Lee Everett Birthday Party - The Big 60!

Lee Everett

This weekend Niagara Falls shook to the sounds of Country Music as Lee Everett had a round up for his 60th Birthday.

Lee Everett started singing as a young boy of 5 years never forgetting his grandfather’s favourite song “Mom and Dad’s Waltz”. This led to a musical career that put Everett on tour of North America from 1971 -1985 until an accident sidewinded him in the Yukon, postponing his schedule. His journey back led him to studios in Nashville, Florida, Los Angeles and Toronto Canada. In 1991 he was topping the “Cashbox Charts” with ‘First Comes The Fire” Lee Everett is still currently on Cashbox Records with his new CD “Reach Out To Me”.

Between 1971-1985, Lee Everett toured Canada and the United States, where he acquired a dedicated following. Unfortunately, his career came to a stand-still following an automobile accident in the Yukon. The road back to the world he loved was a rocky one. His experiences in life affected him deeply, and with the help of God, his family and friends, he found his way home, to his roots again.
Lee Everett has recorded in Nashville, Florida, Los Angeles and Toronto, Ontario and has had some of the best musicians in the world backing him up. Some of those names are Chat McCracken (drummer from the Doobie Brothers), Bobby Furgo (Leonard Cohen's fiddle player), Don Randi (arranger and pianist), Al Bruno ( Conway Twitty's musical director) and John Anderson (Ann Murray's drummer).

In 1991, when Billy Ray Cyrus was number one on the CashBox national charts, with “Achy Breaky Heart”, Lee Everett was number 37, on the same charts with “First Comes The Fire”. Lee Everett has recorded a CD with legendary producer Ray Ruff, God Bless his soul, and has now finished his new CD "Reach Out To Me" with living legend producer Bob Gallo. Lee Everett appears to be poised on the threshold of a brilliant career. His exciting and distinctive qualities will enhance country and pop music to a new measure of maturity and acceptance.

Everett was surrounded and surprised by the gathering of friends and family at the “Hoedown” on Saturday October 17, 2009 orchestrated by his wife Laura. “Lee thought he was going to be a guest singer at a friend’s birthday and had no idea” said Laura.  The night kicked off with country karaoke and the talent was amazing from the grandkids to the adults as well as Lee himself entertaining to all the favourite tunes. Lee received an Appreciation Award from Cashbox for his contribution to the music business in America and Canada, you can here samples of Lee’s tunes like “The Lovin Can Wait”, “Burning Tonight” “Reflections” and more at www.cashboxmagazine.com in the Cashbox Artists section. All tunes are available on WalMart iTunes for downloads.

Watch for more news and songs from Lee Everett in the near future.