Pronounced Gnaw-Ticks

By Bill Delingat

Nawtiks is the culmination of a lifelong collaboration between Nik Mutta and Randy Kahlon. Starting out as DJ/Producers and vocalists, the original concept for the group was to take Indian musical elements and mash them up with whatever styles would go along with it. The duo of Nawtiks has now grown into a trio, with a unique sound they bring onstage. Nawtiks' performances consist of: live vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum machines/synthesizers, and laptops. Refusing easy classifications, Nawtiks take on any genre of music and make it their own. They move freely between the musical spectrum: Hip hop, Drum n Bass, House, Techno, Alternative, Acoustic Rock, Acid Jazz, Breaks, and R’n’B, Bhangra, and Triphop... all mixed with their Indian flair.

Now working from their home town of Brampton, Ontario the band credits groups like the Chemical Brothers who blend it with a touch of Indian traditional music and instrumentation, including, wind instruments and Sitar. They have been performing together for several years and have produced several original songs. Their influences come from anything and everything, like hip hop, house, dance, trance, electronica, to Indian music. The basic philosophy is that they do not care about the genre, but make music that sounds good to them and hopefully others as well. The entire album has something for everybody.

They currently have a couple of songs on the BBC top 10, as well as one of the tracks actually reaching the #1 spot. The videos are creative from the trippy “NEGATIVE   One”:, reminiscent of the 70’s cult “Max Headroom” to the Indian dance hall scene of Cha Cha Cha: this trio has found a perfect niche for their electronic wizardry, with a following of club goers and computer techies “.”205A” with its smooth D n B groove is one of the most requested tunes from the album during their live performances with other dance floor burners like ‘Take It Out” and “Thinking Of You” these and more can be heard the day before Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights), as the Nawtiks will be performing an event called “Friday Night Lights” at the Rhythm Bar in Uptown Toronto (Yonge and Eglinton) as a kick off for the Nawtiks tour of the UK and India (Comprised of Nik Mutta and Randy Kalhon), along with after dance music with DJ Neeray Mago. Nawtiks  are sure to be with us and on the dance charts for a long time.