REVMATIC: Cold Blooded Demon


Fist Records

This is not exactly a new album but representative of the kind of good work that cane be passed over in the rush to the next big thang.

Cold Blooded Demon is the third album from this Kingston are foursome who over 9 years has refined a catchy mix of vintage Metallica, commercial hard rock and Southern fried grooves.

From the opening blast of Head My Way to the pin ya to the wall power of She’s A Drug and Lie To Love Me, as unlikely a romantic twosome as you could hope for, Revmatic exhibit a balls-out confidence that works in getting even the weaker tunes into the club.

Lotsa fuzzed out guitars and fist pumping anthems, the standout in the regard being Bad Behaviour and for all the overwhelming power, there a commercial sensibility here that’s responsible for some good hooks such as on Lie To Me and the title track.

There are a couple of misfires but Revmatic they acquit themselves well in paying homage to the classic hard rock tradition while tweaking it up to date with the heaviest metal.

It would have made for a more balanced listen if all the barn burners weren’t loaded front end. It leaves the impression the energy’s winding down with the album. Still, Bad Behaviour’s the second last track and is so good it leaves an overall pleasant taste in your mind.

Lenny Stoute