“So bring it on my friend, stronger I’ll be

Just don’t forget I was born on the lone prairie”






Teagan Littlechief is from the White Bear First Nations. Her ability to sing was noticed by her play school teacher Joan McDonald. Joan recommended Teagan be put in voice lessons. Teagan started when she was 6 years old. Since then she has come along way. At age15 Teagan became the GX94 Star Search Champion winning a recording for 2 songs. Recording more singles when she won the CKRM & Dauphine Country Fest Star Search Competitions, She recorded another single when coming 2nd in the North American Bear Traxx competition.


She recorded her 1st album Rising Above in 2008. From this album her songs are played on international radio. Her 4th single “Wild Girl” was released in July 2010. When downloading “Wild Girl” from Itunes 50% goes to Safe Homes for Battered Women in Canada. Her 5th single “Mama”s Brown Eyes” or “Bring It On” will b released in the New Year. 


Firkins Canadian Pub Tour


Nor need you mind the serial ordeal
Of being watched from forty cellar holes
As if by eye pairs out of forty firkins.

Robert Frost "Directive"

A firkin is an old English unit of volume. The name is derived from the Middle Dutch word vierdekijn, which means fourth, i.e. a quarter of a full-size barrel.

For Beer and Ale a firkin is equal to nine Imperial Gallons, seventy-two pints, or a quarter of a barrel (40.91481 litres). Casks in this size (themselves called firkins) are the most common container for cask ale. A firkin is equal to half a kilderkin.

So be it, however Cashbox heard that a Firkin is also a band from Hungary that plays Irish music, with a twist of punk thrown into the barrel just for the swirl of it.

So we sent our young budding Hungarian journalist and his lady to go and check it out here on their Canadian tour.

Thursday March 17, 2011 

Firkins Canadian Pub Tour 

Hungarian Irish Punk Band  “FIRKIN “ St Patties Day 

Lee’s Palace. Toronto, ON 

By: Jonathon Jager 

The day before I was informed about this band, and being of Hungarian decent I had to check this out, a Hungarian Irish Punk Band!! 

Canada Sings coming to a flat screen near you

Jann Arden

Canada Sings coming to a flat screen near you.

The people who brought you Canadian Idol and Battle of the Blades are back at it again with ”CANADA SINGS!” a modern day twist on the glee club! This one-hour original series challenges ordinary Canadians to form extraordinary singing groups with their co-workers and compete in a head-to-head battle against a team from another workplace. From firemen to nurses, chefs to CEOs – gleeful Canadians are everywhere and Canada Sings! is on the move.


With the help of world class Choreographers, Musical Directors and Vocal Coaches, each group will prepare for the musical performance of their lives and battle each other for high-stakes in front of a live audience and a panel of celebrity judges. Vanilla Ice, Jann Arden and Simple Plan singer Pierre Bouvier are the trio recruited to pass judgment on wannabe crooners on the upcoming Global TV series Canada Sings!

It's a gig that Arden says she was initially reluctant to take on, noting she declined an offer to judge Canadian Idol years ago because she just couldn't get behind the premise.

Terry Sumsion Releases “Encore”

Terry Sumsion


Terry Sumsion Releases “Encore”

Submitted By Rob Butterworth

They say that good things come to those who wait.  Well … the wait is over for Terry Sumsion’s latest CD so suitably titled “Encore”.  Terry Sumsion’s career has spanned decades and he is more than a Canadian music icon.  He is a superb songwriter and an even better person.

Those who follow Cashbox Canada have read of Terry’s ongoing battle with esophageal cancer.  “Encore” is a collection of songs written during the best and worst of times of his battle with his illness and the emotion comes shining through.  The first track “Friendship Train” is also the alternate title of the CD.  When you speak with Terry you are sure to hear numerous stories of how his friends have rallied around him in support of his music and of his illness.  To him, that’s what this CD is really all about – his friends and some as to whom he refers – his angels.



EDMONTON, ALBERTA:  Canadian rock band ONE SOUL THRUST has achieved Platinum status with their debut CD, 1ST.  For most bands, this would be a very good thing—especially on a debut release.

The problem with this Platinum status…is that it’s unofficial.  Actually, it’s more than unofficial.  It’s illegal.


The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) states that, to achieve Platinum status, an album must achieve sales of 100,000 copies/downloads of an album.  Sales…that’s the key.  A random polling of several torrent site’s downloads—ILLEGAL downloads—has shown that 1ST, the debut cd by ONE SOUL THRUST has been downloaded over 100,000 times.


“We’re flattered that people could love our music that much, but this is really tough to take,” says ONE SOUL THRUST’S lead-vocalist Salem Jones. “While I question the exact precision of these numbers- pirates are dishonest by nature- it appears they reflect a strong enough version of reality to bring a serious issue to light. We paid to create that album totally out of our own pockets. People think of illegal downloading not hurting anyone, but we’re real people too- with real mortgages, real family to feed and real bills to pay.  By downloading our album from pirate sites, people have stolen from us, our families, everyone involved in the production of our album, and their families.”

