Alexander and the Great Ones Release Single 2 Yung 2 b in <3 from SUPER TURBO Album

Fri Oct 11, 2019

Canadian art-popsters Alexander and The Great Ones have unleashed their all-you-can-hear sonic buffet, SUPER TURBO and sophomore single “2 Yung 2 b in <3.

“I explored the sounds of the last century not as they were, but as they are,” says frontman Alex MacNeil of the outfit’s debut LP. “Think: heart still pumping, but flecked with rust.”

It’s an anticipated release from a group MacNeil affectionately dubs “desperate rogues” and “roving strays”; CBC’s Carsten Knox named Alexander and The Great Ones as “Artist to Watch For” and The Coast lauds them as a “Young Upcoming Artist.” “This was recorded with the help of many of Nova Scotia’s finest musicians. And locally produced gins.

“Adulthood was like falling down a steep set of stairs,” he continues, recalling how this all came to be, punked-up cherub cover art and all. “It happened so abruptly and before I knew it.”

If there was a plotter following along, they’d map beginnings in what MacNeil describes as Nova Scotia’s industrial northern mainland; from there, he’d complete music school in Sherbrooke, Quebec before venturing on to Grahamstown, South Africa.

Bara Jonson and Free Release new single/video ‘Devils Die Too’

Fri Oct 11, 2019

Over a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Bara Jonson and Free at Live at Heart Newfoundland, and I immediately became a fan.

The continued love and friendship that they developed from their showcase at that event turned into a ‘love fest’, with fans in Newfoundland and the rest of Canada as well, resulting in the release of ‘Hello Newfoundland’, their tribute to their time there and to the amazing people they met while on Burin Peninsula.

Now they are heading back to Canada to play the prestigious Indie Week in Toronto on Friday, November 15 as a part of the Cashbox Caravan Showcase at The Hideout club.

Their new release of ‘Devils Die Too’is the usual standard of this act, encompassing great vocals, intense lyrics and awesome production. When asked about what inspired this latest release, Bara Jonson and Free had this to say:
“As international touring artists Bara Jonson and Free (BjF) meet a lot of people. Most of them being warm-hearted and nice but occasionally there are those who seem to be egoistic and narcissistic, who will do almost anything for their own gain and purposes.”

Lori Lynne Johnson Has “Courage”

Fri Oct 11, 2019

Canadian country-pop singer/songwriter Lori Lynne Johnson and her debut album Heartache & Healing — available now — embody the notion that once a caregiver, always a caregiver.

"At my core, that's who I am," explains Johnson. "I have taken care of people all my life. That has always been a big part of my identity."

Naturally, it's a big part of her music.

And it takes just one spin through the Oakville country-pop singer-songwriter's striking EP to understand that Johnson is still deeply dedicated to helping others. The only difference is, these days she gets results with music instead of medicine.

Laura Lee Schultz and her Belgium-based indie Down the Lees, release their newest album Bury the Sun

Fri Sep 27, 2019

Caustic and raw, Down the Lees’ dynamic vocals and guitar draw you in, only to strike a blow from the heavy rhythm section. Based in Ghent, Belgium, Down the Lees is Canadian Laura Lee Schultz and Belgians Jonathan Frederix on drums and Kwinten Gluehorse on bass.

The project has followed an eclectic musical path with engaging and dynamic soundscapes inspired by genres such as post-rock, shoegaze, hardcore, slowcore, and no-wave - often echoing the work of artists such as Slint, Shannon Wright, Sonic Youth, Cloud Nothings and Low.

Canadian Jazz Artist Blaine Sharp Takes New Release “Wanderlust” to Heart

Fri Sep 27, 2019

The dictionary defines ‘wanderlust’ as the ‘strong desire to travel,’ and nothing could be truer — both figuratively and literally — for Canadian jazz artist Blaine Sharp and his debut album and single of the same name.

“I’ve always loved the word,” the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and actor says. “There’s something about it that appeals to the romantic in me. That the concept of ‘aching to get away so badly’ has its own word… and, not just any word, but a portmanteau that attaches the passion of ‘lust’ to it all.

“I’m not a linguist, but as a musician… this strikes me as pretty fertile ground to explore.”

And explore is what Sharp is doing; this is a man who, if life was a checklist, seemingly had “it all” — an established career, his “dream home” and a teeming stable of family and friends close by. An avid traveler and musician at heart, however, his bucket just never felt full. “At this point in my life, taking a chance on my life’s dream required a leap of faith,” he says. “For me, it meant walking away from pretty much everything.”

