Lisa Hartt and Don Graham Bring It Full Circle

Lisa Hartt Photo Credit Pat Blythe A Girl With a Camera

Submitted by Sandy Graham
Photo at right: Lisa Hartt
Photo Credit Pat Blythe "A Girl With a Camera"

They started out in the coffee houses in Montreal in the late 60’s and early 70’s, formed different bands and played the clubs, toured, made records and eventually played better venues with larger crowds. On Sunday March 20th, Lisa Hartt and Don Graham will be under the same roof and sharing a stage at a coffee house as the circle comes round again – full circle.

To complete the Montreal theme, the event will take place at venue run by another Montreal celebrity (Cleveland born) Montreal DJ Michael Williams, who rose to national fame as one of the first VJs at the groundbreaking MuchMusic television network.

Jamey Aebersold – In His Own Words!

Jamey Aebersold.jpg

Submitted by Bill King

Early 60’s we turned onto Aebersold Drive and pops parked the station wagon out front of our new music teacher’s small brick bungalow and began what would be a lifetime friendship based on music and basketball.

Aebersold was just wrapping up a degree in saxophone at Indiana University and plotting his future. That future would drive him to originate his version of a ‘Play-A-Long Series’ of jazz standards – some 133 plus recordings since inception in 1967. Along the way, some 40 years of Summer Jazz Workshops and in 2014 Aebersold was honored by the National Endowment of the Arts with the prestigious Jazz Master award.

Through the years I’d make Aebersold Court a mandatory stopover. That meant several games of pick-up basketball on Aebersold’s home court and the customary jam session.

We have people we look for inspiration in our lives – people who keep you straight and aware the only way to achieve your goals is through hard work. Witnessing the octopus like arms of Aebersold binding, licking stamps, fielding telephone calls, taking and placing orders, proof-reading and correcting the pages of the next book caused one feel you weren’t collecting or contributing all you could to each day. Aebersold did this all while gigging, teaching and serving his community in so many ways. Humility is key here!  There’s none of this self - bravado – no – “I’m the greatest bullshit” – just do the work – play the chords, scales and solve problems.

BTW Jim Bryson, Ron Hawkins, Hollow Hand, Little Scream, Elliott Vincent Jones, Basia Bulat.

Jim Bryson.jpg

Submitted by Lenny Stoute
Photo: Jim Bryson

Jim Bryson played 3 sold out shows at Quitters Coffee Shop in Stittsville to celebrate the release of his anticipated new album 'Somewhere We Will Find Our Place.' While relatively unknown in the mainstream, Quitters has considerable clout among music folk, being owned and operated by another roots star, Kathleen Edwards, currently on retirement from the biz. Which made the sellout pretty much a slam dunk. premiered the new video for the track The Depression Dance, and check for an exclusive First Play of the album, which is available through the usual dealers.

To bring this record to life, Jim elicited the help of Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene) and Grammy Winner Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes) to flesh out and rethink how songs would and could be presented. "Somewhere We Will Find Our Place is about change, about trying new things. It's the soundtrack to moving back home, building a shed, breaking a leg, and finding a stability. Plus hope and optimism."

Upcoming Show Info:
February 25, The Burdock, Toronto, ON (Early)
February 25, The Burdock, Toronto, ON (Late)

Hilario Duran – A Canada/Cuba Latin Jazz Perspective

Hilario Duran Photo Credit Bill King.jpg

Submitted by Bill King
Hilario Duran: Photo Credit Bill King

As a pianist, composer, bandleader and arranger Hilario Duran is one of the greatest virtuoso jazz pianists to emerge from Havana, Cuba. As a member of Arturo Sandoval’s band from 1981-1990, he toured the world performing at major jazz festivals and sharing stages with legendary musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie and composer-arranger Michel Legrand. In 1990, Duran formed his own band, Perspectiva, which toured successfully through Latin America and Europe. One year later, he participated as key pianist in Jane Bunnett’s Juno Award – winning CD, Spirits of Havana. Since moving to Canada in 1995, he has become an integral part of the Canadian music scene with his Latin Jazz orchestra and piano jazz trio with drummer Mark Kelso and bassist Roberto Occhipinti and a member of the jazz faculty at Humber College.

Hilario Durán’s 20 piece Latin Jazz Big Band and album, “From the Heart”, (2006, Alma/Universal Records), featuring Paquito D’ Rivera and Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, won a 2006 Grammy nomination and the 2007 Juno Award for “Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year.

Bill King: What were your first musical experiences?

BTW Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs, Yukon Blonde, Jordan Klassen, Matt Andersen, Kevin Hearn, Peaches, Onion Honey

Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs.jpg

Submitted by Lenny Stoute
Photo at right: Sam Cash & The Romantic Dogs

Sam Cash’s new album Tongue-In-Cheek Vows perfectly captures that moment when a young artist and his cohorts find their collective voice and suddenly realize that there are no limits to what they can accomplish together. The explosive opening track “Cast Away” serves notice that this isn’t just another singer/songwriter-fronted band. With Cash’s unflinching poetry riding atop The Romantic Dogs taut exuberance, Tongue-In-Cheek Vows is a gimmick-free, melodic excursion, riffing on a time when conviction was measured by the amount of sweat and blood exuded on stage, and in the studio.

Set for release on March 25 via Cameron House Records, Tongue-In-Cheek Vows is Cash’s third album and the second with the Romantic Dogs. It follows the group’s acclaimed 2013 debut, Stand Together, Fall Together, an album that earned more attention than even Cash was hoping for, given how spontaneously it was made. Cash chose to take more time to develop Tongue-In-Cheek Vows. Working in tandem with producer and bona fide Canadian alt-rock legend Ian Blurton (Change Of Heart, C’Mon, Public Animal), Cash and the Dogs have served up 11 tracks of sharp lyrics and insistent licks. Highlights are “Tossing & Turning", “That Was The Summer” and “Carmen,” from which the album’s title was drawn.

