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Proudly Canadian: Sylvia Tyson


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Sylvia Tyson, CM  (born Sylvia Fricker in Chatham, Ontario) is a musician, performer, singer-songwriter, broadcaster and novelist. From 1959 to 1974, she was half of the popular folk duo Ian & Sylvia with Ian Tyson.

Sylvia Tyson started performing professionally in 1959 as one-half of the internationally acclaimed folk duo, Ian and Sylvia. She wrote her first song, “You Were On My Mind”, in 1962, and three years later it reached #3 on the Billboard chart for a group called We Five, subsequently hitting the British charts as a hit for Crispian St Peter.

Through the sixties and early seventies, Ian and Sylvia produced thirteen popular albums and toured extensively in North America and Europe, sharing their manager, Albert Grossman, with such luminaries as Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, The Band, and Janis Joplin. The duo went their separate ways in 1977.

Proudly Canadian: Billy Talent

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Billy Talent is a Canadian punk rock band from Mississauga, Ontario. They formed in 1993 with Benjamin Kowalewicz as the lead vocalist, Ian D'Sa on guitar, bassist Jon Gallant and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk.

The band existed for almost a decade before mainstream success. The members met and played in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School under the name Pezz and remained underground in Toronto's indie music scene until 2001. The band renamed itself Billy Talent after running into legal trouble with the old name. It was then that Kowalewicz's connection with an employee of Warner Music Canada's A&R department landed the band a record deal and launched them into mainstream success. Since then, Billy Talent has made two multi-platinum records in Canada, and continues to expand their success overseas, this included touring for 20 months supporting their second album. They released their third album, entitled Billy Talent III, on July 14, 2009, and their fourth album, entitled Dead Silence, on September 4, 2012. Dead Silence was followed up by a full UK tour over the course of October and November 2012.

Proudly Canadian: Caroll Baker

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Carroll Anne Baker, CM (member of the Order of Canada), (born March 4, 1949), is a Canadian country music singer and songwriter.

Carroll Baker was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. The nearby fishing village of Port Medway, Nova Scotia displays a sign near the village entry claiming the community to be "The Home of Carroll Baker." She left Port Medway and moved to Toronto with her family when she was 16.

She was discovered by songwriter, George Petralia and promoted and produced by Don Grashey. Her first single in 1970, 'Mem-ries of Home,' written by George Petralia, for the Gaiety label (owned by Don Grashey), was a minor hit, staying on the charts for a record breaking 26 weeks. With the success of the very first recording, Grashey contacted several record companies regarding a recording contract for her and finally settled on Columbia Records.

She recorded two albums for Columbia but had only limited commercial success. Eventually she went back to Mr. Grashey's record label, Gaiety Records. She then was signed to RCA Records where she sold records in the millions receiving Gold and Platinum record status. From RCA, she joined Tembo records where she was again awarded platinum record status for her record sales.

Carroll decided to quit the music business in 1973 when she became pregnant with her first and only child. Don Grashey convinced her to take one more shot at the brass ring and off to Nashville they went to record four songs. Her first top ten record came from that session, "Ten Little Fingers", a song about a little girl, written by Don Grashey; this song remains one of her most popular songs to this day.

Proudly Canadian: Fludd

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Fludd its roots in a band called The Pretty Ones, formed by Ed Pilling and Greg Godovitz. The band was briefly part of Toronto's Yorkville scene in the 1960s, but broke up before achieving much commercial success. Pilling and his brother Brian then moved to Birmingham, England, where they formed a band called Wages of Sin and spent some time touring as a backing band for Cat Stevens in 1970, but returned to Toronto by the end of that year. Inspired by the then-emerging psychedelic blues rock sound of British acts such as Small Faces, they then reunited with Godovitz, and recruited drummer John Andersen and guitarist Mick Walsh to create Fludd.

