PSISA, new rules and how it affects the Entertainment business.


Story:Bill Delingat

The days of putting on a black T Shirt with bright yellow lettering on your back reading  “SECURITY” are over. With the Toronto International Film

Festival “coming to town what does this mean to all the events being held around the city in bars and facilities alike?
The Registrar (PSISA) as it is known to the over 3800 licensed security guards in the province has made some changes to the Private Security and Investigative Services Act ,2005 and have now started to enforce the changes with actual charges for those who are not complying to the new rules and regulations which are in fact enforced and monitored by the OPP.

In the past to become a security guard in the province of Ontario all one had to do was to fill out the on-line application and prove you were a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant ,pay your fees and after a criminal background check clearance you were given a license for 1 year.
This became more prominent in the general public’s view with the G20 where 1000 of applicants were processed to fill the demand for the world event. Some reporters thought they would apply and saw how easy it was to become a licensed guard in the province. What they did not know was that the province was already making changes to the applications and the industries due to some unfortunate incidents where injury and or death may have been caused do to the lack of training in the field.

So what does this mean to bar owners and concert promoters?

Warrant back on the road and Rockaholic on the charts.

Warrant 1

Warrant back on the road and Rockaholic on the charts.
Jani Lane found dead in California Hotel.

Story: Bill Delingat

Jani Lane, 47, former lead singer (1986-1993, 1994-2004, 2008) of So Cal heavy rock band Warrant, was found dead Thursday evening, August 11, 2011. The Los Angeles Police Department reported. Lane was officially pronounced dead by fire department personnel who responded to a call shortly before 5:30 p.m. at a Comfort Inn hotel on the 20100 block of Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, California.

No official cause of death has been released. Lane born John Kennedy Oswald joined the rock group, in 1986. It would, over the years, have a revolving lineup. Lane left the band in 2004, but rejoined briefly in 2008, before leaving again. Warrant's biggest hit was the double-entendre-fest "Cherry Pie" in 1990.Bret Michaels of the band Poison commented about Lane’s death late Thursday night. "We'd like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of Jani Lane regarding their loss. Respectfully: Bret and all at [Michaels Entertainment Group Inc.]."

Lane, who appeared on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club in 2005, had a history with alcohol-related arrests. In 2009 he pleaded no contests to misdemeanor DUI and was put on probation for three years. In 2010, he was arrested for another alcohol-related incident and jailed for 120 days.

Montreal artist Jenn Mierau releases self-produced "HUSH" Sept.13

Jenn Mierau 1

Story: Bill Delingat

It could be because of her years of classical piano solitude, or may be because she is a voracious autodidact.  Or it might be because she likes to do things the hard way.  Whatever the reason, Montreal’s Jenn Mierau has chosen to embark on the road of self-producing and recording, with her just-completed work “HUSH”.

Learning from other producers, Mierau added in the playing of bass and electric guitar on her tracks and started experimenting with found-sound samples and vocal layering on top of her Wurlitzer and vocals. The result is an acoustic-ish, electro-ish labor of love highlighting her sweet and often called sexy voice.

Mierau counteracts her hours in the digital world by making artwork the old analog way: knitting, string art and yes, even her version of macaroni art. For this album, she took the approach one step further by rug-hooking a 14,400 stitch self-portrait, while recording a time-lapse video of the process. The digital version of the artwork is remarkable, but the physical CD – which replicates the entire rug, front to back and side to side – is a mini marvel on its own!

CMAO is Proud to Present The Future Stars of Canadian Country Music


The Canadian Music Association of Ontario recently held a competition for the live performance opportunity in Canadian Country Music Week celebration. With more than 50 CMAO member applicants, the hand-picked jury had a difficult time picking just 8 finalists to open for the legendary Good Brothers and The Sadies. If  you enjoy the very best in country and roots music you are in for a treat ON  Thursday September 8th  at The Studio at Hamilton Place! (1 Summers Lane, Hamilton). 


Bobby Curtola

Bobby Curtola: Considered a pioneer of the Canadian music Industry, Bobby Curtola’s musical career has included 25 Canadian Gold singles and 12 Canadian Gold albums.

The hit “Fortune Teller” released in 1962 went Gold in Canada eventually becoming  a 2.5 million seller internationally.

Bobby’s success continued on television with appearances on American Bandstand and on the world famous Wolf Man Jack Show. 

He later became the first recording artist to host two Network Canadian TV shows, The After Four Show on CFTO starting in 1965, and the Shake, Rock and Roll Show on CTV in 1973.

Bobby was also host to many of the Miss Canada and Miss Teen Canada Pageants. He continued a very successful career in Vegas for over twenty years.

For his humanitarian efforts within Canada and his contribution to Canadian Pop Music, Bobby Curtola received Canada’s highest honor “The Order of Canada” on May 7, 1998.

For his contributions and his establishment of the Bobby Curtola Children’s Foundation in Ecuador, he was also awarded “The Gold Medal of Merit.”

Known for his innovation, wealth of talent and his immense humanitarianism, Bobby Curtola is truly “Canada’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend.” 

“Canada’s Got Talent” is Coming to a City Near You

Canada's Got Talent

Story:Bill Delingat

The number one show in America is coming to Canada. The people who brought you Canadian Idol and Battle of the Blades are back with “Canada’s Got Talent.”

Insight TV in conjunction with  the City TV national syndicate are looking for the best of Canadian Talent. Public auditions for the competition series “Canada’s Got Talent”, slated to air in spring 2012, will take place in six Canadian cities this fall.

