The Good The Bad & The Lucky – Jevon Rudder

Jevon Rudder CD



This CD contains the sounds of the music genre called, “New Country.”  The vocals from track to track are as consistent as I have ever heard from this brand of music.  After years of being the drummer in several bands, Jevon has stepped into the Artist/Performer/Songwriter position and is carrying himself very well.  

The current single, “Country Style,” is taking the airwaves like a Texas tornado and other memorable cuts include: “Apologize”, “Bring It On”, and “ I Want It Back.”  This man pulls off a ballad with ease but shines like a new diamond on the up-tempo, sometimes sassy themes he writes about.  

Of special interest is the song “What Am I To You”, in which Rudder, himself an Army Reservist, addresses the makeup of the new war veterans, most often young men in their 20s, and the need to pay them due respect.

Jevon’s music should be included on any Country Music radio station’s playlist.  It is a perfect fit.


Rusty Russell


Rating 5/5