Proudly Canadian: The Five Man Electrical Band

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The Five Man Electrical Band (originally known as The Staccatos from 1963-68) is a Canadian rock group from Ottawa. They had numerous hits in their native Canada, including the top 10 entries "Half Past Midnight" (1967) (as The Staccatos), "Absolutely Right" (1971) and "I'm a Stranger Here" (1972). Internationally, they are best known for their 1971 hit single "Signs".

The band The Staccatos was formed in Ottawa, Canada in 1963. The band initially consisted of Dean Hagopian (vocals), Vern Craig (guitars), Brian Rading (bass), and Rick Bell (drums/vocals, born Rick Belanger). Hagopian left after about a year, and was replaced by vocalist and guitarist Les Emmerson, who would quickly become the band's prime songwriter, while Bell and Emmerson split lead vocal duties.

The Staccatos made their debut as a recording act in 1965, with their early singles being written by the team of Craig and Emmerson. After releasing a non-charting single on a small independent label, the group signed to Capitol Records of Canada, and their second single, "Small Town Girl", made it into the Canadian top 20. Several follow-ups also cracked the top 40, and The Staccatos were rising stars in their native country. Their debut album, Initially, came out in 1966, and featured their hits to that point as well as several new recordings.

In the summer of 1966, Mike Bell (Rick's brother) joined the group as a second drummer and third vocalist. Shortly thereafter, the group had their biggest hit to date with "Half Past Midnight", which made it all the way to #8 on the Canadian charts. This was the second Staccatos single written solely by Emmerson, who by this point had taken over writing virtually all of the band's original material. Also in 1967, The Staccatos issued a joint album with The Guess Who, each band taking up one side of the LP.

Proudly Canadian: The Pursuit of Happiness

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Led by Edmonton, Alberta singer and songwriter Moe Berg, The Pursuit of Happiness were launched in 1985 when Berg and drummer Dave Gilby moved to Toronto, Ontario. They soon met bassist Johnny Sinclair and formed the band, adding sisters Tamara and Natasha Amabile as backing vocalists. Their debut single, "I'm an Adult Now," quickly became a smash hit across Canada in 1986, sparked by a low-budget video which made it onto the Canadian music video channel MuchMusic.

The band signed with manager Jeff Rogers (Swell) in 1986. However, the band did not immediately sign to a record label, but instead released another independent single, "Killed by Love," in 1988. The Amabile sisters left the band that year, and were replaced by Kris Abbott and Leslie Stanwyck.

In 1988, they signed to Chrysalis Records. Their debut album, Love Junk, was produced by Todd Rundgren and released that year. "I'm an Adult Now" was re-recorded and released as a single again, making it to the charts a second time. In January 1989 the song peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard's Alternative songs chart It was followed by "She's So Young" and "Hard To Laugh." The album sold over 100,000 copies in Canada, was certified platinum.

Stanwyck and Sinclair left, going on to form Universal Honey, after completing the band's follow-up with Rundgren, 1990's One Sided Story. That album, led by the hit singles "New Language" and "Two Girls in One," did not sell as well as Love Junk, but was still a significant hit for the band. Starting with the tour for the album, Brad Barker and Susan Murumets joined the lineup. Rachel Oldfield replaced Murumets in 1992.

Proudly Canadian: Loverboy


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Loverboy is a Canadian rock group formed in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. Throughout the 1980s, the band accumulated numerous hit songs in Canada and the United States, earning four multi-platinum albums and selling millions of records. After being rejected by many American record labels, they signed with Columbia/CBS Records Canada and began recording their first album March 20, 1980, with Mike Reno (born in New Westminster, B.C. January 8, 1955 and previously with Moxy as Mike Rynoski) on lead vocals, Paul Dean (born in Vancouver, B.C. on February 19, 1946; previously with Streetheart and Scrubbaloe Caine) on guitars and vocals, Jim Clench (formerly of April Wine and BTO, who was born in Montreal May 1, 1949 but was quickly replaced by Scott Smith born in Winnipeg, MB on February 13, 1955) on bass guitar, Doug Johnson (born in New Westminster December 19, 1957) on keyboards, and Matt Frenette (born in Calgary on March 7, 1954) on drums (also a former Streetheart alumnus). The band's hit singles, particularly "Turn Me Loose" and "Working for the Weekend", have become arena rock staples and are still heard on many classic rock and classic hits radio stations across the United States and Canada. They are currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Proudly Canadian: Corb Lund

