NBRN.FM Internet Radio

Submitted by RB Renegade & Keith Bradford
For many internet radio is a relatively unknown source of entertainment. Even with the growth of the personal computer in the household many users are completely unaware of what is available to them by means of the internet. However for those who have discovered internet radio they have also discovered that it is fast becoming (or is already) the best source of music that they can no longer find on their local AM or FM radio dial. As an example, the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network (www.nbrn.fm) is one of the best sources of “traditional” country music that you will find anywhere. NBRN.FM broadcasts using “SAM’S Player” which many consider the industry standard for internet broadcasting. Of the approximately 40,000 internet radio stations worldwide, Audio Realm reports that only 2000 of those actually use “SAM’S”. It is worthy to note here that there is a difference between an Internet Radio “Station” as opposed to an internet radio “program”.

NBRN.FM first went on the air in February 2009. Also according to Audio Realm, in less than twelve months, NBRN.FM has already positioned itself as #11 in the country music division. This is in large part due to the station’s support of independent songwriters and artists and of “traditional” country music. Although you will hear Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney and others in their regular programming and rotation their audience returns regularly for their specialty programs such as “Real Country Legends” which features the stars of the past, members of the Grand Ole Opry and the music that many still consider “country” as opposed to what is presented by commercial country radio. This show features in-depth interviews with those who have made their mark in country music – a mark that has sustained and been tested by time – those like Stonewall Jackson, Jean Shepard, Jan Howard, Freddie Hart and more. Who can forget that Stonewall Jackson had to resort to taking the Grand Ole Opry to court to maintain his membership and the right to continue performing his music on that stage. Ask any one of those named here and they will tell you that it is internet radio that will keep traditional country music alive in the hearts of its fans.

If you need another indicator, look no further than the shelves of electronics stores. There has been a sudden explosion of the sales of WiFi/Internet radios. Manufacturers such as Logitech and Grace Audio have invested a vast amount of resources into producing a quality line of internet radios. The demand in stores such as Best Buy has been overwhelmingly positive as more and more people become aware of what the internet has to offer in musical entertainment, no matter you choice of genre.