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Conor Gains Releases “Compass”

Conor Ganes Compass.png

Submitted to Cashbox Canada

On his first solo album, "Compass", singer/songwriter Conor Gains proves himself deeply devoted to making uncompromisingly soulful music that transcends all genres. Gains' label debut marks the follow-up to the self-released sophomore album "Run Away With The Night", which sparked interest in the young artist's music. In 2016 Gains' album-closing song "Leave It On The Line" won the Cobalt Prize at the Maple blues awards. This national prize is designed to highlight innovation and creativity in songwriting. This is the impression one gets while listening to The Conor Gains Band. The deep respect of roots, jazz and blues music paired with the soulful, adventurous exploration of contemporary music gives Gains' songs an air of familiarity while listening to something completely unique and transcendental.

Gains has been traveling the world playing concerts in different countries and is ready to share his stories. "This album is my past 3 years of love, growth, travel, smiles and tears reflected in songs. I write to make peace with a situation. Music is my healing and if I can help others by providing a fresh way of looking at something in a different light then I have done my job right and I will sleep well at the end of the night".

Gains has written nearly 100 songs in the past 3 years and has chosen the top songs that fit together for his latest release. "

Compass is now available in stores and online as of this spring along with new music videos, website and tour dates coming soon to a city near you.

Scant Regard: Skipping Over Damaged Area

Scant Regard.jpg

Submitted by Eileen Shapiro
Photo Thomas Triton

An orgasmic display of futuristic industrial insanity audaciously encompasses Scant Regard's new release about to be unleashed on April 30th, to a world filled with vacant pride, screaming for musical salvation, only to encounter a brush with planetary doom. "Skipping Over Damaged Area", might just be that redemption, or that aspect of destruction. A powerful exhibit of sonic genius, mastermind of Scant Regard, Will Crewdson soulfully crafted this album with elements of emotional guitar riffs, frenzied funk, and electronic bliss.

Scant Regard is an extension of Will Crewdson, however, there is so much more to the unique lead guitarist. A part of cooler British bands than anyone on the planet, Will is the guitarist for the iconic Adam Ant, the globally popular ska band, The Selecter, pop/punk band, Rachel Stamp, Goth magistrates Sigue Sigue Sputnik, and two of his own projects, She Made Me Do It, and Scant Regard. He has also played with Bow Wow Wow, Cheap Trick, Iggy Pop, No Doubt, Bryan Ferry, Celine Dion, Tom Jones, and a host of others.

Becky Buller: Crêpe Paper Heart

Becky Buller.jpg

Submitted by Mike Tabor

St. James, Minnesota’s, Becky Buller came to prominence in the acoustic music world as a songwriter, with cuts by some of the industry’s finest, including Ricky Skaggs, Rhonda Vincent, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Special Consensus, and The Infamous Stringdusters. It has also been published that Buller made bluegrass music history by becoming the first person to win in both instrumental and vocal categories at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awards. Her skills prove most astounding on her great new release - Crêpe Paper Heart, a full-length set of remarkable bluegrass numbers.

Becky Buller Band are musicians of the finest order they come in any music genre today. Buller herself is a superior writer, player and vocalist, and all her players are world class at what they do. Even if you don’t like bluegrass you will still find them a musical force to reckon with, just as bluegrass lovers won’t deny, and when “Another Love Gone Wrong” blesses your ears, you can’t turn back for the rest of the disc. Buller describes this as a song she had worked on while attending University at Tennessee State, reminding her to never throw song ideas away.

Jiggley Jones Not Your Typical Day Out

Jiggley Jones.jpg

Submitted by James Olsen

Previously charting on the Roots music report, New Music Weekly Internet Country Charts, and many others with previous records, -Not Your Typical Day Out, by Jiggly Jones is destined to repeat that success and much more. Already spawning 70,000 streams on Spotify, the record is rapidly gaining major radio and music media interest day by day. Jiggley Jones epitomizes the spirit and talent of a true artist. And that’s just some of the press surrounding this fine album full of modern crossover and traditional folk and Americana songs.

“Danger Island” opens-up this recommended full-length album with a very hard to follow cut. This song is in the upper standings of the album for sure, with its jubilant delivery from Jones. The percussive intro reminds of hooves walking up a trail and you get the feeling wildlife is on the agenda. But you don’t get the full dose of the adventure until the third verse runs into the smooth vocals that fly over the words in just the right parts. The use of multi-instruments on this whole collection is worth noting, and they come on strong from the get-go and win you over before the second song even starts.

Doug McCurry Doug McCurry & The Verticals II

Doug McCurry.png

Submitted by Leeland Casper

If there’s one thing about North Carolina music, it’s quirky.

Exhibit A: Squirrel Nut Zippers

Exhibit B: Ben Folds Five

Exhibit C: Mipso

And, add to that list, Charlotte’s alt-rocker, Doug McCurry. His sophomore album, Doug McCurry & The Verticals II is a 10-track collection ripe with fun, weathered guitars and sing-a-long opportunities.

Kicking off the album is “She’s Running.” It’s a perfect choice for track one, as this Elvis Costello meets The Psychedelic Furs song holds your attention with sweet guitar riffs juxtaposed with earthy or even oaky sounding guitar riffs. The lyrics fall into place nicely. This track is ready for radio and the masses.

