Toronto jazz-pop innovators The Jessica Stuart Few launch debut video ‘Kid Dream!

Jessica Stuart

Fit to groove through the bounds of all parameters, Jessica Stuart embodies the essence of pop and jazz, creating a dynamic sound, merging outstanding creativity with traditional roots.  With two national tours behind her and a lifetime of musical inspiration, Jessica’s unique cultural experiences and the coast-to-coast positive response she generates marks her influence as a Canadian artist with a sound of her own.


Raised in Vancouver by musical parents, Jessica spent time exploring a number of the world’s continents, most significantly living in Nagano, Japan. It was there that she took interest in and learned to play the ‘koto’ (A traditional Japanese harp-like instrument with thirteen strings), which is featured in a number of the compositions on her newly released album.

With innovative and catchy songs, The Jessica Stuart Few consists of Jessica (vocals, guitar, koto), Dan Fortin (bass) and Nico Dann (drums), bringing their signature blend to life with a creative, alluring and soulful sound. Together since 2007, they channel the modern sounds of Stereolab with allusions to the energy of Joni Mitchell, creating an array of enchanting melodies that become their own.

The lady and The Few are excited about their recently released, organically evolved album Kid Dream, co-produced by Mischa Chillak, well known for his hip hop productions/remixes for Notes to Self (BBE Records), Sweatshop Union, K-OS, and a number of indie film scores. With Mischa’s urban influence, and Jessica Stuart’s folk/jazz sensibility, they have created an epic pop experiment which has brought the band to new heights.

Supported by the Canada Council For the Arts, The Jessica Stuart Few toured all across Canada in 2010, with a return tour to Jessica’s native British Columbia on tap for early 2011. Jessica recently received the Toronto Arts Council Creator/Composer grant, and is hard at work on her next album that promises to take music lovers to even more joyously unexpected places.


The Jessica Stuart Few, officially launches its most ambitious project yet -- the title-track video for the band’s widely acclaimed debut CD Kid Dream 

This whimsical and engaging video is based on a highly collaborative technique called Lunamation, which is a form of rotoscope animation using carbon tracings of video stills. Under the guidance of Jessica and director Evan deRushie who pioneered Lunamation, over 80 animators participated in a number of “animation parties" at which most of the over 2,700 individual drawings used in the video were created. Many of the animators were children and guitar students of Jessica’s.

The launch will take place in Toronto ,Thursday, February 3rd 2011


 Up and comer Nick Tehan opens for Jessica Stuart.Up and comer Nick Tehan opens for Jessica Stuart.Opening is another gifted Toronto songwriter, Nick Teehan, who will be showcasing  music from his upcoming EP Sidewalk Friend.

With the release of his debut EP Sidewalk Friend, 2010 has proven to be an exciting year for Toronto singer/songwriter Nick Teehan. A natural singer with a clear, lazy baritone - equal parts Tom Waits and Frank Sinatra - Nick Teehan is a unique voice, his songs fresh, energetic and unpredictable; his lyrics imaginative, irreverent and arrestingly insightful.

Growing up in suburban Oshawa, Nick felt most free after dark, whether he was watching rented Charleton Heston movies, wandering the city’s forest paths, or trekking south to yell and throw rocks at the 4:00 a.m. train. His teenage afternoons were spent pushing carts at the local grocery store and cruising on his rusty old bike across town on the sidewalk.

Moving to Toronto to study jazz saxophone, Nick found himself drawn not to the city’s glittering lights but to its in-between places: abandoned factories, parks, boarded-up churches, rusting bridges. Nick cites the loneliness and solitude of post-industrial Ontario as one of his biggest sources of inspiration; other inspiration comes from legendary songwriters like Rufus Wainwright, Leonard Cohen, and Irving Berlin. 


When filtered through Nick’s unconventional imagination, the results are vivid dream-images: benevolent robots in a post-apocalyptic world; love-starved raccoons; an undead orchestra marching down Queen Street.

Nick has found some success as a saxophonist - playing the MuchMusic Video Awards, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Summerfolk Festival, and performing with Toronto funk/rock bands Barbarella and Pure Finesse - but songwriting is his true calling, where he relishes the freedom to explore. He’s supported by a talented six-piece band that includes his older brother Rob Teehan, also a Juno-nominated composer; the pair enjoy a fruitful collaborative relationship and plan to co-produce Nick’s first full-length album, expected in 2011.



Kid Dream Video Release!




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