Award winning and JUNO-nominated Jazz Vocalist Heather Bambrick Releases New Album, Fine State

Fri Sep 27, 2019

The album sees Bambrick moving in some new musical directions, with a more Pop-influenced Jazz sound, featuring strong Canadian content, and original material. ““(It’s) more of a departure from the traditional sort of records I’ve made in the past,” she says. “This project brings together more of the things that inspire me overall, not just in jazz and not just in music. The arrangements show influences from rock, pop, and folk music, and the tunes we’ve chosen have a strong connection to the events of the world around me, and the roots of who I am as a musician and a person.

“The material on this record comes from a variety of different sources and has been inspired by several factors,” she continues. “While my initial intention with this recording was to include a fair amount of Canadian material, as well as some more original songs, I found there also became a bit of a theme (or themes) developing.

“There’s a lot of connection to Newfoundland (which isn’t surprising, coming from this proud Newfoundlander), as well as several tunes that comment on the condition of the world around me.

Cedar Sky Releases Video “Diana” from Crossing the Rubicon

Fri Sep 27, 2019

Canadian singer/songwriter Joshua James can look to one thing in common with Julius Caesar, circa 49 BC; after a solid decade of self-proclaimed stalemates, the Saskatoon-based rocker has readied a mission to the point of his own ‘no return’ with the forthcoming release of Crossing the Rubicon.

Now Joshua James if Cedar Sky is releasing the new video “Diana” from Crossing the Rubicon.

“The story goes, as the water rushed past their feet in Gaul, Caesar and his army knew there was no going back,” James says of the long-late figurehead’s historic passage into Rome. “This album symbolizes something similar for me.”

After ten years of James feeling like he was starting over, falling flat on his face, he started “leaning into new perspectives and shaking the ‘Etch A Sketch’ of life,” he says. “It finally became time to lay it all on the line.

“I put everything I could into releasing one of the most emotionally charged — yet microscopically complex — albums in me.”

The Trews Release New Single ‘Vintage Love’

Fri Nov 09, 2018

The Trews have released the brand new video for their single "Vintage Love". The video captures live performances from this summer at The Rec Room Toronto, The Kee to Bala, The CNE, and an intimate gig at Hard Luck in Toronto.

"Vintage Love", which is currently sitting at #10 on the Active Radio charts in Canada, comes off the band's most recent effort Civilianires (Cadence Recordings). The album debuted on the Current Album chart at #6, #3 on Digital Current Album chart and the #1 on the Alternative Album chart.

The Trews have a ton of upcoming tour dates over the coming months. They will return to their roots, playing a show in Halifax on November 9th at The Marquee, followed by a very special performance for Hometown Hockey in Glace Bay on November 11th.

In December the band will hop on the CP Holiday Train to perform across parts of Canada and the U.S. More information can be found here:

Eunice Keitan “Hope Is A Bird”

Fri Sep 20, 2019

Canadian singer/songwriter, acoustic world artist and 2018 Toronto Independent Music Award nominee Eunice Keitan is using the power of song and personal experience to inspire and support those struggling with depression.

The Montreal-born, Toronto-based artist’s newest single, “Hope is a Bird” — available now — “is about struggling with depression,” Keitan pinpoints, noting it’s something she herself has experienced. “The song touches on the isolation, thought processes, and fears of a person struggling with their mental health, to the blossoming of hope through the loving support of a community.”

Known for her rich, soulful vocals, Keitan increasingly noticed through her International travels and upbringing that everyday people around the world struggle through harsh realities. “This impacted my perception of social issues at play in the lives of people around the world,” she recalls. “That impact surfaces in the themes of many of my songs,” in reference to her forthcoming EP, which includes topics of mental health, addiction, abuse, and social change.

Durham County Poets and their Hand Me Down Blues

Fri Sep 20, 2019

Canadian folk and roots outfit Durham County Poets are offering up their fourth and newest release, this time celebrating all things blues and the artists that inspired their journeys to the stage.

The album’s premiere single “Hand Me Down Blues” lands today, ahead of the five-piece band’s forthcoming album of the same name later this month.

“I went to my first blues concert with three of my best friends in 1981,” says Durham County Poets frontman and lead vocalist Kevin Harvey on the inspiration behind Hand Me Down Blues. “We had tickets to see Muddy Waters at the Spectrum in Montreal. When I entered the venue, Muddy’s signature guitar riff was ringing in the air and spilling into the lobby so we all hurried down to the front of the stage.

“I was awestruck,” Harvey recalls. “I was a 19-year old young man in the presence of a master! I planted my elbows firmly on the stage, as if to stake my claim, and looked Muddy square in the eye…”

That wasn’t the only point of contact for Harvey and the legend. “I placed my hand on his shoe, too,” he continues. “Muddy looked at me and winked as if to say ‘welcome to the blues, son.’”

