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Tonya Kennedy’s latest single “EVERYTHING”, tells of her and Neil’s story of unconditional love and the intense emotion shared between them.  In this Anniversary Edit (Neil and Tonya will celebrate 10 years on April 4th) producer Rick Hutt offers a re-mix of the album version adding various instrumentation to bring to you this huge powerhouse love ballad.
“This is a really special song to me because it’s a song about how I feel about my husband and song writing partner.  It’s so personal and a little scary at the same time to be so exposed to the world…but I adore my fans and want them to see this personal side of me”, states Kennedy.

The great news – “EVERYTHING” was hand picked by a music placement company based in New York City to be shopped for Film & TV Placements.

Tonya Kennedy began her pursuit of music in 1999 where she became a powerful force in the world of pop rock, touring Ontario and various provinces. During that time, Tonya realized her passion was in the world of Country music and in 2005 entered a competition through Durham based KX96 Country Music Radio and was crowned the KX96 Super Star Search winner. Her grand prize was an opportunity to record and release a country song to Canadian Radio and that is where it all began to evolve for this sassy and classy singer.

Steele Invites You to Travel Down His Private Road


Story: Sandy Graham

Born & raised in the small town of Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Steele started out fishing with his brother and father.  At the age of 18, Steele built a small fish n’ chips takeout that has since grown into one of Nova Scotia’s most renowned seafood restaurants and also has allowed him to pursue his passion – country music.
In 2001, his song “I’ll Be There” was elected by the United Nations as the theme song for International Year of the Volunteer.  The song was broadcast in seventeen languages throughout 104 countries, launching this new, refreshing artist on the music map.

A self taught pianist and guitarist, Steele writes all his own tunes. His music is honest, heartfelt and keeps with the great tradition of country music while infusing Southern Rock sounds and issues.  These lyrics will take you on a journey through his life and remind listeners of their own experiences.

The English and Scottish use of the nickname Steele defines it as a ‘hard worker who is considered strong and as durable as steel’, and this has been this young man’s nickname from a young age, showing he has the tenacity and strength to make it in the music industry. Steele is truly on the path to radio airplay and commercial success, and invites his fans to enjoy the ‘Private Road’ he is travelling on to get there.

The Wonderful Mundo of Jane Bunnett


Story: Lenny Stoute

Underneath all the Junos (5), Grammy noms (plentiful) and other awards too numerous to cite, Jane Bunnett remains a boundary pushing, hard blowin’ jazz babe. Which is probably why she continues to be hailed as one of the best soprano saxists in the world.

Have just dropped the dazzling, career-spanning Mundo album and coming off a clutch of well-received shows in the Toronto area in support, you’d think that would be the topic top of mind.
Not so much; for Jane, top of mind is always what’s next, but she graciously allows we should flip through some back pages. Biggest, brightest page is how Jane Bunnett became the most famous Canadian in the Cuban mind. In return, she’s the lady who put Cuban music in the minds of Canadian music fans and the word ‘Varadero’ in the minds of Canadian beach fans.
As with most of Bunnett’s adventures, this all came about casually, coming out of a chance meeting with music-minded folks.

“ We were out one night in 1982 at a club in Havana watching a local act and I met this bass player who invited me to go to the Conservatory to see the students play. This was at one in the morning and it turned into a jam, which I didn’t leave until around five in the morning. Only to be awoken at 9 to go hear the kids play. Not the best invitation when you’re hungover but there was no going back."

Love - The Long and the Short of It

Cover, Feb 10, 2012

Story:Sandy Graham

Love hurts, love stinks, love will keep us together, love will tear us apart, because I honestly love you, there are words of love, there is crazy love, the list can go on and on but the word love plays a major part in the hit songs of decades gone by. My editor, Lenny Stoute, pointed out that two of the most memorable love songs of all time, ‘Misty Blue’ by Etta James and of course the unforgettable Casablanca song ‘As Times Goes By’ (If you can play it for her you can play it for Bogey line) do not even utter the word ‘love’, not even once.  
So love can be dumb as well as blind and love letters are best written in the sand and as Willy de Ville observed:” Love, what’s so good about it? But then again, I can’t say what’s bad”. Iggy just wants to be your dog and Etta would rather go blind than watch you walk away, Paul and John assured us all we need is love. Elvis is forever in love with the girl of his best friend and Katy Perry kissed a girl and fell out of love with her boy.

