This Is What?! Michael Jackson’s new tune not so new, and it has CANCON!

Cover October 16, 2010

By Bill Delingat

Canada ‘s number one crooner Paul Anka stepped forward this week with a threat to sue Jackson's estate for proper credit and his share of royalties of the supposedly new Michael Jackson song “This Is It”.

The administrators of the estate quickly acknowledged that songwriter Anka did co-write the song with Jackson and has granted him 50 percent of the copyright publishing. This would be a huge windfall for the 68-year-old Canadian crooner who also wrote the famous Sinatra song “My Way” as well as the theme song for The Johnny Carson Show.

"They realize it's a mistake, they realize it's my song, they realize it's my production of his vocal in my studio and I am getting 50 percent of the whole project, actually, which is fair," Anka said in a video posted on the TMZ gossip website. The song was originally called “I Never Heard” and was co-written between Jackson and Anka back in 1983 as a song for an Anka album. It never made the album when the pair had a falling out but Anka eventually released it in 1991 when Anka let an unknown Latin singer named Sa-Fire use it. Anka’s tune and the new Jackson release have very similar vocal and piano lines. The tracks used for this recording are actually just piano and vocals and a new production has been added to enhance the current recording.

A spokesperson for the Jackson Estate stated "The song was picked because the lyrics were appropriate because of the name Michael gave his tour, we are thrilled to present this song in Michael's voice for the first time, and that Michael's fans have responded in unprecedented numbers. The song was co-written by the legendary Canadian Paul Anka."

Sony Music said the first disc of the album will feature some of Jackson's greatest hits plus two versions of the "new" single.

The second disc will include unreleased versions of some of the singer's classic tracks and a spoken word poem entitled "Planet Earth" performed by Jackson and never heard before.

In the literary world a new book on Michael Jackson was released last month and was also written by a Canadian. When Montreal-born Ian Halperin first set out to write the definitive Michael Jackson Biography, his intention was nail the pop icon to the wall. By the time he finished to book he was convinced that Jackson was not a child molester, and that he was done in by prescription drugs and people who took advantage of him.

Montreal, Quebec was a city that Jackson fell in love with, and a few years ago he attempted to purchase a house in the prestigious Westmount area. The real estate deal fell apart due to lack of funds, but Jackson felt an affinity to that Province because the polls there showed that a small percentage felt he was guilty of his charges and the rest of the Francophone population felt he was innocent.

With tributes, movies, books and many other things in the works, the Michael Jackson legacy is sure to continue for decades. The new release of This Is It once again ties Jackson with Canada.