Canadian Country/Roots Duo SON OF JOHN are “Country Pure”

Tue Sep 03, 2019

Canadian father/son duo Son of John have added a new release to their roster — “Country Pure” is available now!

The British Columbia-based band - son Javan Johnson and dad Johnny P. Johnson - seamlessly blend two generations and genres as they croon country/roots tunes together, bringing the genre back to its storytelling and traditional roots with their unique acoustic sound.

“When you see the title ‘Country Pure’ you might think of cowboy culture or certain stereotypes of country music – farms, trucks, beer, blue jeans,” says Javan. “But the song is more about those people that wear boots and jeans in the middle of downtown Vancouver. They may have left the country for whatever reason but they’re authentic in the way the dress and act – their heart is still where they’re from – and that’s really the essence of the song.

“We’re country boys – my dad grew on the farm in rural Saskatchewan, and I grew up on an acreage by the river in BC,” he continues. “Even though it doesn’t sound like the songs on country radio – I don’t think you can deny that our music is country.

The Small Glories Assiniboine & The Red

Fri Aug 30, 2019

The Small Glories make their US debut with ASSINIBOINE & THE RED, an album that celebrates the Canadian Prairies. The album will be released worldwide on June 28 on Red House Records. The album title references the junction of two rivers, the Assiniboine (pronounced ‘uh-sin-uh-boin’) and the Red, in the duo’s hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and celebrates the happenstance meeting of members Cara Luft, an original member of the Wailin’ Jennys, and multi-instrumentalist JD Edwards. The duo premiered the album’s first single, “Oh My Love”, this week with PASTE Magazine. 

“It’s our happiest sounding broken-hearted love song!” Luft says of the single. “It’s a theme we are all familiar with when we give our heart over to another and the feeling is either not reciprocal, or the timing is off, or we misread the signs.” 

Dany Laj & The Looks Everything New is New Again

Fri Aug 30, 2019

Alt. indie pop troubadour Dany Laj & The Looks left a trail of travel markers when it came to making this, their seventh and latest release, Everything New is New Again — available September 13th. 

“In May of 2018, we toured Canada and the United States,” Laj recalls of the era. “We picked up our drummer Victor (Tremblay-Desrosiers) on a swing back thru Montreal and hit the road to Saint-John, New Brunswick to play a festival before locking ourselves in our friend’s jam space for a day to learn the record.” 

From there, the band — Laj, Tremblay-Desrosiers and Jeanette Dowling — left for New York City. “We descended into what felt like a bunker opening into the depths of the underground through the sidewalk,” he continues, speaking of NY Hed Studio where the trio tracked the record over the next two days. “It was an honour to record with Rocio and Matt Verta-Ray at a place where some of our favourite and coolest records we know were made… Heavy Trash, Andre Williams, Ronnie Spector, and Alejandro Escovedo, to name a few. 

“Working with them was like catching lightning in a bottle… They captured us in our purest form. 

Indie Alt Artist Little Coyote Targets Toxicity in New Single “Dig Up My Grave”

Fri Aug 30, 2019

Relationships come in all kinds and contexts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t mostly hurt when they come to an end. So goes the theme in Toronto-based indie alt-pop singer/songwriter Little Coyote and her newest single, “Dig Up My Grave”.

Watch it on YouTube here:

“It’s about four different breakups,” she explains of the track and its hauntingly beautiful video. “They all happened all at once in my life last summer.

“Although the nature of each breakup and relationship was different, I found a connective theme in each relationship: toxicity.

The track lands as a rhythmically-rich balm, soothing but forward-moving — much like the sentiment behind the songwriting. “‘Dig Up My Grave’ speaks to not only moving on from toxic relationships but of wanting more from the people in my life… People with whom I would not find a relationship grave and, if we were to get there, they would fight with me to bring us back.”

Eric Schenkman Releases Video of Salvation (Lincoln’s Feat) from Who Shot John?

Fri Aug 30, 2019

You may have seen ERIC SCHENKMAN, onstage before thousands of fans worldwide with the Spin Doctors. He is one of the band’s not-so-secret weapons — a vital songwriter and virtuoso guitarist who crafted the ‘90s band and co-wrote all five of their Top 100 hits. He also worked with Chico Hamilton, Carly Simon, Natalie Merchant, Noel Redding, Phoebe Snow and Corky Laing, among many other notable musicians. 