BTW with Lenny Stoute with Jane Siberry, Rae Spoon, Ra Ra Riot, The Crooked Brothers, Bearmouth, Ill vibe, Junior Boys

Jane Siberry.jpg

Submitted by Lenny Stoute

You hear a lot of loose talk about stepping away from success and getting back to the roots of it all. Of the few who actually walk that walk, put T.Dot's enduringly hot folk eminence Jane Siberry at the top of the list. Early in 2006, Siberry closed her music label and sold or gave away nearly all of her possessions, including her Toronto home and her musical instruments. She changed her name to “Issa” and retained one traveling guitar. “I felt I had to change or die.”Three years of spartan living later, she began using the name “Jane Siberry” again and resumed international touring and recording in 2009.

A disinclination to follow fads, trends and fashions has been Siberry’s signature from the earliest days of her musical career. An unending desire to find and describe the essence of human experience has led her through numerous musical inventions in a multitude of forms, earning her the passionate loyalty of music-lovers world-wide. Siberry is known for her original, adventurous musical vision and her independent journey has contributed to new models for operating as a musician.

Dick Damron Not Ready For The Blues

Dick Damron.jpg

Submitted by Don Graham

It seems like Dick Damron has always been a part of Canadian country music and he pretty much has been around from the beginning. Dick has been making records for 6 decades, recorded more than 25 albums, and received countless awards as well as being a member of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, The Rockabilly Hall of Fame and The International Country Music Hall of Fame in Beaumont, Texas.

Dick has been wintering in Mazatlan, Mexico for the last 42 years and loves the lifestyle, the people and the music.

Ammoye Evans and Maiko Watson – The Sounds of Blackness


Submitted by Bill King

Bill King: Some people run from the past others embrace, especially when it colors their future. Ammoye you’ve you grew up in the mountains of Jamaica.

Ammoye Evans: In the Claredon Parish the country parts of Jamaica in a little town called Halse Hall. My grandmother and grandfather raised me in the church. I was singing in the church choir since I was three years old. That’s where I got my gusto for singing. My grandfather played the banjo, harmonica and guitar and he would always be tapping away at something, always playing something. My grandmother would always be humming melodies around the yard when doing chores. That is my start. There was a lot of good music. She was a very positive woman; she is like the backbone of the community to be honest with you. She’d cook food and give us to take around to the elderly, the ones who couldn’t leave their houses. She was that kind of women. But, it was always Christian music, gospel music as we call it. It wouldn’t be the dancehall reggae music.

B.K: You must have turned some heads with that.

A.E: They weren’t happy when I left the church and wasn’t singing gospel music. I would say to her before she passed away and even my mom now; I do sing gospel – gospel for the people. My songs are uplifting and positive songs. I don’t talk about how much “bling” I have or gyrating here and there.

BTW with Lenny Stoute Lee Harvey Osmond, On And On, PUP, Jason Collett, Belle Starr, Rayland Baxter, Van Norden

Lee Harvey Osmonfd.jpg

Submitted by Lenny Stoute

Having done the country every which way in 2015, Lee Harvey Osmond spent January 2016 tuning up for another slew of dates in February, including shows in Toronto, Nashville and Folk Alliance in Kansas City. The meat of the show is the searing and insightful Beautiful Scars.

Produced by Michael Timmins (Cowboy Junkies) in the intimacy of his Toronto Roncesvalle studio, the humanity of Beautiful Scars is like the warmth of blood that rushes to the cut: a sudden alive jolt in the middle of peril and uncertainty; a suspension of possibility that anything can happen next. Redolent with swooning horns and guitars that bob and weave, Lee Harvey Osmond’s voice, the defining element of his sound, comes on here like a warm hand to the forehead, an arm on the arm of the stricken, a comforting growl at the heart of a screaming world.

At once evoking Howlin’ Wolf, Mike Scott and Roy Loney, Beautiful Scars bends and twists and stretches and squeezes Lee Harvey Osmond’s deep baritone - the producer treating it as if caged in a transistor radio, bathed in echo from above, or sunk in the muck of distortion. The strength of the songs notwithstanding, Beautiful Scars is a fascinating vocal journey to rank among the best Canadian produced albums.

Tour Dates
Feb 13 – Toronto, ON @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Feb 17 – Nashville, TN @ Music City Roots

Feb 19 – Kansas City, MO @ Folk Alliance

Elaine Bomberry – First Nation of Music

Photo Credit Kris Sandals-King_0.jpg

Submitted by Bill King
Photo Credit Kris Sandels King

Bill King: How is life since moving out west?

Elaine Bomberry: Very good – I manage Murray Porter and we are able to travel all over the place. He has a band in Vancouver – it’s really hard in this day and age – people aren’t flying bands around anymore. It works out fine when he’s going solo and we can get musicians on that end.

It’s been busy – January was a bit slow but it usually is. He’s never been busier. Murray really stretched his artistic muscles this past year to be part of an aboriginal theatre production.

B.K: Was this tough to get him to do?

E.B: He’s said no in the past, I’m not an actor. He was told he’d just be singing yet he turned them down the first time. They called a second time way in advance and convinced him.

It’s a show called The Road Forward and it’s a piece by Marie Clements – a Métis girl out here. She’s just a brilliant artist and playwright; does all kinds of things – multi-media.

The Road Forward is about a native newspaper way back in the day and ahead of its time. It’s the history of that put to music. It was amazing. All of our best singers were in there – Cherri Maracle, Michelle St. John.

B.K: With the aboriginal music scene, is it still difficult getting heard; getting your stories out there?

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