Terry Sumsion

Terry Sumsion is a man at peace with himself, with his world and especially with his music.  As he continues to work on his new CD, scheduled soon for release, he has surrounded himself with the best of both worlds – or perhaps we should say that both worlds have surrounded him.   


Terry refers to those who have rallied around him as his “Angels” – all very special people helping him fight a winning battle, each in their own way.   Musicians, singers, songwriters and technicians who have joined with him to create a work that this writer feels is the best he has ever produced.


The CD (Terry Sumsion – Encore) will have something for everyone and as the first single “You Gotta Believe” showed, it will be an emotional journey for the listener as many of the songs have been inspired by Terry’s real-life battle with cancer.


The second song “Dance With Me” was released to radio on November 1st, and is another one of six songs co-written with long-time writing partner Susan Sweetman.  An emotional walk through life, “Dance With Me” will mean something different to different listeners.  It may relate to someone facing a similar challenge to what Terry is facing; someone watching a loved one go off to war may see something different in the song or it may also impact a couple nearing the end of a long term relationship. Whatever your take on this song,  it will provide you with a sense of being at peace with yourself for whatever tomorrow may hold in store. 


Terry Sumsion is a man on a mission.  He continues to say “that I feel better about my music right now than I have in my career to date”.  It is almost as if he feels he owes something to those who have walked beside him all these years, but he owes us nothing – we owe him a debt of gratitude for what he has done for all of us - the sincere and heartfelt songs, the emotionally driven and energetic performances, and the genuine quality of the man himself.  


Dance With Me” should be listened to closely and repeatedly – it is a song that will, like all Terry Sumison songs impact you by wanting more – and that is exactly what you’re going to get – a Terry Sumsion Encore.


Rob Butterworth