Bryan Adams confirms he'll be a dad

Bryan Adams

The Canadian Press 

LONDON - Bryan Adams has confirmed that he's going to be a dad at 51. 

On Sunday, Adams posted a message to his personal website letting his fans know that he and his personal assistant Alicia Grimaldi are expecting a baby.

"She (helped) me start my foundation years ago and it looks like she'll be running the family now!" Adams wrote.

The U.K.'s Telegraph newspaper had reported Sunday that Adams and Grimaldi were due in May, attributing the story to a "friend and near neighbour" of the Canadian pop rock star in London.

Adams also confirmed the news on Twitter (although he disputed the "friend" portion of the report), and added a thank you to his fans for the "kind wishes" he's received.

The father-to-be is currently in the midst of an acoustic tour in the United States that's scheduled to wrap on April 16 in Seattle.

He then has a rare gap in his touring schedule. He's due back on the road in June, with shows in the U.K. and Europe to follow.



Basic English

The president of Sugar Moon Music Inc., Margaret Dinsdale, is pleased to announce her company has taken on the roles of publisher, label and management for BASIC ENGLISH, a roots-rock band based in Toronto, Ontario.


“This is a very exciting time for us,” says Dinsdale from her Kensington Market office. “We've only just started working together and we already have interest not just from Ontario and the Maritimes, but also Europe, Australia and other parts of the world for touring and distribution.”


Dinsdale already has two of Canada's hottest producers interested in working on the project. “Now it's just a matter of fundraising,” she said. “The new material the guys have written deserves the best production values we can afford to underline their song-writing prowess as well as their solid chops.”


Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, Tim Armour and John Davis became local heroes in Halifax with their band Basic English, then headed to Toronto in 1987. In a short time, they won Q107s Homegrown Contest and a Casby Award. They were breaking big, got themselves a manager and a record deal. They had a known producer, Terry Brown (Rush, Max Webster) and recorded their first studio album “Sweet Panic!” released in 1991. Just after it came out, the label when bust and that was the end of that phase of their career.



Dana Fuchs

Ruf Records announces the signing of dynamic rock/blues singer Dana Fuchs and the release of her label debut CD, Love To Beg, on April 12. Ruf Records is distributed in the U.S. by the Allegro Corporation. Fuchs is currently on tour in Europe and will celebrate her U.S. release with a special showcase in New York City on April 15 at the Highline Ballroom.


Love To Beg is a visceral combination of pure rock and blues, with touches of soul, gospel and R&B in the mix. Fuchs’ band has sold out shows all across the U.S. sharing the bill with such national acts as Joe Cocker, Dickey Betts, Gov’t Mule and Bob Weir. Dana and her band are a festival sensation, rocking to over 2000,000 people since 2008 at festivals in the U.S., Italy, The Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia.

Fuchs played the character “Sadie” in the highly-acclaimed Julie Taymor film, Across The Universe, and Dana’s featured lead vocals on the soundtrack CD earned her a platinum album, with over one million sales in the U.S. The accompanying DVD has also sold over 1.5 million units worldwide. She also starred as Janis Joplin in the Eric Nederlander production of the long running off-Broadway musical, Love, Janis.

Canadian Music Week is Here Again!

Canadian Music Week (CMW) is here again in the streets of Toronto, and in the legendary Royal York Fairmount Hotel. The Canadian version of MIDEM, Neill Dixon’s brainchild is now in it’s 30th year, and once again the music industry descends to wheel deal and listen to the music.

Like a giant musical magnet, people from all walks of life and the world show up to see and be seen during the conference days, and the wannabees strut their stuff while the ‘old school’ holds court with each other in the hotel bars.

On a serious business note, this huge gathering brings together international, national and local entertainment individuals who offer wares, advice and sometimes record deals, depending if you are good enough and smart enough to get your music out there. We compare notes, exchange ideas, and network at CMW, and hopefully impact the industry with the music being played in clubs throughout the city for the next few days.

Get out on the street, hear the bands, support the music. Come see the exhibitors. Sit in on a lecture.

Heather Otertag and Associates Have a Vision

Heather Ostertag

By Sandy Graham


"To succeed – you need A Plan. With A Plan things get done intentionally. With intent comes success!!!” These are the words that are part of the new model of doing business in the music business – and Heather Ostertag is ready to teach you how to meet the new challenges of the industry with a plan. 


Heather Ostertag, C.M. an individual who is considered to be an inspiring, values based leader.  She is also a passionate supporter and developer of Canadian culture, with a reputation that has demonstrated strong strategic and operational management execution skills - a dedicated people developer.  Achievement, creativity, results driven, tenacity, resilience, empathetic problem solver and persuader are some adjectives used to describe her. With her 30 plus years working the arts she has developed relationships with companies and individuals that have unique and distinct skills.  


Always a trailblazer, Ostertag has come up with a new way of doing business for the artist or group – a visioning session. This session takes the artist into a safe environment with his ‘team’ – a group of people who have chosen to go through the steps of developing his or her plan to go forward in the music business. The only thing Ostertag demands is that they speak the truth, no matter how hard or difficult that may be.


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