Big Bad John is Gone – Jimmy Dean Passes Away at 81.

Jimmy Dean

Courtesy of CMT

The average man on the street is most likely to recognize Jimmy Dean from the line of smoked sausage that bears his name, but prior to becoming a spokesman for pork products, Dean was a successful television personality and a country hitmaker noted for his half-spoken narrative songs. Dean was born Seth Ward in Plainview, TX, in 1928, and grew up poor, often working on farms as a boy to help make ends meet. His mother taught him piano starting at age ten, and he went on to pick up guitar, harmonica, and accordion. He joined the Merchant Marines at age 16, and after two years he enlisted in the Air Force, where he first performed publicly with a band called the Tennessee Haymakers. The Haymakers played venues near the Washington, D.C., base at which Dean was stationed, and when he left the service in 1948, he remained in the area and formed a new group called the Texas Wildcats. He eventually scored a record deal with Four Star, and his first hit, "Bummin' Around," reached the country Top Ten in 1953.

1960s chart star Crispian St Peters dies aged 71

Crispian St Peters

Singer Crispian St Peters, best known for his 1966 hit Pied Piper, has died aged 71, at his home in Kent.

His death was confirmed by Chris Ashman, chief of Red Admiral Records.

"Crispian was loved, cherished and admired by anyone and everyone fortunate enough to meet him," he said in a statement.

The musician, who lived in Swanley, Kent, throughout his life, suffered a major stroke in 1995 and gave his last performance four years later.

St Peters - whose real name was Robin Peter Smith - began his career in the 1950s with a number of local bands.

In 1965 he was signed to Decca Records, leading to hit records including his biggest hit Pied Piper and You Were On my Mind.

Mr Ashman called Pied Piper "one of those happy songs which keeps going through your head".

St Peters was also a prolific songwriter, penning more than 200 songs during the course of his 30-year career.


Johnny Lovesin2

By Bill Delingat

When it comes to fashion, trends and music some also say it has come full circle.

Led Zeppelin’s reunion in London, The Who’s tunes on CSI, Beatles mixed box sets and The Beatles Band war game and now the Rolling Stones remix and DVD of “Exile on Main Street”. These rock giants of years gone by have found new fans in the internet jungle and on the flat screens. Well what about the Canadians?

These last few months we have seen the anniversaries and reunions of some of Canada’s rock stars and institutions, filling the desire of new generations of listeners and artists that want to learn more of where it all began and where it might be going..

This past month Johnnie Lovesin turned 61, Kensington Sound Studios celebrated 40 years, Goddo hit the stage for a documentary, celebrating 35years of bad boy rock, and Triumph releases a new compilation CD. Rush has brought their own testimonial to being on the road with a box set DVD as well,so as not to be forgotten for all those earlier tunes their new fans are requesting.

Canada’s rockers of days gone by are back in your face and we have the stories to tell.


Underground Realroad

Friday, June 18 - Toronto - Take A Ride On Montreal's Underground Realroad

Take a ride on the Underground Realroad as the Montreal formula breaking collective, recently voted in Montreal Mirror's - Best of Montreal as the #3 Best Local Hip Hop Act will be performing in Toronto at the IndieCan Urban Big Specials House Radio Show Showcase on Friday, June 18th at Suba Lounge 292 College St.. This will be UR's first performance in Toronto as the collective duo consisting of Big Bricc and DJ Drex will be showcasing alongside local Toronto acts, Spesh K, Angerville, King Roti, Sound Improvement, Solo Red, Royce Birth, Wasun, DJ Greedo, Ill Vibe and more.

Facebook Event:



On Tour with ONE
Video Montage Posted From US TOUR

Montreal hard rockers ONE have posted a video montage from their past 2010 American winter tour for their latest album Dirty Valentine. Check out their behind the scene clips, everything from pranks to fan appreciation. To view the video please visit ONE's youtube channel here -

Journal De Montreal - "Power Rock group ONE is an obvious competitor"

CJAD 800AM - (Montreal) - Mose Persico Show - "This is refreshing new music"

Confront Magazine - 8/10 - "It's to be noted that "Sorry" is a great abllad, well sung and well performed."

Montreal Mirror - "The ONE to watch"

The Suburban - "ONE to remember" - "ONE is the number to remember. This powerful quartet builds its attack on buzz-saw guitar, a tight lock of bass and drums, and impassioned vocals"
Brevard Live - "Canadian Rockers ONE will give you more than your moneys worth"

Playgrounds Mag - "Rock group ONE has fans and media buzzing in the South"

Upcoming Show Dates:
July 31, 2010 - Arnprior, ON - Robert Simpson Park
August 20, 2010 - Ottawa, ON - Live Lounge
August 27, 2010 - Sherbrooke, QC - Bar Le Magog
Don’t miss these hard rockers when they come into your area.

Worldwide Earth Festival in Canada Names Domlebo Official Spokesman


On June 12th 2010 at 7:30pm, writer & composer Domlebo will be part of the festival kick off at Café Bistro TribuTerre for the 6th edition of the Worldwide Earth Festival in Canada.

Domlebo’s green awareness is no secret as he proudly wears clothing creations from SOAP (made of recycled clothing) and offsets his greenhouse gas emissions through ZEROCO2. His considerable contribution to an environmental and humanistic cause during his upcoming summer tour in Quebec was one the main factors in his selection.

