Holly Dish: Dishology

Holly Dish



When you first see the cover of Holly Dish – Dishology it reminds you of the gorgeous long-legged pin-up girls of the 1940’s, but with the sweet, innocent face of Holly Dish staring out at you. Then you listen to her sing. 

Although Dish would be categorized as a rap/hip hop type of singer, she is much more than that. She is a poet, a lyricist that grabs you with amazing rhyme patterns that you scramble to try to keep up with as she sings them to you with a pulsating beat.

The opening song, ‘Panic Now’, is a sure-fire club hit, with nostalgic semi-wha wha guitar licks by Ed Stevens, and a dance music bed that should be on every dj’s list for play.

‘Go So Far’ has a great line in it about ‘If I speak so soft you can’t hear’ which everyone has felt in a relationship from time to time. With the answer-vocals of Voyce, this is another great tune ‘dished’ out by this new vibrant talent.

‘Rise Up’ (Ladies Anthem) is encouraging to ‘rise up ladies, stand up girl, wp man up, women, wo man up, women’, while complicated lyrics make you try to understand the anthem this singer wants all of her gender to take on.

With the haunting lyrics saying ‘If I die before I wake, will you find much more to take’ you wonder if this is about such an abusive relationship that the soulful singer is ‘Ready Ready’ to finally leave.

‘Yes Hello’ is a playful, sarcastic ditty with Dish doing a voice-over as a telecom operator, bent on selling more debt to the consumer. It also takes in the side of the person working on the sales end of the phone, on how many people a day they need to talk to and how that would feel.

‘Hit The Ceiling’ and ‘Can You Fight’ show the optimistic side of the songs, if you can delve deeper into to what Dish is trying to say to you. ‘I wanna lend you my strong’ shows that underneath all the heartache is still the torch to continue to live and love.

With ‘Hey There’ we keep on rolling, and with the final tune of this 10 song CD, ‘Used’ is an amazing song that encompasses the universal feeling we have all been ‘used’ at one time or another. With the background vocals of Leesa Mackey and Voyce bringing this tune into focus, this is by far our favourite and Cashbox pick hit.

Cashbox Canada will be on the lookout when this new, up and rising star ‘dishes’ out more for us to hear, and ‘serves up’ some more Holly Dish to enjoy.