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Tim Williams: So Low

Tim Williams So Low.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

An excellent ten track album of traditional acoustic blues from Canada, Tim Williams simply has to be one of the finest pickers on the planet these days. A former double award winner at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, this release highlights his captivating style and talent to full effect.

Both of Williams' previous recent releases, 'Blue Highway' and 'Evenings Among Friends' - a re-release of an earlier effort - were wonderful bits of striking resonator and acoustic guitar-led blues work.  With 'So Low' Williams confirms his clearly well-deserved place at the hi-end of the acoustic blues-tree.

Tracks covered include the jazz-inspired 'If You Live' from Mose Allison; Broonzy's 'My Big Money - a lesser-known gem; Blind Boy Fuller's 'Pistol Slapper', here titled 'Pistol Snapper', with Williams' own take on it as part of the ever-evolving folk-process; Johnny Cash's 'Big River'; and Tampa Red's classic 'The Witching Hour'. Many tracks are self-penned and showcase the guy's deep absorption in and understanding of the music and traditional blues in general.

Closing with his own composition, 'Lightnin',' a clear homage to his own personal hero, Texan Lightnin' Hopkins, this album is a genuine revelation, filled with neat guitar chops and intricate picking in styles that range through Delta to Piedmont, Texas to Chicago and most of the USA's notable blues-posts in between. A positive delight.

Auld Man's Baccie: Resonating With The Blues

Auld Man's Baccie Resonating With The Blues.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

Auld Man's Baccie is an English acoustic blues duo with an evident love of and understanding for traditional acoustic blues music, with a ragtime background and grounding that bubbles through on most of the dozen tracks here.

Nick Phillips and Davey Curtis have only been playing together for just over a year or so but already they have an apparent, near-seamless empathy that makes their similar styles and approaches meld perfectly. 'Resonating With The Blues' is their debut release and has good support backing from a few of their blues buddies to lift the album out of the ordinary.

Tracks include colourful, skilled covers of Muddy Waters' classics like 'Can't Be Satisfied' and 'Champagne & Reefer', together with classic Jimmie Rodgers, Taj Mahal and Tampa Red.  As the title suggests, there's some very fine, slippery slide steel/resonator guitar work in the pot here and some equally fine and subtle harp-work from a buddy, Jim Bullock, and soulful backing vocals from Rhiannon Phillips.

This is one of those albums that manage to stand out from the crowd by dint of the passion, purpose and talent clearly on display. A positively enjoyable bit of work, ideal for lovers of that ole-style ragtime-blues music with a modern edge and timeless feel.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Maybe – The Broadsway

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...Maybe_.jpg

Submitted by Sandy Graham

The ‘Broads’ are back – and this time it is with bells on – Christmas bells that is. The first CD to get reviewed this year with the holiday season approaching – and as always we thank Jane Harbury for always delivering the best product for review.

‘The Most Wonderful Time …Maybe’ is the second CD from the these talented women, their first release ‘Old Friends’ met with critical acclaim and great reviews. With the help of Danny Greenspoon and John ‘Beetle’ Bailey, Bernie Cisternas and Jono Grant on the recording side (recording live at the Jazz Bistro and in Studio) this is a great offering to get you in the holiday spirit.

Winter Wonderland’ is a jazzy, swing interpretation of this old classic, bringing back a 1940’s feel while keeping it new. The contrast in the girls’ voices really pulls this version together.

Carol of the Bells’ continues the great arrangements of what is usually a somber selection but the clever solo of ‘We Three Kings’(Colleen Allen) and the great piano playing of Diane Leah is refreshing.

Christmas Time is Here’ is more of a modern classic, and is so sweetly delivered, with soothing vocals and beautiful arrangement.

Julie, It’s Cold Outside’ (recorded live) shows the great banter of the girls, bringing the talent and their humour together, adding one liners to the tune turning it into an engaging song.

The Damned And Dirty: Hoodoo Down

The Damned and the Dirty Hoodoo Down.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

This is a fabulous album of mostly resonator-fuelled acoustic roots and blues from a duet that is fast marking out its territory at the top of the European blues-music feeding chain.
From the Netherlands, The Damned and Dirty is a couple of top-quality Dutch musicians featuring Micha Sprenger on guitar and Kevin De Harde on Harp; both share vocals and writing credits for the dozen songs that make up this excellent release.

