EDMONTON, ALBERTA:  Canadian rock band ONE SOUL THRUST has achieved Platinum status with their debut CD, 1ST.  For most bands, this would be a very good thing—especially on a debut release.

The problem with this Platinum status…is that it’s unofficial.  Actually, it’s more than unofficial.  It’s illegal.


The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) states that, to achieve Platinum status, an album must achieve sales of 100,000 copies/downloads of an album.  Sales…that’s the key.  A random polling of several torrent site’s downloads—ILLEGAL downloads—has shown that 1ST, the debut cd by ONE SOUL THRUST has been downloaded over 100,000 times.


“We’re flattered that people could love our music that much, but this is really tough to take,” says ONE SOUL THRUST’S lead-vocalist Salem Jones. “While I question the exact precision of these numbers- pirates are dishonest by nature- it appears they reflect a strong enough version of reality to bring a serious issue to light. We paid to create that album totally out of our own pockets. People think of illegal downloading not hurting anyone, but we’re real people too- with real mortgages, real family to feed and real bills to pay.  By downloading our album from pirate sites, people have stolen from us, our families, everyone involved in the production of our album, and their families.”


According to Cameron Tilbury, the band’s manager, “This is not a victimless crime.  No artist—whether they’re international superstars or not—should be ripped-off like this.  But it really affects the smaller, independent artists the most since they rely on grants, loans and investors and already live pretty close to the edge.  Illegally downloading over 100,000 copies of an album is no different than stealing the physical copies of the cd out of a warehouse or retail outlet.  I wish there was a way to stop it.”


ONE SOUL THRUST is enjoying worldwide airplay on their debut single, Go Home & Melt, featuring duet vocals with Glenn Hughes.  That—and the rest of their debut album 1ST, can be downloaded LEGALLY at CD Baby, iTunes and other online music retailers.


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