Matt Anderson is Piggybacking His Latest CD From Coast to Coast

Matt Anderson

By Tristan Stagg
Photo: Mark Logan

East Coast Canada’s guitarist Matt Anderson is leaving his audience electrified whereever he performs.  With a blend of the blues, jazz and rock, added with the passionate sound of his voice, Anderson is unmistakably a very rare and predominate asset to the Canadian music industry.  Accompanying Anderson’s busy touring schedule of having over 200 live shows a year, he has released his 6th album to date, “Piggyback”. Partnering up with harmonica player and friend Matt Stevens, creating an album consisting of 12 original songs, co-written by both Anderson and Stevens.

“This one is a lot more stripped down then the other ones have been. The last two have been full band with backup singers; drum kit, bass, the whole bit. This is just me and Mike, which is a lot more of how I’m used to playing; solo kind of shows, a lot closer to what my live shows are like.” He explains to me during an interview.

Matt is also set to record another live album in Saint John, New Brunswick this November. This album  consists  of his solo material as well having a few guests join him on a few tracks."People have been asking for a live album for a while", he says. I plan to have that out and ready before Christmas.

After the CD release concert of "Piggyback" at the Rebecca Cohn theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Anderson is scheduled to do a complete Canadian tour from coast to coast until mid December, with a few additional  concert dates lined up outside of the country.

"I have some work in the UK again in the fall,” says Anderson. The New Year begins out West followed by some more gigs in the UK. Then possibly heading over to France, Holland, and hopefully Australia, along some more appearances  in the States as well."

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