FRIENDS DAY 2010, the Beginning

Friends Day 1

By Bill Delingat

ZEN – Friendship
“To Love People who love you is easy. Choose to be everyone’s friend, whether they like you or not. When you love and accept others as they are you will have friends everywhere.”

Elaine Tennyson is such a person and when she walks into the room everyone becomes aware of her dynamic presence. Elaine was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and moved to the metropolis of Toronto with her family at a young age. Elaine’s charm and beauty soon brought her into the high fashion modeling scene as a young teen and off she went to New York to pursue her blossoming career. On returning to Toronto for a visit Elaine decided to pursue her love for art deco and opened a 20th Century design store Red Indian Art Deco with her partner in the downtown core. Elaine also produced events and sold her couture designs at the store and soon utilizing her enormous list of clients founded Elaine Tennyson Enterprises (E.T.E.)

A PR franchise was born and the Toronto event scene would never be the same as her unique approach to fashion shows and special events would have an impact and reshape the industry, so much so that this incredible woman was dubbed by the National Post as a “PR Powerhouse.”

After a couple of tragic years of losing many friends, Elaine decided to give back to her friends and also initiate the idea for others to follow and acknowledge her vision of a day designated for friends to celebrate with each other - “Friends Day.”

In her heartfelt words the messages went out as Elaine steams ahead to produce the first annual “Friends Day.”
And so began the logistics and planning of the inaugural “Friends Day.” The location was set and now for the itinerary and lineup of entertainers to make it a day to remember.

Elaine set her sights high as would be expected from E.T.E. and the requests went out for a headliner. Joe Cocker was number one on the list as the song “With A Little Help From My Friends” would be the anthem of choice for the event. Cocker wasn’t available. Blue Peter and other acclaimed Canadian artists declined due to other commitments, then a reply back from NYC that one of the artists of the alternative 70’s & 80’s era confirmed. The illustrious Carole Pope from Rough Trade would fly in and headline this premiere event.

Friends Day Sponsors, Photo by Michael DubruleFriends Day Sponsors, Photo by Michael DubruleElaine had already been working on the local entertainment with her brother Owen Tennyson and his band “Owen Sound” as the featured artists, as well as the backup band for other special guests - Wayne St. John and Taborah (Tabby) Johnson, both well known on the music, television, film and theatre scene, rocker Paris Black and Carole Pope. “Owen Sound” featured some of Canada’s renowned musicians with Denis Martel on guitar and vocals, Jason Farrar on bass and vocals, Owen on drums and vocals, with his son Tait (drummer for The Best) sitting in on some of the tunes. Everyone worked diligently to prepare for the event and they were rewarded with much deserved acclaim.

Now it was time to put Elaine’s concept into a reality as the final itinerary is sent out and it looks great…
Friends Day Artists, Photo by Michael DubruleFriends Day Artists, Photo by Michael Dubrule
Let the Fun Begin:

Elaine Tennyson Presents the First Annual FRIENDS DAY on
Canada Day, July 1, 2010 at BOGEY’S - SAUBLE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB in Sauble Beach, ON

The event started with a trip to Sauble Beach Antiques (formerly Red Indian Art Deco) who were celebrating their 1st Anniversary and hosting the "2ND Annual Summer Show & Sale" with 30 dealers. Then it was a trip down to the beach and check in the accommodations and off we went to the Friends Day celebration.

What seemed an endless gastronomic delight – Bogey’s served a delectable dinner buffet, desserts and fruit platters with a few bevies and very kind hospitality. It was a great beginning to a fantastic day in honour of friendship.

After the meet and greet with new friends and old friends catching up on decades gone by, Elaine gave her opening remarks and the show began with Suzi Horton of sheVISIONS dance performance to Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help from My Friends” to get the party rolling. Tabby Johnson sang an incredible rendition of national anthem “O Canada” in respect to Canada Day and Wayne St. John joined her and took it one step higher as the music and performers continued right up to a break for those who wanted to catch the fireworks at Sauble Beach.

After the break, "Owen Sound", Owen Tennyson, Denis Martel and Jason Farrar, performed a blistering set and put the party into high gear with other special guests, Wayne St. John, Tabby Johnson, Paris Black and Carole Pope, all performing “With A Little Help from My Friends” for the finale.

What a night it was, as friends as far away as London, Ontario and Quebec drove in for Elaine’s “Friends Day” in Sauble Beach, a 3 hour drive from Toronto. Some stayed overnight and others even drove back after a full day of celebrating friendship.

The food kept coming and the drinks kept pouring while the dance floor moved to the rhythms supplied by the many talented artists invited up to this very successful first annual “Friends Day.”

The partying continued into the wee hours of the morning at the various cottages and motels consumed by the entourage of guests from places afar, reminiscing and sharing stories and photos of years gone by.

This was the first but not the last as plans for “Friends Day 2011” are already in the works, don’t miss it.

To end a word from our founder of “Friends Day” the majestic
Elaine Tennyson.

“Friends Day was a heartwarming celebration of friends. Good Friends - Good Times - It's All Good!”
“My vision is to have Friends Day sanctioned by the Canadian government as a nationally celebrated day (e.g. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Family Day.) Friends Day 2011 celebration will be in Toronto on a different date. I hope it will be a nationally celebrated day by 2012.”

In Friendship,


With excerpts from Elaine Tennyson’s biography

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