Jevon Rudder Releases New Single – “Oh Yeah” in Canada and the U.S.

Jevon Rudder Photo by Taffi Rosen

by Natasha Slinko


Great news as Jevon Rudder is scheduled to release his song “Oh Yeah” on Thursday March 17th, 2011, directly after Canadian Music Week.  “Oh Yeah” is an upbeat song that will get you up on your feet dancing to lyrics that tell the tale about a girl  ‘with take me home eyes` and who has ‘one hand on the jukebox and the other in the air’ and ‘she goes wild every time, she hears Tim McGraw, she wears daisy dukes and cowboy boots and dances on the bar’.  And trust me you`ll have one hand up in the air singing `Oh Yeah`.

This is a song of celebration and the independent woman that is out to have a good time and will not apologize to anyone for having her cake and eating it too, all the while having a good time in the process. It seems fitting that this song is being release just a week after the 100th Anniversary of International Women`s Day on March 8th that is celebrated globally. May all women know that they have the choice of this freedom to dance and yell  “Oh Yeah” .

Born in Toronto Ontario, the city of multi-culturism and multi-music, Rudder`s style is influenced by various genres outside of country, such as rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues and reggae, but through his album The Good, The Bad & The Lucky, Rudder shows us that he is the embodiment of country. 

Rudder has received great reviews and airplay across North America and Europe. He is a true talent that is to be watched, listened to and definitely, not to be missed.  A brilliant songwriter and singer, Jevon Rudder is a multi-talented and multi-instrumentalist, Rudder is a must see - he sounds even better live.  J

Rudder`s other passion, aside from music, is helping to stand up for veterans and the soldiers returning from their tour of duty.  As a Lieutenant in the Reserves, Rudder is on a mission to help the soldiers that are returning from serving their country, those that have suffered injury whether physically or through post traumatic stress disorder.  Rudder says  “The face of the veteran has changed from the 80 year old man to the 18 year old young soldier”.  These are young men and women that are trying to cope with their return and their injuries and are trying to pick up the pieces so they can again rejoin their families or to help those young families that have lost their wives and husbands, mothers and fathers.  He is looking to bring their plight into the limelight, so that they can be helped. Rudder is planning a tour to support this cause.

So come to radio and listen to “Oh Yeah” for this song will leave you with your toes tapping and a smile on your face,  and that is what a great song is all about.

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