Andy KimAndy KimOur cover this week is also an encouragement to buy Canadian love, artists who have great CD’s for sale and who make up the great mosaic of the Canadian music scene. Collect all 10 and spin ‘em at your dinner party behind a good Canadian Riesling.



Canadian Blast was a huge success for CIMA and the 14 Canadian acts who benefitted from the three days of Showcases in Cannes, France, all part of the legendary yearly event, MIDEM, the incredible yearly playground of worldwide music industry associated businesses, all holding court in the prestigious Palais de Congress,  the same red carpet building where the International Film Festival takes place.

The largest contingency of Canadian talent ever showcased at Canadian Blast, this year was combination of known acts and acts you are surely going to know in the very near future.  The actual ‘MIDEM’ is held during the day, with booths for every country situated on two floors of the enormous grand building. At night the tiny town of Cannes comes alive with music and parties throughout the cobblestoned streets that look so much like Old Montreal, with outdoor cafes nestled on small streets and artistes selling their wares along alleyways of ‘magasins’.

Canadian Blast ran for three days, and featured incredible talent. All Showcase acts performed  ironically in an Irish Pub called Morrison’s smack in the middle of Cannes. Cashbox would like to introduce you to the  best of the best, who won the spot to be on the famous Canadian Blast Showcase for MIDEM 2012.

Bienvenue à la Belle Province

Marc Durand Final.jpg

Marc Durand

Que se passe t’il au Québec sur la scène musicale en 2012?

Cette chronique vous éclairera peut-être!!  Le Québec a toujours eu une industrie musicale un peu en marge de tout ce qui se faisait dans le reste de l’Amérique. Dans les années 80 et 90, un album Québécois pouvait vendre 300,000 copies et n’avoir aucun impact dans le reste du Canada. Bien que la situation n’est plus aussi florissante qu’il y a vingt ou trente ans,  comme un microclimat, l’industrie locale se démarque toujours des tendances nord américaines.

Je vais vous présenter diverses facettes le Québec d’aujourd’hui.

Parler des meilleurs vendeurs, des icônes qui ont marqué le showbiz local, les promoteurs et les grands évènements.

Parler de Pagliaro et de Coeur de Pirate, de Nanette, Roch Voisine, Marie Mai...de Donald Tarlton (Donald K Donald) du Festival de Jazz ...et du Festival Juste pour Rire.

Le showbiz Québécois est omniprésent sur la planète... on a qu’à penser au Cirque du Soleil et à Céline Dion.

Il fut un temps où le Québec était le tremplin pour les groupes d’Angleterre pour attaquer l’Amérique!! C’était l’époque de Genesis, Supertramp et plusieurs autres... Que s’est-il passé depuis cette glorieuse période?

Aujourd’hui on a Star Académie et une concentration radiophonique (Cogeco et Astral) qui aident ou nuisent au développement de la culture et de l’industrie?

Drake Jensen-Across The Gay Divide


Story:Lenny Stoute

You know that thing about greatness being thrust on you? And the one about great things coming out of terrible situations? What happens when the two come together in a perfect sick storm of fear and persecution?  Some will go under; some will struggle to the top. At the forefront of the strongest swimmers you’ll find Drake Jensen, survivor, country singer and homosexual.

The son of a Cape Breton hard rock coal town, the kind of which Merle Travis said was “dark as a dungeon way down in the mine”. The kind where the mind shafts are too narrow to allow for light to get in and shadows are looked upon with suspicion.

