Jevon Rudder Releases New Single – “Oh Yeah” in Canada and the U.S.

Jevon Rudder Photo by Taffi Rosen

by Natasha Slinko


Great news as Jevon Rudder is scheduled to release his song “Oh Yeah” on Thursday March 17th, 2011, directly after Canadian Music Week.  “Oh Yeah” is an upbeat song that will get you up on your feet dancing to lyrics that tell the tale about a girl  ‘with take me home eyes` and who has ‘one hand on the jukebox and the other in the air’ and ‘she goes wild every time, she hears Tim McGraw, she wears daisy dukes and cowboy boots and dances on the bar’.  And trust me you`ll have one hand up in the air singing `Oh Yeah`.

This is a song of celebration and the independent woman that is out to have a good time and will not apologize to anyone for having her cake and eating it too, all the while having a good time in the process. It seems fitting that this song is being release just a week after the 100th Anniversary of International Women`s Day on March 8th that is celebrated globally. May all women know that they have the choice of this freedom to dance and yell  “Oh Yeah” .

Born in Toronto Ontario, the city of multi-culturism and multi-music, Rudder`s style is influenced by various genres outside of country, such as rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues and reggae, but through his album The Good, The Bad & The Lucky, Rudder shows us that he is the embodiment of country. 

Shelley Siegel – A Canadian Success Story Not To Be Forgotten

Mushroom 1

by Sandy Graham


It was 1975, and I was Music Director of the radio station in Montreal known as CJFM – FM 96, owned and operated by Standard Broadcasting at the time. We were # 2. CHOM-FM our big competition was # 1. 


It was a different era; first off I was a female in the Music Director chair; and thanks to Rosalie Tremblay at CKLW in Windsor showing that a woman could be in radio, it was a chance I was given to show the ‘big boys’ a girl could do the job. 


In the ‘day of the dinosaurs’, we had what was called ‘Record Day’, usually on a Wednesday, when all the promo record guys would line up outside my office, and wait for their chance to pitch their new product. It was what would be considered an archaic way to do things nowadays, but I sometimes wonder if the current email, WAV, MP3 tracking system really works; back then the promo person got to stand there as you put the new tune on a turntable, and they got the chance to dance around and get you excited about their latest passion. It was also an opportunity to receive a WHOLE album, and maybe find another gem on there that wasn’t the single release. Cover art was just as important as the product, not to mention liner notes that told of who played, produced and backed the product. 


Toronto jazz-pop innovators The Jessica Stuart Few launch debut video ‘Kid Dream!

Jessica Stuart

Fit to groove through the bounds of all parameters, Jessica Stuart embodies the essence of pop and jazz, creating a dynamic sound, merging outstanding creativity with traditional roots.  With two national tours behind her and a lifetime of musical inspiration, Jessica’s unique cultural experiences and the coast-to-coast positive response she generates marks her influence as a Canadian artist with a sound of her own.


Raised in Vancouver by musical parents, Jessica spent time exploring a number of the world’s continents, most significantly living in Nagano, Japan. It was there that she took interest in and learned to play the ‘koto’ (A traditional Japanese harp-like instrument with thirteen strings), which is featured in a number of the compositions on her newly released album.

With innovative and catchy songs, The Jessica Stuart Few consists of Jessica (vocals, guitar, koto), Dan Fortin (bass) and Nico Dann (drums), bringing their signature blend to life with a creative, alluring and soulful sound. Together since 2007, they channel the modern sounds of Stereolab with allusions to the energy of Joni Mitchell, creating an array of enchanting melodies that become their own.

Chestnut Tree Productions - The Little Tree That Grew

Chesnut Tree

Story:Don Graham


About twenty five years ago on his property in the Laurentian Mountains, just north of Montreal, veteran big band musician Frank Hill planted a tiny chestnut tree, telling his son, Canadian guitar legend Bill Hill, that it probably wouldn’t last very long. All these years later, Frank Hill has gone to his great reward and the little chestnut tree is still flourishing. When Bill Hill and partner/son Andrew Hill were looking for a name for their music production company CHESTNUT TREE PRODUCTIONS was a natural choice, incorporating three generations of musical Hills into the fabric of the venture. 


A bit of history here will bring this unique story into focus. Frank Hill was a saxophone player and bandleader in Montreal, son Bill was a young guitarist, trying hard to learn his instrument. Dad offered son a job playing guitar in his band and so began young Bill’s baptism by fire. Bill then, while still in high school got a gig playing with Dave Nicholls and The Coins in a local nightclub. The only stipulation his parents gave the high school student was that it couldn’t interfere with his education. If he missed ONE day of school because of the band he was finished playing with them. Consequently there were many mornings when a red eyed sleepy young man struggled out of bed and made his way to school, never missing a day. Unfortunately the gig ended anyway when the group had to travel and Bill had to stay at home to study.

Toronto based music company creates website for worldwide socially conscious music

Just Songs Logo

Just Songs “Songs for Just Causes” is a Toronto based music company that is creating compilation good cause CDs for charitable use and has created a website showcasing some of the music in their catalogue. 


The website presents socially conscious music from all over the world and allows the listeners and visitors an opportunity to download a specific song, with the proceeds being donated to a charity of the artist’s choice.  


For those that do utilize retail download scenarios like iTunes it’s a great way to get some new music while at the same time donate to a good cause and support musical artists from across the world who believe in giving a little give back.


Songs themes range from War and Peace, Violence and Chaos to Inspirational and Environmental. There are songs addressing Women’s Issues, Political Perspectives as well as Commerce and Greed.