Guitarist Sprenger is easily one of Europe's finest younger pickers and De Harde is equally talented, blowing his soulful, blues-heart out here. This pair are very fast becoming central to the European blues-scene, representing their homeland on a now annual - it seems - basis in the open blues challenge in Europe to select a band for the January, Memphis International Blues Challenge awards.

It's hard, of course, to listen to this combination of players without thinking about Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, the US masters who single-handedly made this same guitar/harp duo-format very much their own with a lasting stamp on the groove and growth of the music.  But, despite this potential burden, The Damned and Dirty succeed in stamping their own style and brand on the twelve tracks in the mix. This is a pair of musicians clearly enjoying the life, producing absolutely winning music with a confidence and ease that shines with each new offering.
'Hoodoo Down' is simply a great album. Catch this one,don't let it slip away.

Dave Gunning: Lift

Dave Gunning.jpg

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Call it the silver lining in the cloud of a brutally cold Nova Scotia winter. When acclaimed folk singer/songwriter Dave Gunning decided it was time to make his 11th solo album, he found the bleak weather outside a blessing, not a curse. “We were literally snowed in, but the power was on and I was good to go,” he says of the making of that album, Lift.

In his well-appointed home studio in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Gunning went to work. The follow-up to 2012 album No More Pennies, Lift came together “very quickly and organically,” he explains. “I wanted to maintain an honest acoustic sound to reflect my live shows. I did what I could on my own then I brought in some guests to spread out the gene pool, so there was enough to keep the listeners interested.”

The record’s sparse and acoustic template proves to be the perfect vehicle for Dave’s neatly-crafted and poetic material and gently expressive vocals. There are no drums on the record, and Gunning handles much of the playing himself, contributing fluent acoustic guitar, upright bass (“the same one I used touring in Stompin’ Tom Connors’ band,” he notes with pride), highstring guitar, and banjo. Talented pals JP Cormier, Thom Swift, Jamie Robinson, Darren McMullen and Asa Brosius take effective cameos on different tracks.

Cold Flame: A Stitch In Time

Cold Flame A Stitch in Time.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

Cold Flame is an English band with a driving, pounding feel and a sound that is reminiscent of seventies rockers like Deep Purple and a load of others who carved a neat niche for themselves back in the day.

'A Stitch in Time' is an interesting album that has the band repeating more than a few of the fourteen tracks with slightly different reprises that mostly work pretty well. A hard thing to pull off, without becoming too repetitive, boring or jaded.

Led by bassist Pat Rowbottom, who also wrote all of the tracks here, this is a band with a sense of ambition, purpose and power at its heart. Each track opens with heavy rhythmic poise and power, drum-laden, screeching lead-guitar and solid bass and keyboards/organ work. The nod to the seventies may best be found in the use of synthesizer by clearly accomplished keys-man Joe Orban.

Cold Flame is probably an outfit best caught in live performance where their dynamic, hi-energy vibe must no doubt be spine-tingling at times. In the meantime, however, this album might just prove satisfying enough for most hard-rock lovers with its relentless, rolling rock inspired mix.

Eric Bibb & JJ Milteau: Lead Belly’s Gold

Eric Bibb & JJ Milteau Lead Belly’s Gold.jpg

Submitted to Cashbox Canada with
CD Song Reviews by Sandy Graham

Stony Plain Records has announced a November 6th release date for Lead Belly’s Gold, the new album tribute to the legendary blues and folk musician from award-winning roots musician Eric Bibb and acclaimed French harmonica player JJ Milteau. Lead Belly’s Gold features 11 live tracks recorded at famed Paris jazz club, The Sunset, as well as five new studio recordings.

“It’s hard to remember when I first heard Lead Belly’s music because, somehow, he’s always been around,” writes Eric Bibb’s in the album’s liner notes. “Most likely, I heard recordings of others (The Weavers and Woody Guthrie) singing songs from his huge repertoire before hearing his actual voice. In any case, I have an early memory from the mid-1950s of listening to a recording of Lead Belly singing a children’s song, ‘Ha Ha This-a-Way’. At that time, my dad, Leon, was beginning to make his name known in New York City folk music circles. He recently told me he remembered hearing Lead Belly perform at The Village Vanguard in the late 1940s.