The latest release from the album is Salvation (Lincoln’s Feat) watch here:
YouTube — Salvation (Lincoln's Feat)

SCHENKMAN’s unique artistry emerges in the exhilarating anarchy of “Agent Orange.” The sensuous rumba feel of “Fortune Teller.” The rock ’n soul infused love song “Only A Fool.” The Americana-tinged “Lincoln’s Feat.” The steady, pulsing grove of “Locked in the House.” And the hard-hitting rock of “No Pain.” Every track digs in deep and doesn’t let go, thanks to SCHENKMAN’s voice, commanding guitar and powerfully emotional lyrics.

WHO SHOT JOHN? is both classic and immediate. And, as SCHENKMAN would likely admit, it’s overdue.

Jessica Rhaye and the Ramshackle Parade Release Video “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands”

Fri Aug 23, 2019

Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter Jessica Rhaye and The Ramshackle Parade release today “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” — the second single off their forthcoming release, Just Like A Woman - Songs of Bob Dylan

“I first heard ‘Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands’ covered by Joan Baez from her 1968 album, Any Day Now,” Rhaye recalls. “I was just a kid and my dad would play it in the old family station wagon. 

“In fact, I didn’t even realize it was Dylan’s song, I just associated it as being Joan Baez’s. 

“When The Ramshackle Parade and I started to collaborate for this record, I knew I wanted to do a version of this track,” she continues. “Joan Baez’s version is more than 11 minutes long and Dylan’s is similar — it actually takes up an entire vinyl side of his Blonde on Blonde album and is five verses long. We knew we needed to trim it back so our version is two verses of the original.” 

Prescilla Una is on Her Way ‘Up’!

Fri Aug 16, 2019

Born and raised in the melting pot of Toronto Canada, Prescilla Una, legally named Prescilla De Barros Irmao, has always loved music.

Her first memory of a song was by Madonna. Growing up, through good times and bad, music had always played an essential part of happening and became a marker in her life. Being raised by her grandmother mainly, a lack of a father made her see the world in a unique perspective as all the woman in her life where all strong in their own right. In public school, she joined the choir and learned how to play the flute and was always the top student in all her music classes. She and a few other artsy friends would visit the music room before school started to play all the instruments, coordinating music started in middle school for Prescilla!

Sass Jordan’s “Rats” 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl Release

Fri Aug 02, 2019

JUNO Award winner Sass Jordan is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her third album, Rats, this year. The monumental record is one of the biggest releases of her career so far and a popular fan favourite. To commemorate the anniversary, she will release a newly-manufactured 180-gram orange-coloured vinyl. The limited-edition run of 1,000 copies will be available at upcoming live shows and in select retailers, as well as for pre-order — along with exclusive bundles — now at 

Sass Jordan and her then-band Stevie Salas, Brian Tichy and Tony Reyes with special guests Ian Moore, Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick), George Clinton (Parliament, Funkadelic), Richie Kotzen, Rei Atsumi and Carmine Rojas recorded Rats in Los Angeles with producers Nick DiDia, Sass, and Stevie, in March, 1994. The album continued Sass’s dominance in rock music, reaching the top 20 Rock Songs on the Billboard Charts. Anticipation was high, and Sass delivered with the lead off-track “Sun’s Gonna Rise” reaching Billboard’s Hot 100.

Iggy Pop To Release New Album Free On September 6

Fri Jul 19, 2019

Iggy Pop has confirmed the title and release date of his new album, Free, the first new Iggy Pop album since 2016’s Post-Pop Depression, will be released on September 6 on Loma Vista and is available for pre-order now.

While it follows the highest-charting album of Iggy’s career, Free has virtually nothing in common sonically with its predecessor—or with any other Iggy Pop album. Free, the eponymous single is available to stream and purchase on all platforms here.

On the process that led Iggy and principal players, Leron Thomas and Noveller, to create this uniquely sombre and contemplative entry in the Iggy Pop canon, Iggy says,

Alex Pangman records direct to 78rpm with Hot Three Album

Fri Jul 12, 2019

If you’re recording a new EP — and your session musician suddenly warns “we’ve got one more side left, don't screw it up!” — you know you have an unconventional project underway. This is the exhilarating and creative scenario Canadian jazz and swing songbird (and JUNO Award nominee) Alex Pangman found herself in for her ambitious and unique special project, Hot Three, and its long unprecedented use of blank acetate as a recording medium.

And that is what happens when you go back to recording direct to 78rpm acetate disc. On her 2017 EP for Justin Time "Alex Pangman's Hot Three", she goes further backwards in time to discover why early jazz recordings have the special sound and energy that they do. In this artistic journey, and with 3 minutes to cut a tune while the groove was cut in real-time before the musician's eyes live, the singer came to understand both the inspiration behind the hot recordings of early jazz, and also some of the mindset of early recording pioneers, and the energy it produced.