The NEW Record Club


Keith Bradford is Executive Director of Cashbox Magazine, Nashville Tennessee. Mr. Bradford is also the director of NBRN.FM, owner of KMA Records, and also runs Keith Bradford Promotions.
Bradford is in the pre-production of the release of his new DVD Series, The Music Business – Ya Gotta Luv It!
Cashbox Canada is pleased to present weekly excerpts from this series to be released in 2011.

By Keith Bradford

Most people that have ever bought compact disks, cassettes or for the senior citizens,  8 track tapes, have heard of Record clubs that usually lure you in by getting 5 albums for $.99 and then you only need to purchase 10 more at the regular price within the next year.  I have often wondered why not a single INDIE Record company has ever given that marketing strategy a try.  Basically all you would have to do is set it all up on line.  No need to manufacture product that nobody is buying these days anyway.  You set up a website that allows the visitor to download 5 songs for free.  They can pick and choose their 5 selections from all the various artist choices on the site.  Then within 12 months all they have to do is download 10 more songs at $.99 each.  You might wonder why they would even bother doing it after they download their 5 free songs?  Because when they sign up on the site there is an agreement that clearly spells out what they are required to do in order to get the free downloads.  Once they click ACCEPT we have a contract or a binding agreement.  Obviously the more music that is available for download on the site, the easier and faster they will make their choices and get their $10.00 commitment out of their way.  This kind of marketing has made companies like COLUMBIA RECORD CLUB a lot of money through the years.  Does your record company have the guts to try this approach to sell music?  Probably not because it is too "Out of the Box," for most Record people.  There is nothing out of the box about this.  As a matter of fact it is the IN THE BOX that generates the money.  The Music Business, Ya Gotta Luv It.