Musical genres range from melodic pop/rock songs to the avant-garde. There are Hip-Hop tracks, R&B tunes, World Beat rhythms and ambient-electronic dance tracks. There are folk songs and heavy hard rockers. There are songs that will make you laugh and songs that will make you cry. All in all there is something for every taste. 


Canadian Country Artist John McLeod charting worldwide, to perform at the South Australian Music Festival.

John McLeod

Story: Bill Delingat 


He was a driller, oilman, bush pilot, and businessman.  His work experience took him to all corners of the globe, and he’s now going to the far ends of the earth again but this time following the true passion of his life, his music.

He’s slated to perform at the South Australian Country Music Festival to be held in South Australia this June 2011.


 John McLeod is a Northern Canadian Metis Indian from the Ojibwa tribe. Born in The Pas, Manitoba. McLeod now resides in the wilds of Palm Springs, California. He went to California to thaw, and pursue his music, after having had a triple bypass in 2006.  

McLeod found the warmth of the sun and the desert mountains a perfect mix for his heritage and spirituality.  He dedicated himself to writing, and singing about his life experiences and thus “Moving On “was born.  

This second chance at life gave McLeod the opportunity to tell his story through song and music, to share with others that “you are never too old to pursue your dreams “and he truly appreciates the respect his music is getting. 

Jevon Rudder- The Singing Soldier With A Country State Of Mind

Jevon Rudder

Story:Lenny Stoute


Some folks are born to the hard road and some seek it out as a soul-building experience. Then there are the ones like Jevon Rudder, who, for better or worse, have it both ways.

 First, try being a black Country singer. Now try being a black Country singer from Scarborough in Toronto. Now try black Country singer from Scarborough enlisted in the army and proud to wear his uniform. 

Can you say walking target for ignorant yobbos? 

“I’ve been called a baby killer, a waste of space. One guy in Tim Horton’s even told me I should get out of Iraq. Where the Canadian army has never been. But for every one of those there have been other people that offered to buy me a coffee and expressed their gratitude.” notes the soft-spoken Rudder.


This rain of bullshit and bad mouth might have embittered many another man; what kept Rudder on the good foot was his family, his music and his belief in doing the right thing for his country. 


One day in 2004, Jevon Rudder walked out of a high paying job consisting largely of strategy meetings that would morph into bitching sessions by a bunch of overpaid trough-feeders. Educated, idealistic and accustomed to sticking up for those ideals, he promptly went down to a recruitment centre and enlisted in the reserves.

Downchild Takes It's Rightful Place In Music History

Downchild Blues Band Today

Story: Sandy Graham

The highly anticipated documentary on blues legends Downchild is entitled FLIP FLOP AND FLY 40 YEARS OF THE DOWNCHILD BLUES BAND and will make it's national broadcast premier in Canada on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 6.25 p.m. on TMN (HBO Canada)

 The documentary was filmed last fall as part of the band's 40th Anniversary Tour and is narrated by their biggest fan, friend and supporter Mr. DAN AYKROYD. FLIP FLOP AND FLY captures the rich history of Canada's ground breaking blues band through candid interviews and "once in a lifetime" live concert footage from their sold out performance at Massey Hall with special guests DAN AYKROYD, COLIN JAMES, American blues legend JAMES COTTON, Stax Records icon WAYNE JACKSON OF THE MEMPHIS HORNS, COLIN LINDEN and JONAS.

Adam Solomon Drops Highly Anticipated Album of Afro-Blues

Adam Solomon

Kenyan guitarist/vocalist Adam Solomon has been a fixture on the Canadian world music scene for close on two decades and after all that time, he’s still not standing still.


Over that period genre fans have watched Solomon go from an evangelist for Africa’s myriad guitars styles through an Afro/rock fusion phase to his current interest in digging up the traces of the blues in African music and inserting them into North American blues styles.


Retaining his roots in traditional music, Adam's compositions embrace a wide variety of African rhythms, from traditional soukous, African Renaissance blues, highlife and reggae to samba, bossanova and rhumba.  His African Renaissance Blues style brings the blues back to the African continent where they originated in tribal song structures. The effortless manner with which he controls the guitar so that it sings with him exemplifies the talent of this East African native. Little wonder in his youth he was called ‘the African Jimi Hendrix’.


Adam's style of guitar playing is renaissance in its careful fusion of the Mississippi Delta blues style of John Lee Hooker, BB King and Muddy Waters while highlighting the African blues style.  


Day 2 Déjà Vu-Let Lady Liberty Rule!

D2DV bringing' it live.

Story:Lenny Stoute


It used to be that a genre-bending act was described as a little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll. These times, it’s more like a little bit pop, a little bit punk’n’roll. Which brings us to Day 2 Deja Vu, a trio out of darkest suburbia or Newmarket, which epitomises the state of rock’n’roll, a struggle for street cred and commercial success.


It makes historical sense they be coming out of the ‘burbs, traditionally the spawning ground for rock music. From the Stones through The Ramones to Kurt Cobain they all cooked their shit in the burbs before bringing it downtown. 


And how much more classic rock’n’roll can you get than a band formed by two dudes working in a music store. 


Sean MacLean is the bassist and deep-voiced singer with the band and on this particular day, its mouthpiece. The point’s worth making as D2DV is a democratic institution, being that all three members write the songs, there are two lead singers and all three harmonize. 


“This is not the first band I’ve been in but it’s one that lasted long enough for me to believe it could go places. We’ve been together around five years, going through the mechanics of a young band, learning each others’ dynamics and going through all the necessary stylistic changes before arriving at the sound we now have”

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