THE MELIGROVE BAND: Shimmering Lights


Fourth time out and this T.Dot foursome mix up the indie pop with just enough quirk Their usual attention to catchy rhythms and delayed hooks are sprinkled with lotsa small suprises and unexpected ear ticklers.

They come at you right from the get-do with first song, “Ghosts At My Back.”, opening up with a jazzy trumpet line. As well, the title lets us in on the whistling past the graveyard mood that loiters around most of the tracks. The trio of “Really Want It”, “Make Believe It” and “White Like Lies.” exemplify this element in the album, helped along hugely by organ lines suggesting things at the funhouse are about to go sideways.

And if the ligtbulb still hasn’t gone off, “Bones Attack!” has lyrics like: “If I loved you to death will your bones attack me?” that get to the black-hearted humor of the matter. Other tracks, like “Half Light” and “ This Work” are more straight forward in intent, although ‘Work’ has lyrics that can go ironic in the wrong ears.

And everywhere you look, hook after hook , tasty riff piled on tasty riff until “Racing To Shimmering Lights” screches to the finish line bursting at the seams with poprock goodness. It won’t come clear until this album’s been out awhile that what The Meligrove Band has done here is a damm fine job of balancing the wheels and tuning up the indie pop machine This is only their fourth album in 10 years and like it’s predecessors, is an indicator that The Meligrove Band understands that good albums, like good sex, takes time.

James Lizzard