Hip Kitty Cover

by Sandy Graham

If you could harness the raw originality of the 1960s Jefferson Airplane and the dynamic power of Heart from the 1970s and ‘80s and transport them to the 21st century, you’d probably end up with a sound very similar to HIP KITTY.

Make no mistake, this is not an ordinary band with a cute name. These folks can play! And sing! And write great songs!

From the very top of The Art of War CD, with the ethereal orchestral intro leading into the first cut “The March of Tzu” right through to the 14th track “A Same New Day,” this group will grab your auditory attention and will not let you go until the last note stops ringing.

At times I found it hard to believe that this band has only three instrumentalists, consisting of Mike Goncalves on guitar, Rich Schiavo on bass and Mark Chrisawn on drums. They sound so much bigger than that. And with Jen Halverson on lead vocals, Hip Kitty is a power band that rivals anything I’ve heard in a long time. Jen's vocal versatility is very impressive. “Cry Myself To Sleep” is a great example of her vocal vulnerability coupled with the power and emotion of someone who has lived the lyrics.

“Stuck in a Rut” is a great riff-driven rocker complimented by rock star vocals. “I Wish You Enough” is a perfect song to follow “Stuck In A Rut” - good song with a great vocal performance. “Eazy Come, Eazy Go” is another standout track. The CD ends with “A Same New Day,” a positive message for us all.

The production of Art of War is outstanding. The producers, Hip Kitty and Shawn Conley, have done a masterful job. The separation is superb, clean and crisp. Everything sits right where it should be and the vocals ride the tracks in exactly the right place.

The vocal producer also did a commendable job in getting the most out of Ms. Halverson - technically and emotionally.

This CD should be just the first step on a long road to success for HIP KITTY and LUNA CHICA RECORDS INTERNATIONAL, whom they signed with recently. I can’t wait to hear their next CD. Bravo, HIP KITTY !

In addition to HIP KITTY'S great CD, they also have a fantastic live show that is both mesmerizing and electrifying.

“Hip Kitty puts on an incredible live show that never fails to connect with their audience,” said U.S. Air Force Captain Jamie Fleischhacker, Western Hemisphere Circuit Manager for Armed Forces Entertainment. “Their innovative sound and high-energy stage presence turn every performance into one big party.”

If you're going to be in the Nashville, Tennessee area this next week, don't miss the chance to see HIP KITTY live at B.B. King's - downstairs in the Soul Lounge – April 13 starting at 7 p.m. HIP KITTY, along with Lunge and Charlotte Medley, will be playing a benefit for Vets Rock, an organization that provides veterans of the U.S. Military with basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

For more information on HIP KITTY visit lunachicarecords.com.