Underground Realroad


Montreal's Formula-Breaking Collective Release Their Debut, Slave To The Game, on January 26th

Underground Realroad, Montreal’s progressive, formula-breaking collective, drop their fresh debut album, “Slave to the Game”, on January 26th.

Bored of traditional hip-hop, Underground Realroad deliver their vision of what hip-hop should be. “People limit themselves creatively because of the industry side of things,” says Drex, and so they strive not to emulate what is popular, but opting to make their own scene with creativity and originality.

Recorded in their hometown of Montreal, the album features fifteen tracks, which fuse old-school hip-hop with innovative twists, along with collaborations with some of Canada’s freshest up-and-coming talent like Mr. Bits and Miss Tee.

Their name, a play on Canada’s historic involvement in smuggling American slaves through the Underground Railroad, represents the road they’re taking: “Trying to be free of influence and emancipate ourselves from it.”

What it comes down to, as Bricc quotes, is: “Life is not made to find you, but to create yourself.”

Underground Realroad - "Slave To The Game" (2010)

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Digital Download: DivShare.com/folder/662592-5dc - Password: Ashermedia

Video: - This Is Me ft. Sammy K.- http://www.vimeo.com/3604240

1. Maybe (ft. Mr. Bits) [MP3] 2. Slave 2 Da Game [MP3] (Winner of Best Hip Hop Song at 2009 TEMA Awards)
3. The 101 (ft. Loe Pesci & Osa, Yung Fame, J.S.)
4. On The Block (ft. Carbone
5. Be Who U-R (ft. Miss Tee) [MP3]
6. Little Boy Srteet (ft. Franko)
7. Let It Go (ft. Miss Tee)
8. Can't Stop (ft. Art Kall)
9. U-R Always There
10. Homegrown ft. (DJ Overflow)
11. This Is Me (ft. Sammy K.)
12. N199@ "Y"
13. Something to Believe (ft. Yung Fame)
14. In Da House (ft. Soke)
15. Can't Stop (PD Rock Remix)