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Corb Lund, the lead singer, grew up in Southern Alberta living on his family's farm and ranches near Taber, Cardston and Rosemary. He is proud of being an Albertan. Lund left his hometown of Taber and moved to Edmonton, where he enrolled in the Grant MacEwan College to study jazz guitar and bass.

Lund was a founding member of The Smalls, who sold over 35,000 albums over a twelve-year span, all released independently. Lund and the Smalls toured extensively in Canada, the United States and Europe, including a stint in Bosnia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. The band retired in the fall of 2001.

The Hurtin' Albertans:
Hurtin' Albertans is Corb Lund's touring band. They have released seven albums to critical acclaim.[2][3] The band tours regularly in Canada, the United States and Australia. Much of their time is spent in the Canadian Prairies and the American southwest.

The band's members are:
Kurt Ciesla, bass
Grant "Demon" Siemens, guitar and other strings
Brady Valgardson, drums

Siemens is the only member who is not Albertan, hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Farmer/drummer Valgardson and Lund are from Taber, Alberta.

Proudly Canadian: Gary & Dave

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Gary and Dave were a Canadian pop duo composed of Gary Weeks (from Charlottetown, PEI) and David Lloyd George "Dave" Beckett (from Newmarket, Ontario). They are best known for their 1973 song "Could You Ever Love Me Again".

Weeks and Beckett had been friends since grade school in the early 1960s. They played in numerous bands until 1966, when the pair auditioned for a United Appeal concert and came in fourth out of five hundred acts. They began to play the festival circuit, and became a top attraction at the Japan World's Fair in 1970.

Gary & Dave's first recordings were made in 1969; in 1970 they had a single on Quality 1977 - "Tender Woman" b/w "I'm A Rider." In 1972, they signed with Greg Hambleton's Axe Records label, and made two singles that didn't see much action. Then in 1973, they released their own composition, "Could You Ever Love Me Again." It entered the RPM 100 on July 14, 1973 at #98. It picked up a bullet at #44 on September 8, lost it at #31 on September 22, gained it back on October 20 at #10. It was #2 with a bullet for two weeks in a row, and then hit #1 without the bullet on November 17.

Gary and Dave toured with The Stampeders in 1973 to promote "Could You Ever Love Me Again," and their first album, and the single was released in twenty-two countries. It did particularly well in Australia.

Proudly Canadian: Ray Materick

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Ray Materick is a Canadian singer-songwriter, particularly popular in the 1970s, who continues to perform and create music.

Ray Materick is the son of an evangelical preacher, who had previously played saxophone, trumpet and clarinet in his own dance band, during the 1940s and 1950s. Materick's recording career commenced in 1972, with the release of Sidestreets on Kanata Records, considered to be one of Canada's first independent record labels. The label folded soon after Materick's album was released. His major national breakthrough came with the release of Neon Rain in 1974 onWarner Bros./Asylum Records, featuring the hit single "Linda Put The Coffee On".

The album was produced by Eugene Martynec. Materick had been specifically signed by record executive Gary Muth as one of the first Canadian artists on the U.S. Asylum Records label, formed by David Geffen. A number of albums followed throughout the 1970s: Best Friend Overnight (1975) and Midnight Matinee (1976), both of which were produced by Don Potter and featured musical contributions from Daniel Lanois, as well as Fever In Rio (1978). Materick did not continue with Asylum Records, following the release of Midnight Matinee.

During the 1980s, Materick withdrew from music for a period of approximately eight years, assuming employment in a Toronto woodworking company. He later relocated to Hamilton, Ontario.

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