So, the soundtrack of my childhood included more than a few of the great bard’s songs. The sound of his 12-string guitar is part of my DNA.

Christine Vanderkooy: Piano Schubert and Schumann

Christine Vanderkooy Piano Schubert and Schumann.jpg

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Praised for her “sensitive and passionate artistic interpretation”, Christine Vanderkooy performs extensively as a solo pianist and collaborative artist. She has completed the Young Artist tour as winner of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association Competition, a recital tour of Canada in 2007 as a SSHRC grant recipient, and a solo recital tour of Europe in 2008, also as a SSHRC grant recipient, performing in Ireland, England, and Spain. Christine has performed at the Eckhardt-Grammaté National Piano Competition, the Gaudeamus International Competition in the Netherlands, and was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in the Dietrich Fischer Dieskau Workshop (before he cancelled!). Recent performances include solo recitals atBishop’s University, the JS BachHaus in Ontario, SUNY Oswego in New York, and the Regina Musical Club.

Other recent recital invitations have included three concerts on the prestigious Gustin House series in Saskatoon, the Ravna House series in Manitoba, the Marysburg Festival in Saskatchewan, and multiple performances at the CUMS (Canadian University Music Society) 2010 national conference. Appearances at the 2011 CFMTA national convention included multiple performances, both solo and collaborative. Collaborative performances include piano trio and piano quartet concerts on the Regina Symphony Orchestra chamber music series, and appearances as a member of the U of R New Music Ensemble, a professional ensemble performing contemporary repertoire and premiering new works.

Frank Fotusky: Meet Me In The Bottom

Frank Fotusky Meet Me In The Bottom.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

'Meet Me In The Bottom' is the first release for some years from New Jersey acoustic picker Fotusky. With echoes of his first album, 'Teasin' The Frets', Fotusky positively rips along here with simply stunning guitar mastery and an eclectic mix of material opening with Bo Carter's 'Who's Been Here', moving through Jelly Roll's classic 'Windin' Boy Blues', some Robert Johnson, Leroy Carr, Willie McTell, Gary Davis, among others, and the album title track from Bumble Bee Slim. Fotusky also includes a handful of self-written originals to good effect.

This is without doubt a top-dollar album, bursting at the 13-track seams with superb old-style acoustic ragtime-blues fretwork on both six and twelve-string guitars, and fine vocal accompaniment. Make no mistake, this guy is one Helluva guitar picker and this is an album that works really well in every way and at every level.

Fotusky, sadly, seldom if ever appears to range outside of the USA. Hopefully, this offering will bring him and his music to a wider audience and maybe push him into taking to the European road some time soon. This is a guy well worth catching and this release is a rewarding bit of traditional acoustic blues picking of absolutely the highest order. Highly recommended, for sure.

Bad News Barnes & The Brethern Of Blues Band: 90 Proof Truth

Bad News Barnes & The Brethern Of Blues Band - 90 Proof Truth.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

A dozen tracks of complete hokum, as it clearly says on the album cover, from one of the USA's finest hoaxers and hoary frontmen. This guy is not just a comic with a challenging sense of humor, he's also one helluva singer/songwriter with an at times decidedly jaundiced eye on the skewed social and political world of modern America. I have to declare an interest from the very off with this offering: I absolutely love it. It makes me laugh out loud and the sheer inescapable mastery of the full-tilt, Stax-like horny (pun intended, as Barnes would expect) musical backing makes for totally irresistible stuff.

Barnes crosses genres as easily as he reaches out to cross-dressers, straights and gays with a full-hand of delicious songs. From the opening track, "America Needs A Queen", with its sublimely comic lyrics demanding a gay leader on top, you know where this collection is likely to take you - a rolling ride of excellent music packed to bursting with wit and wisdom, sure-fired soul and super sounds. Religion also comes into the firing line with a marvellous number, "Westboro Baptist Blues," that should carry a health warning along the lines of 'Do Not Listen While Eating or Drinking' - for fear of spraying your near neighbors with half-chomped, slurped debris.

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