Slow Motion Victory

By: Morgan Lovsin

Slow Motion Victory, or “SMV” is a young Canadian, up and coming alternative rock band from Brantford, Ontario. They were formed in 2009 by vocalist Toby Bey, 23, and guitarist Quentin “Q” Carter, 20. They later teamed up with guitarist Henry Dowling, 18, bassist Kyle Bowlby, 21, and drummer Nathan Bolla, 22.

The band is currently playing a Toyota Corolla tour across different locations in Ontario, promoting songs from their upcoming debut LP Life in Motion, which is also the title of their newest single. The track ‘Life in Motion’ is a captivating tune that could also be considered an anthem for the band. Extremely motivating, and unbelievably emotional, this powerful song will have you banging your head, dancing, and singing the lyrics for days.

The band has also taken pro-active stances in regards to tragedies taking place in the World. In March they played a live show for the event, “Shelterbox Fundraiser for Haiti”, in which they helped raise proceeds for the Earthquake ravaged country. The event was a success and the lyrics of the track ‘Life in Motion’ could have had you believing they were made specifically for the awful tragedy in Haiti.

As Toby Bey, Quentin Carter, Henry Dowling, and Kyle Bowlby hammer out the lyrics “We Won’t Back Down…Not For Anyone!” in sync during ‘Life in Motion’, it is hard to avoid goose bumps, and to not shout along. The passion they express in those 7 words describes their journey from where they have been, to where they have come, and for where they plan to go.

Lead singer and highly charismatic front man Toby Bey was born in Hamburg, Germany. At the age of 11, Toby and his twin brother moved to Canada with their mother. When he was 14, Toby took his singing career from the shower to the stage and joined his first band, “Honest Mistake”. Once Toby got a taste of the energy and life of fronting a band, there was no looking back, and he made the decision to devote his life to music.

Lead guitarist Quentin Carter, more commonly known, as Q is what you would call a 5-tool player in the music industry. Q can play many different instruments as well as sing, write, produce, and compose. Self-taught at the age of 8, Q has all the makings to be a relevant and popular guitarist for many years to come. Quentin Carter played for a band called, “Take it Down”, where he first met other Slow Motion Victory guitarist Henry Dowling.

Guitarist Henry Dowling is the youngest of all band members at 18 years of age, but has the talent and stage presence of a musical veteran. His comfort and composure on stage make his style appear very natural, and allow him to nonchalantly pull off some wildly entertaining maneuvers and sounds with the guitar. Henry was recruited to the band by Q. Q and Henry have been teamed up as guitarists and playing together for 5 years now, which has lead to some excellent chemistry.

Bassist Kyle Bowlby, formerly of the band “Mistake of 89”, was also introduced to SMV by Q. Q considered him one of the best up and coming bassists he’d seen, and targeted him specifically when there was an opening at the position. His first rehearsal made him a lock for the band, as he hammered out song after song as if he had been playing them for years. With a great sense of humour, Kyle wears a smile on his face 99% of the time. In such a short period with the band, he has already added so much character and has forced the rest of the guys to have to sleep with one eye opened.

Drummer Kyle Bolla is an extremely versatile and enthusiastic percussionist. He best displayed this when he performed with local Toronto Rock and Blues veteran Johnnie Lovesin. When auditioning for drummers, Bolla was sent a list of songs to rehearse 12 hours before the audition. He knocked the socks off of the band members when he showed up to the rehearsal and nailed every song to a tee. He adds a musical broadness to SMV, as he can adapt to all different kinds of music, as he did when he played drums for an awesome cover of the T-Pain hit “I’m on a Boat”.

As Slow Motion Victory embarks on a musical journey towards the ultimate goal of being able to tour the world, selling out venue after venue, and spreading their art to the masses, they have one thing on their mind…They won’t back down. Not for anyone.