Imagine how strong and bright a light must be to beam out of a hole like that, especially when you’re thrown down the hole at age 5.

Drake Jensen is a rising star on the Canuck country scene, a good looking husky guy, passionate and genuine, committed to his art and this week making his Coming Out to the world at large.

Whoa. Cojones of steel, you say. Indeed, y’all, dude has all of that and more and he’ll likely have need of all of it sooner rather than later. Ok, how about right now?

“Why now? I had no other choice but to come out now. For my own self-respect number one and for my husband, Sean, the person who nursed me back to health, self-esteem and confidence. I couldn’t deny that any longer."

Stuart Johnston-The Future Face of the Independent Music Industry By Sandy Graham

Cover, Jan 20, 2012

Stuart Johnston is the President of the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), which represents more than 180 company members of the English-language independent Canadian-owned music industry. Johnston leads a small team of dedicated professionals who support the businesses and creative entrepreneurs who work to make Canada’s music production industry unique in the world. He is also a Board member of Re:Sound and the AVLA, two music-licensing agencies, as well as a member of the National Advisory Committee on Policy Priorities for the Canadian Conference of the Arts.

Prior to joining CIMA, Stuart was the Vice President of Policy and Government Relations with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. In addition to liaising with members of the provincial government and Ontario business leaders, Stuart was responsible for taking an active role in responding to policy priorities in finance and taxation, transportation and infrastructure, borders and trade, education, and energy issues. He also focused on strategically positioning the OCC as Ontario’s Business Advocate through the development of sound policy positions reflecting the Interests of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and its members. (In 2008 Stuart was honoured with the James Gordon Carnegie Memorial Award for his leadership and mentorship within the Ontario chamber network.)

Grit Grooves and Emotion – David Gogo Soul-Bender

Cover, Jan 13, 2012

Story: Sandy Graham

David Gogo is known for being one of the hardest working blues rock guitarists in the industry and the moniker suits him well. He is a man of his word, and when a recent routing booking issue took place, he fulfilled his commitment to tour Western Canada. After two shows in Holland, Gogo flew back to Canada to finish the tour he had committed to with the legendary Johnny Winter. A gruelling schedule, but he is a man of his word, and committed to his reputation as well as his music, he flew thousands of miles to keep his fans happy.
We recently had the opportunity to talk to this great Canadian treasure, and he gave some refreshing answers to what makes David Gogo who he is in this industry.

CB: When did you get your first guitar?
DG: I actually started out on a toy ukulele, just strumming on it but I was close to 6  years old when I got my first real guitar; it was a Raven, and we bought it at a furniture store. It was kind of a ¾ size and looked like a Gibson Hummingbird. The biggest thrill of my life was getting my first electric guitar, a Les Paul Black Beauty.

Carpet Frogs-The Best Band You Don’t Know

Cover, Jan 6-2012

Story: Michael E. Williams

There are few crack elite live and studio session bands in the country that are bands for hire. They learn new material all the time, translating it with skill, accuracy, and speed, bringing out the originality and authenticity in all the music they play.

One such unit is The Carpet Frogs. I talked to founding members Jeff Jones and Nick Sinopoli.

NS: I was in a tribute band at the time “Just Alice”. We put The Carpet Frogs together for the closing of the Gasworks, Jan. 9th 1993. All the bands came down and played; Saga, Triumph, Helix, Platinum Blonde, and Coney Hatch.

JJ: I joined Red Rider in 1978, left in 1985, joined the Infidels and after that formed The Carpet Frogs. We did the Gasworks closing and Sammy Culpepper’s Tuesday night jam for beers and the band has been going ever since. It has been 19 years.

MW: When did the Carpet Frogs become this crack studio session and live backing band?

JJ: During the 90’s at Lulu’s Roadhouse. They had a house band. We played between the house band and the main acts as an opening act for everyone that came through. Lots of the people that came to Lulu’s wanted us for corporate gigs.

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