A spin off of the popular international ‘Got Talent’ format, the City TV original series is touring the country to find the most talented Canadians. “We are looking for a wide range of entertaining Canadians from every region, age and cultural experience,” executive producer Ed Robinson said in a release. “We welcome singers, dancers, jugglers, cyclists, fire breathers, illusionists, acrobats, ventriloquists, musicians, and anyone who has a talent they want to share.” The competition is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of all ages and any style of acts.

The auditions are already open with already over 7000 submissions being accepted on line as the show itself is still developing.

Judges are still in question and rumor mill has it that Howie Mandel who is if you did not know a true Canadian may be in the running for double duty here and in the USA.

Who would the odd makers like to see on the panel? Maybe Pam Anderson, Celine Dion, Debra DiGiovanni or maybe a little bit of comic spice with Tom Green?

Music Books Plus Launches New Website

Music Book Plus

Music Books is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at www.musicbooksplus.com

Music Books Plus is an international distributor of books, DVDs and software on music, pro audio, lighting, video, broadcast, multimedia and business shipping to over 80 countries and is an established mail-order service operated by Norris-Whitney Communications, and has been providing information services to the music industry for over 28 years.

The catalogue has expanded over the past few years and now features thousands of books, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs and software on the areas of: music business, songwriting, instrument instruction, audio & video production, recording, broadcast, lighting, voice, The Internet, multimedia, The Charts, biographies  and much more. Music Books Plus has customers in over 86 countries worldwide and exhibits at major trade and consumer shows in the United States and Canada.

The new website includes over 13,000 titles including an extensive variety of new products. It features improved navigation, expanded search capabilities, improved checkout, faster access speed and a fresh, updated design. It has also been optimized for mobile browsers.

Music Books Plus is also the publisher of Canadian Musician, Canadian Music Trade, Professional Sound, Professsional Lighting & Production and Music Directory Canada.

Visit the Music Books Plus website at www.musicbooksplus.com

Bob Lanois In Motorcycle Accident

Bob Lanois

Juno-nominated Hamilton musician Robert Lanois is in hospital recovering from injuries he suffered when his motorcycle hit a deer late Thursday.

Lanois, older brother of U2 producer Daniel Lanois, was injured when the collision occurred on a rural road near Hagersville when his motorcycle collided with a deer.

Michael Burke, a spokesman for Lanois’ record company Cordova Bay Entertainment Group of Victoria B.C., said in a statement Lanois was airlifted from the scene to Hamilton General Hospital. Burke said the long-time Hamilton resident has undergone surgery to continue to work on damage with current focus on his face and jaw.

Initially, Lanois was unable to speak, but was able to communicate with friends and family. He has since progressed since last Thursday’s accident to having the tubes removed and is now able to converse with hospital staff, friends and family. He is still in need of some medical attention but the prognosis is excellent.

It was just over a year ago that Lanois’ younger brother Daniel who built Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton with Robert’s help, was seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash in California. Daniel has since recovered fully. It appears the deer that he hit ran unexpectedly in front of him as he rode his motorcycle on the night of August 4, 2011.  It is a hazard that you have to accept if riding on many country roads and increasingly on suburb and urban roads as well.

NSAI Adds Canadian Cowboy Drake Jensen to their Roster

Drake Jensen

Canadian singer/songwriter Drake Jensen joins the supportive songwriting force, Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

Executive Director Bart Herbison, Drake, and established songwriter Beau Fuller smile for the camera while certifying membership at NSAI. Their slogan, “It All Begins With A Song,” exemplifies Drake’s love and passion for songwriting.

At the age of 12, Drake started taking classical guitar lessons and at 15, he began learning the piano. “It wasn’t long after that when I began writing my own music and decided to pick up the guitar and continue playing.” The workshops and services that NSAI provides will aid Drake in his ever-growing songwriting career.

Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Drake grew up listening to country music because it was his mother’s favorite. At the age of 4, he connected to John Denver’s Country Roads, influencing him to give his heart over to the music long before his mind and voice knew how to sing it. As a teenager, Cape Breton was the proving ground for Drake. He took any opportunity to play both rock and country in any venue available but in time, his music fell by the wayside. After a lengthy hiatus and a lonesome longing for some deep-rooted country croon, Drake re-invented his style, reloaded his soul and brought his dream of becoming a vocal artist back to life. Now, armed with his first album, Drake is ready to show the world what he’s made of.



Dean Brody * George Canyon * Terri Clark * Doc Walker * Johnny Reid

My Daughter's Father - Gord Bamford
That's How I Wanna Go Out - Deric Ruttan
Today I'm Gonna Try And Change The World - Johnny Reid
Trail In Life - Dean Brody
Watching You Walk Away - Shane Yellowbird

A Place Called Love - Johnny Reid
Better Be Home Soon - George Canyon
Love Rules - Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Sunday Afternoon - Aaron Lines
Trail In Life - Dean Brody

Put Some Alcohol On It (written by Gord Bamford/Roger Brown/Byron Hill; recorded by Gord Bamford)
That's How I Wanna Go Out (written by Lee Thomas Milier/Deric Ruttan; recorded by Deric Ruttan)
Today I'm Gonna Try And Change The World (written by Brent Maher/Johnny Reid; recorded by Johnny Reid)
Trail In Life (written by Dean Brody; recorded by Dean Brody)
Watching You Walk Away (written by Troy Kokol/Willie Mack/Kenny Sitter; recorded by Shane Yeliowbird)

Better Be Home Soon - George Canyon
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - Doc Walker
My Daughter's Father - Gord Bamford
That's How / Wanna Go Out - Deric Ruttan
Today I'm Gonna Try And Change The World - Johnny Reid

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