Forecast: "Snow" Storms - EXCLUSIVE - Darrin Kenneth O’Brien launches DKO Productions


By Bill Delingat

Born October 30th 1969, raised in a Toronto city projects of North York in an area known as Allenbury Gardens, Darrin Kenneth O’Brien and his gang of friends soon gained a reputation as gentlemen hoods and lived a life of crime to survive. Darrin lived in the projects with his single mum, sister and brother. His mother, Donna, loved R&B music and Darrin and his brother would often sing along to his mother’s collection on the back deck. Darrin became known as Snow to his Jamaican neighbours and a star was born. No one would have known that years later in 1993, this backyard ‘hood would become one of the world’s biggest reggae star with his debut album 12” of ‘Snow’, with more than eight million records sold of the charttopping hit “Informer”.

Snow’s career is like the “Rocky” of the music business, when his life of crime as a poor youth leads him into a prison, just as his music career is about to break. With sentencing pending, Snow met up with Marvin Prince and later went to New York City to hang out and relax while waiting for his judgment day. In the Big Apple, Snow met MC Shan who was working with crews in Queens like Marky Mark and would soon become his “partner in musical crime” and longtime friend. Snow helped the struggling MC Shan and his family as they started to work on his album “12 inches of Snow”, using his street skills to survive. MC Shan introduced Snow to David Kenneth Eng and Steve Salem and he was eventually signed to Motorjam/Electra Records. Snow’s career was rocketing, but his shady past caught up to him and he was dealt a one year sentence in prison for assault with a weapon. While incarcerated, the record “Informer” was released and the rest is history. He became one of the top selling reggae singles artists worldwide and was listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as the best selling reggae single in U.S. history, as well as the highest charting reggae single in history.

His second single from the same album, “Girl I’ve Been Hurt”, charted in the Top 20 on the Hot 100 charts. Next was the DJ turntable hit, “ Lonely Monday Morning”, and on the 1995 “Murder Love” album, Snow had a number one hit in Jamaica “Anything For You” featuring Nadine Sutherland, Beenie Man, Buju Baton, Terror Fabulous Culture Knox and replacing the departing Marvin Prince this time around producers Tony and Dave Kelly came on board.

Although his subsequent albums sold poorly due to being banned from touring the United States and than Japan for his criminal record, Snow returned to Canada and hit the pop charts in the year 2000 with ‘Everybody Wants To Be Like You” and again in 2002 with “Legal”. Snow now lives in North Toronto with his daughter Justuss.


9:9:9: marked the launch of DKO productions a company designed for “All Your Entertainment Needs”: Music production–Events/Concerts-Marketing-Advertising-Film and Video Production Entertainment Law Services -Artist Development and Management and also Talent Exposure and Representation. The launch included performers from acoustic pop, hard rock, electro beat and reggae. All artists are under the DKO banner.

The basic marketing plan for DKO goes with the Five Senses:
Sound = recordings
Sight = video and film
Smell = Colognes and perfumes
Taste = watch for this one Darrin’s special surprise
Touch = clothing line
PURE SNOW  NGO (non-government organization)

Snow doesn’t stop there. as he has also founded Pure Snow NGO, the new non profit organization to assist tenants living in non-profit housing.  The goal is to help residents improve their neighborhoods and their lives, by helping families socially and economically. As a former resident of Allenbury, Snow understands the real needs that exist in housing communities; “I would have been happy with a backpack and school supplies, or at least the resources that told my family how we could get free things that we needed. Pure Snow is focused on providing REAL assistance to communities in need” says Snow. Pure Snow aims to help residents of public housing realize their full potential and achieve success.

One of Snow’s partners is Canadian author and BMO Technology Manager, Claudette McGowan. McGowan knows the impact financial hardships can have on families, having spent three years on researching and writing her book ”Da Ultimate Hook-up – Free things for all Canadians”. The book profiles how Canadians can access free things such as baby food, scholarships, dinners, contact lenses, business training and even computers as well as all things that are needed by people living in low –income housing.  The book also tells you how to earn extra money by profiling online job opportunities, mystery shopping gigs, $100 hookups (a weekly draw on and $500 grants for single mothers.                                                                 

On Sunday September 6th 2009 Snow and his crew handed out backpacks full of school supplies in his old hood Allenbury at the Allenbury pool parking lot for all those youth’s like he was ,who’s family didn’t have the money to buy their own. To learn more or participate in the project visit the organization on line at

Just when you think what more could he be up to Snow is currently recording his next CD. For the full story on this great Canadian and singer check back with us soon.
Coming next week in “Backstage Pass – “Shoveling the Snow” a one on one with Cashbox  Exclusive Q and A with the man called “SNOW” Darrin Kenneth O’Brien.

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