As part of the Worldwide Earth Festival, Domlebo will be performing 5 shows in the Montreal , Rimouski and Mont Tremblant area’s during the festival, in addition to many other sponsored activities around Quebec in celebration of the 2010 edition.
About: The Worldwide Earth Festival is a non-profit organization, which seeks to educate     people wishing to join an environmental, fair, and respectable cause. Represented in over 15 countries, the festival will simultaneously be celebrated across the globe, demonstrating the importance of the union of information, generations, and actions for   the preservation of the Earth.

The Worldwide Earth Festival in Canada is linked to a common global charter, which includes all of the countries hosting the Earth Festival around the world. The charter stands out, thanks to its inclusion of an agreement to act without political, religious or dogmatic mandates, and by encouraging membership through behavior, which is respectful of differences.

Downie says family life influenced new disc

By Nick Patch, The Canadian Press

TORONTO - When asked how his family influences his music, Gord Downie is uncharacteristically grand in his response.

"They inspire everything," says the father of four over coffee in Toronto's east end. "Everything I do, everything I eat, everything I don't eat."
"You settle into the fact that you let these kids affect you in their great and positive ways, and that can only affect your work in great and positive ways."

And, in the case of Downie's new solo record, "The Grand Bounce," his kids, who range in age from four to 14, affected the music in more tangible ways, too.

As the album disappears into its swirling closer "Pinned," Downie whispers softly over a simple piano melody while ambient sounds of a train hum gently in the background.

Downie says most of the track was, in fact, recorded with his laptop while on a train ride home from a funeral. And the guest pianist was none other than his daughter, whom he'd recorded while she was "tinkling away at the piano."
"She was appalled that I'd done that," Downie said with a smile. "And I liked it. I kept it with me."
Downie expanded kernels of inspiration like that one over and over for "The Grand Bounce."
Its driving opener and first single, "The East Wind" — where swiftly strummed acoustic guitars provide an infectious accompaniment to Downie's oft-repeated howl: "It doesn't go around you, it goes right through" — was inspired by some idle chatter between Downie and his neighbour, Todd.

NBRN.FM Internet Radio

Submitted by RB Renegade & Keith Bradford
For many internet radio is a relatively unknown source of entertainment. Even with the growth of the personal computer in the household many users are completely unaware of what is available to them by means of the internet. However for those who have discovered internet radio they have also discovered that it is fast becoming (or is already) the best source of music that they can no longer find on their local AM or FM radio dial. As an example, the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network ( is one of the best sources of “traditional” country music that you will find anywhere. NBRN.FM broadcasts using “SAM’S Player” which many consider the industry standard for internet broadcasting. Of the approximately 40,000 internet radio stations worldwide, Audio Realm reports that only 2000 of those actually use “SAM’S”. It is worthy to note here that there is a difference between an Internet Radio “Station” as opposed to an internet radio “program”.

Arnaldo y su Talisman in Toronto next June

Press Release

At Lula Lounge - Thursday June 3, 2010

Arnaldo Rodriguez and his 11 piece band are coming directly from Havana and will be performing in one of Toronto’s hottest Latin dance club - Lula Lounge located at 1585 Dundas St. W., west of Dufferin

This unique presentation has been organized by Havanarte Productions; doors open at 8 pm show starts at 9 pm, cover is only 20 cad per person at the door or by visiting to make dinner reservations.

Arnaldo Rodriguez is one of the most recognized talents of young Cuban musicians , Director of the Well Known group Azucar in 2002 decided to form his own band named Arnaldo y su Talisman. In the past 8 years this band has received 4 awards at the Cubadiscos (Cuban Junos) and made the top hit list in Cuba many times over. Arnaldo Rodriguez is the founder and Director of the International Festival Piña Colada that takes place every year in Cayo Coco to promote tourism and culture. This festival gathers renown international artists and their fans from all over the world.

Arnaldo y su Talisman frequently shares the stage with Omara Portuondo and Eliades Ochoa from Buena Vista Social Club and includes in their repertoire a great variety of rhythms from boleros to traditional Cuban son, pop and reguetton. Visiting several countries in Europe and South America, this unique Lula Lounge presentation will be their first concert ever in Canada and the launch of their newest Cd Mango

647-403-7308 (HAVANARTE) or 416 588 0307(LULA)


Royal Crowns

By Lenny Stoute

The twenty-year mark is a big ol’ social threshold. You’re not a teenager anymore and folks expect changes from you. Same deal if you’re a band; it doesn’t have to be mind blowing change but the fans do expect some minor adjustments and a re-arranging of the familiar palette.

That’s fine for some but not so much for Teddy Fury, drummer, singer, wisecracker and guiding light for rockabilly icons The Royal Crowns. For the 20th anniversary, the Crowns have been reconfigured as a trio, with two gone and one new guy in. The result is a stripped down sound closer to the original rockabilly racket. Won’t be able to judge for ourselves until the Fall, when the group’s third album and first as a trio drops.

“ Yeah, we’ve got all the songs written and I guess we’re in pre-production mode,” says the irrepressible Fury,“ I called the Dome for the album release party but they couldn’t find a 40 seat set-up” he deadpans. Tight as they can be as players, The Royal Crowns have always carried a loose, even a tad zany, vibe about them that is as much a part of the rockabilly subculture as rooster ‘dos and blue suede shoes. The songwriting? Fury allows that’s a serious business.

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