Pretty Eyes on Fire” has a different brightness to the guitar – McCurry’s channels some gunky guitar riffs, almost a bluesy-squelched sound. His steady-pace vocals sing “I wanna know who did it…who set your pretty eyes on fire.” His voice is easy to handle and as in “She’s Running” he has this Elvis Costello-esque thing going on. After the bridge, the guitar gets tinnier, where it nearly creates a whole different vibe. Strangely enough, the latter part of this song made me think of Wall of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio.”

Hub Reynolds Jr: Hell I'm Just Me

Hub Reynolds.jpg

Submitted by Addison Coleman

Cool dude! "Hell I'm Just Me".... who the hell is Hub Reynolds Jr.....aside from the country artist who recently released his first hit single? After doing some research I've come to learn that the artist is an inventor of a leather marijuana holder, has lived in a box for 6 years in the parking lots of Walmart and Home Depot, without water or electric, befriended Hell's Angels, was stuck by Lightning, and can write and sing a song with the best of them.

"Hell I'm Just Me" is the first single from this unique soul. The track is an audacious and vibrant, captivating country song, probably a bit autobiographic, definitely catchy, and filled with inspiration. It's fun, it's light hearted, and radio friendly. This guy is going to make it just on spunk alone. The song is accompanied by a video just as magical and filled with energy as the song. His presence is addictive and I have no doubt there are many more songs from this artist that we are about to hear.

Despite the fact this artist was homeless for six years, he uses this as a vehicle to write his story. He's gone from a multi-millionaire in his own construction business, to several failed marriages, to living in a literal box to the height of believe it or not musical country and western journey. This is an artist to watch for, and a download to celebrate.

Check out Hub Reynolds Hit Single “Hell I’m Just Me” on Reverbnation Here:

Cat Thompson Be Mine

Cat Thompson.jpg

Submitted by Lance Wright

The latest single from Australian born singer/songwriter Cat Thompson, “Be Mine”, finds this talented young artist significantly expanding her reach with a powerful pop single and distinctly American flavour. She’s currently based out of the Los Angeles area as she records a forthcoming EP and the new cut follows up her most recent single “All I Need” in grand style while still giving listeners a sneak peek of what’s waiting for her fans with the upcoming release. Her willingness to work with talented producers like the Los Angeles based Khaled is another reason for her ascending that ladder of success and such collaborations are sure to realize her potential in a much faster way than might otherwise be possible. “Be Mine” poises her to become one of the next marquee pop icons and she exhibits the skills that mark artists of real staying power instead of fly by night performers pandering to a formula and only destined for short-term success.

Christian Heath “One”

Christian Heath .png

Submitted by Harry Wells

Christian Heath is a super talented Pop singer/songwriter. His eclectic style is showcased in his new solo EP “One,” which contains six very different and unique pop songs that are really catchy, powerful, and filled with a universal message of love and making the world a better place. The songs are full-bodied and full of energy, mixing disco, folk, rock, singer/songwriter music together to create incredible pop songs sung by a singer who’s soulful vocals draw you into a world that you hope you will never have to leave.

Christian Heath has created a collection of songs that soothes the soul, a joyous blend of up-tempo songs and ballads, with smooth transitions from upbeat club-bangers to tender ballads of love and world improvement for all.

The songs on “One” radiate the concept of hope taking the ideas to another level filled with glorious colour. The EP starts with “I’m Yours” which is an upbeat love song that recreates in my mind an image of Heath performing in a stadium with thousands of lighters being held high while the audience sings along to the chorus. Definitely a stadium anthem with a message that is appealing to all.

David Hopkin Overlook

David Hopkin Overlook.jpg

Submitted by Alonzo Evans

The full musical flight of David HopkinsOverlook is something to admire. There are numerous peaks and valleys embedded in this collection, alongside powerfully evocative vocals and lyrical content that never calls too much attention to itself and, instead, serves the overall scheme. Hopkins’ Overlook has ten songs with varied texture and, often, a willingness to experiment or utilize nuance that never smacks of self-indulgence. The alternative rock colors Hopkins puts to use over the course of this album are culled, undoubtedly, from his own musical vision but, likewise, takes on colors from his time collaborating with some of the music world’s brightest talents like The Who, his former band LIR, Damien Rice, and Mark Stoermer from the band The Killers, but this album conclusively proves that his own star is capable of burning every bit as bright if not brighter.

The BeeKeepers Songs from the Hive Volume 1

The Beekeepers.png

Submitted by Scott Wigley

The BeeKeepers, based out of Norwich, Connecticut, are an Americana inspired trio and multi-instrumentals with songwriting talent to boot. Many acts of this nature are usually reliant on covers and arch-traditional material. Amanda Sullivan, Phred Mileski, and Sylvie Abate are joined with some outside collaborators who contribute much to their material, but the trio are the undisputed star of the show and their lyrical acumen, rich vocal harmonies, and nuanced songwriting leave listeners feeling like they’ve experienced something rather remarkable. Songs from the Hive Volume 1 doesn’t embrace the same pat Americana formula defining many of the releases we hear in this vein but, instead, mixes acoustic rock, folk, and blues into the stew and reflects their willingness to stretch the style without ever veering too far from their roots. The BeeKeepers’ EP has been out for some time now, but it’s still gaining momentum and exposure thanks to widespread radio play and the trio’s frequent live appearances. After even a single listen, it’s easy to hear why.

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