The Mercy



We knew it was just a matter of time before the spiritual children of Ian Blurton started making albums. And looky, this crew of grit rockers even went the extra mile in getting the Most Serene Blurton himself to produce their debut biscuit and he brings it clean and loud.

Still and all, many times we’ve been fooled again by kickass live acts that can’t cut it in the studio.

Well rejoice, this isn’t one of those. This is the other thing, a band that has honed its act on the hard rock circuit and with the help of The Great Loud One, jammed the juice onto the plastic. 

The band say their sound’s a virile mix of classic hard rock, soul and garage rock, and it can all show up in the same song. That sense of impending head-on musical collisions is what keeps The Mercy Now from being just another bar band mining classic rock.

The soul’s mostly from belter Russ Fernandes, former Shikasta shouter; he’s rougher than that but owing a debut to Jagger; the blues rock courtesy of dual guitarists David Viva and Adam Burnett.

 The playing’s tight and there’s passion aplenty but what elevates many a tune here are the vocals. Fernandes can go from throat shredding to a Plant-y falsetto without any apparent damage, then switch to a SoCal punk croon on the very next tune. Elsewhere on the album, when Fernandez isn’t being theatrical, he’s being anthemic, as on the first single “Hard Times’.

Recorded directly to analog tape using a ton of vintage gear and mostly live off the floor, the total sound comes over all old-school with that cops-at-the door urgency but you can tell it’s not from back in the day.

About now, it’s customary to say you’ll be hearing a lot from this band in the future. Know what? Frag the future. Hear them now. 

Or as my bud Collie W, put it, 'This is righteous shit indeed'.

What’s here is slyly summed up on  “Lean On The Music” No tricks, all solid licks and makes total sense it’s out on vinyl. We hear tell there’s a red version out there. Gotta get me one of those

James Lizzard