Friends of Jack

Fort McMurray, Alberta based trio – FRIENDS OF JACK recently signed a label deal with Blue Sapphire Music with distribution through DEP / Universal Music.

FRIENDS OF JACK consists of brothers Darryl and Chad John and cousin Paul John. Their music is full with rich sibling harmonies and has an acoustic flare that incorporates acoustic guitar and fiddle.

Born and raised in St. Alban’s, Newfoundland – FRIENDS OF JACK have built a solid fanbase both in Newfoundland and most recently in their home base – Fort McMurray. To get in to see a FRIENDS OF JACK performance in Fort McMurray you better be there before 7:00pm or you can expect at least a two block lineup!

Early in 2010 Jeff Burns of Blue Sapphire Music had a chance to listen to the first four tracks that were produced in Nashville by Bob Bullock (the late Susan Graham’s producer) and was so impressed with what he had heard that he offered them a label deal shortly after and has reached out to his close contacts in the publishing business for songs to finish the album.

Joining the boys in the studio to record were the following musicians – Brent Mason (Darry’s dream guitar player to have on this project); Chris Leuzinger (Garth Brooks); Chad Cromwell (Neil Young and Dire Straits); Dan Dugmore (Dire Straits); Glen Worf and John Jarvis.

The creative on the album design is being put together by award winning art director – Patrick Duffy.

Their debut single is expected to hit radio on April 26th with the full album to be released later in the summer of 2010.

And this is what the boys have to say about this opportunity !

Chad John – “Really excited and looking forward to sinking my teeth into this opportunity and giving 110%! This is our chance
to play music for a living, that to me is pretty awesome. Not a lot of people get to work at something they love and stuff like this doesn’t come along everyday, so I’m not taking it lightly. Looks like the start of a great ride!”

Paul John – “Really excited about getting the opportunity to follow my dream. I think we were pretty lucky to have met Bruce and Susan Graham when we did. We were introduced to all the right people. Any success we have from here on in - we owe a huge part to them. Everything has happened pretty fast over the last little while and it hasn’t sunk in and it probably won’t until I hear our songs on the radio. Fingers Crossed!”

Darryl John – “Signing a deal with Blue Sapphire Music and having distribution through DEP / Universal Music is really awesome – Jeff Burns has given us the chance of a lifetime and I’m looking forward to the release of the first single. It has always been a dream of mine to record an album and get it played on the radio – it’s so exciting to be given this chance to follow my dream!”

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