The Power Of An Entertainer


Keith Bradford is Executive Director of Cashbox Magazine, Nashville Tennessee. Mr. Bradford is also the director of NBRN.FM, owner of KMA Records, and also runs Keith Bradford Promotions.
Bradford is in the pre-production of the release of his new DVD Series, The Music Business – Ya Gotta Luv It!

Cashbox Canada will be presenting a weekly sample of the DVD and it’s priceless advice for anyone interested in the music industry and it’s inner workings.

by Keith Bradford

Recently I went to a CD release party that had the media, labels, and publishers, all in attendance. The opening act came on with a 5-piece band and tried her very best to WOW the audience but the reception she received was lukewarm at best.

Finally it was time for the star attraction. He came on with 1 other musician. He introduced his friend on the fiddle as his band. He sang songs while playing his guitar and kept referring to his fiddle player as his band and it was kind of funny. He then told a few jokes and ended up singing his current single from the CD that this whole party was about in the first place.

This entertainer held the un-divided attention of about 200 in the audience for a solid 45 minutes with just his guitar and one other musician. The opening act couldn’t keep their attention for the 15 minutes she was on and she had a very good band to back her up.

The Entertainer in him was the difference. There are many wonderful singers out there but how many of them are Entertainers?

The Music Business, YA GOTTA LUV IT !