Rick Plester - From Hockey Sticks to Guitar Licks

Rick Plester

By Bill Delingat

Born in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada with a population of 15,000 people, Rick Plester, like most young Canadian boys first love was hockey. At the age of four years old, Rick and his family moved to Calgary and he loved country singer Johnny Cash and by elementary school he was exposed to The Beatles and the Rolling Stones by his teacher and soccer coach, Mr. Davis whose open mindedness led Plester to the school radio station and later on community radio. Plester found hockey here in the mid west and as an up and coming goal keeper at the age of 16 played with the Williams Lake Mustangs with a goal to be in the NHL. After being an MVP and an All Star starter Plester tried out for every team ,but always got the wrong answers ”too young or too short”.

Originally his interest in music led him to the drums, Plester started a band and his dad didn’t even mind the noise. In his last year at school in Grade 9, he started to play the guitar and in six months, while still in Junior High, he was excelling in his playing. Plester found that by playing guitar it was keeping him focused as he continued to pursue his hockey career.

While in the Juinor A, his coach, who was tough on the team and taught them discipline told Rick’s dad “I don’t like his style but he stops the puck” Plester remembers the coach as a role model, teaching them discipline, leadership, work ethics while putting the fear of god into the team.  At night Plester would turn to his guitar to keep his sanity but admits he may not have learned these skills on his own. Plester kept on with hockey-guitar-school and practiced 8 – 10 hours a day during off season.

He joined a band and with his hockey hair didn’t quite fit in but went to ‘not so good, to the best” and won Guitar Wars Canada and also won L.A. Guitar Wars. While touring with bands, he would meet up with hockey buddies in almost every city and would keep in shape until training camp rolled around. Before Plester’s music career took off, he still played  Pro Hockey in the IHL-ECL minor leagues as a goalie with games and gigs often overlapping until at 24 years of age with no free agents and a series of hockey injuries and a 3rd knee operation he finally called it quits and hung up the skates. This was a loss to the league but to his music fans it was a blessing.

Plester has also written music for ABC, NBC, ESPN, FOX, FOR SPORTS. and the NHL.  He started his band International recording artists “Black Symphony” with Peter Holmes on Drums , Reverend Jones on bass( Fuel ,Michael Schenker) ,Robert Vasicek on Keys and Randal Reeman on Vocals after moving to L.A. in 1994. Plester was also the guitarist in WWIII and filled in briefly with friends Kottak.

Plester is also a producer and has been involved in 110 records to date, including The Scorpions; James Kottak, Michael Schenker, George Lynch, and many others major acts. Plester’s great chops and inspirational vision in songwriting helped him create his own style of rock music. Plester has been working on his debut instrumental record, along with two high budget videos. The release is scheduled in the fall of this year while also producing over 100 records.

Plester’s amazing guitar style caught the eye of Dean Guitars and he soon received an endorsement from the guitar company supporting hard rock playing.

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