Susan Boyle: Dreams Really Do Come True – Just Have Faith & Believe

I Dream a Dream

By Natasha Slinko

It is said that dreams do come true, and on January 21st 2009, Scottish-born Susan Boyle took one extraordinary leap of faith to achieve her dream by stepping completely out of her comfort zone, auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent to follow her one true passion – singing.

'I Dreamed A Dream’, a song made famous by the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical Les Misérables, was Boyle’s song of choice.

Boyle stepped onto the stage, only to be ridiculed by the judges and the audience alike, as they assumed and promptly judged a book by its cover, disvaluing anything else that was present, such as the human heart and the human spirit. How brave and resilient she was in the light of their scorn.

Then history was made as Boyle began to sing “I dream a dream in time gone by, when hope was high, and life worth living. I dreamed that love would never die, I dreamed that God would be forgiving…” You could have heard a pin drop.

Millions of people saw the show and later, hundreds of millions viewed the internet video clips, watched the judges being absolutely floored to the point of shock, speechless and then to see their amazement turn into respect for true talent that was awe inspiring. People speak and blog about how her song touched them, that it was so powerful that the beauty and purity of her voice made them weep or that every single hair on their neck was standing at attention, with chills going up and down their spine. It’s a moment that movies are made of. The beauty, power and clarity of tone of Boyle’s voice and song overwhelmed the audience and swept aside their prejudice, and it didn’t shyly sneak in, but stomped right in and stole their hearts. It was so unexpected and that is what made it so breathtakingly beautiful and powerful.

It is truly one of those most rare moments where something incredible happens. For the first time, in the history of the Britain’s Got Talent, a contestant became an instant sensation and celebrity. In many ways Susan Boyle is a beacon, a light and a reminder to all of us, to always believe in our dreams. It also brought to our attention, on a human consciousness level, of how as a society we tend to pre-judge people and this was clearly a reminder up-front and centre, that we need to be kinder, more compassionate and gracious, so as to support each other and all the other dreamers in our midst. A reminder, that it is the dreamers that create possibilities and magic in our world.

For once, the underdog succeeded and on her own terms, and thus was promptly adopted and beloved by The People with a standing ovation not just from the audience, but the judges as well. The People showed their heroine, how talented and how deserving she was of their respect and support via solid sales of Susan Boyle’s new CD I Dreamed A Dream, which in the first week surpassed 700,000 units and is #1 in the charts for the third week in a row.

There are those that think CDs and Albums are a thing of the past, and here is one shining example how wrong they are. People buy CDs/albums to have a product in their hand, but more importantly, to support the artists they love and respect. Susan Boyle inspired The People, and in turn they honored her by wanting to have “a piece of her” so to speak, so that they could listen to her songs over and over – of 700,000 sales, only 6% were downloaded MP3s.

The CD ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is Susan Boyle’s gift back to The People with an collection of Christmas Songs such as ‘Silent Night’ which has such a simple purity and ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Up to the Mountain’ that takes her abilities to the next level; a perfect choice as Boyle’s faith and belief is what brought her to this incredible moment in time. Not much else is needed but Susan Boyle’s stunning, clear voice and yet the orchestration has been beautifully multi-layered. Boyle takes us on a journey that is so hauntingly beautiful with a rendition of The Rolling Stones ‘Wild Horses’, with quiet accompaniment of piano and stunning orchestration that once again shows the purity of her tone that feels like silk being gently poured over you. She then goes on to sing ‘Cry Me A River’, a soulful bluesy number that takes us back to Judy Garland days. There is also lovely rendition of Madonna’s ‘You’ll See’ that shows her diversity and range of voice and music. Another tale-tell song is ‘Who I Was Born To Be’; showing us that Susan Boyle is exactly where she is meant to be, sharing her amazing talent and beautiful voice with the world. ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is a testament, that dreams can really come true, as long as you believe, and there is no better time for believing than Christmas. Enjoy this ‘I Dream A Dream’ CD as you quietly enjoy your family over the Holiday Season. ‘Tis the season to dream, so dream BIG! Susan Boyle has shown us that dreams really do come true, we just have to have faith and believe, and the magic will come.

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