. ’

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